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Piranha Plant Laughing at Everyone who didn’t get in


100 thoughts on “Piranha Plant Laughing at Everyone who didn’t get in

  1. R.I.P Wawaifu
    R.I.P black hedgehog
    R.I.P Hentai fighter
    R.I.P Veemo
    R.I.P Tree
    R.I.P Christmas-hater-frog-thingy

  2. if we pray hard enough maybe sakurai will add octolings as an echo fighter

  3. You got a snicker out of me. Then a full on "fucking-!" laughs his ass off when you stretched PP's head out so hard.

    GOD I love Rex's thighs.

  4. Characters that Piranha Plant forgot to laugh at:
    Isaac from Golden Sun
    Shovel Knight
    Skull Kid

  5. Can someone make a similar video to this but it’s the Emperor (Star Wars)?! Have him laugh at the following who did not make it:

    Jar Jar, Snoke, Anakin, Obi-Wan, Boba Fett, and Jabba the Hutt.

  6. The only one I really am disappointed didn't get in was the Octoling. Would've been an easy echo fighter same with Dry Bowser.

  7. Obviously Rex and Octoling couldn’t have possibly made it into Smash Bros Ultimate unless the game was delayed

  8. We should be lucky that Smash Bros. is one of these franchises aimed to have a new game on each and every Nintendo System, so those that got laughed at in this video should be able to get their chance as fighters at some point in time.

  9. don't worry shadow just bind your time. your time will come soon enough and once your a fighter Go and MURDER THAT PIRANHA PLANT

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