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Pinoy Jokes: Supermarket

Dad, is it okay if I go there? Sure, just don’t get too far. Things to buy: 1. Eggs 2. Bread M..I..L..K.. milk powder Dad, dad what’s a “milk powder”? Do you remember those milk you drink back home? Ah-huh Those are the same, you just add water and it becomes “Milk”! Is that so? Amazing! 3. Ketchup 4. Dish Washer 5. Soap O. R. A. N. G. E. powder Dad, dad! What’s this for? Orange powder just like milk, when you mix it with water it becomes orange juice! Wow, Amazing! 6. Shampoo 7. Toothpaste C. O. F. F. E. E. powder Dad, dad! Mixing water to this will become coffee, right? (laugh) That’s right! (giggles) hmmmm. what else? 8. Oil 9. Soy sauce Dad, dad! What is it? I know now how to make “Babies”!! Haaa!? How did you know? Who told you? It’s right here. “Baby powder”, just mix it with water and it becomes “Babies”! Thanks for watching. Please Subscribe!

100 thoughts on “Pinoy Jokes: Supermarket

  1. kung tatanungin nyu ako anu gusto kong charachter si billy,joseph,desmon,sa chikitings at syempre sinu ba nga un ung sa mc 100

  2. Koya steve nakakatawa alam na daw ña paano gawin ang baby hahaloanlangdow ng tobig hahhahahaahhaha

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