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Pinoy Jokes Season 4: Give Me All Your Money

psssst.. come here! wait.. what are you planning to do? I saw you withdraw from the ATM I followed you ! Now give me all your money !! You saw me by the ATM.. and you want to take my money??… *gulp Ssssshhhhh… Don’t try to scream. and no more fuzz.. Hurry up if you don’t want to get hurt ! Wow man! That’s a COOL knife ! huh ? where did you bought it? and how much? HEY, are you kidding me!? Do you want to get hurt? I’m serious. I’ve been looking for that knife a long time ago. where did you bought it? I bought this somewhere in Tondo. I forgot how much. but it’s just an ordinary knife. is that so? you’re kidding me, right? kidding you? what do you mean? That’s not an ordinary knife. That’s one of the collector’s knife from a famous person named…. Ahhh.. Ikish wakekehjchuashffguwi. huh !? Ikish wakekehjckjioufdvdofshffguwi who the heck is that ! are you sure? yeah! and I want to buy it for 20,000 Pesos! 20,000 ?!! for this knife ?!!! are you kidding me ?!! no I’m not. here’s the money! want it or not? hurry before I change my mind ! ok ok, here I’ll sell this to you. Wow ! Thank You !! hehehe HEY ! What thank you?! Give me back my money ! and let’s go to the police station !

100 thoughts on “Pinoy Jokes Season 4: Give Me All Your Money

  1. Ang galing mo gumawa kuya estib hahahahahah!!! isipin mo yun naglokohan nauwe sa police station ang usapan!! hahaha

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  3. Nanakawan kita give me all your money kung ayaw mo benta mo nalang saakin ang angkutsilyo sige benta ko sayo ngayon asa akin na yong kutsilyo ngayon give me all your money ako naman mag hoholdup😁😁😁😁😁

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