Laughter is the Best Medicine

PK  | Comedy | Karikku

“You’ll be shocked to see
what this actor did at a tea shop!” Let me see!
– He’s having a tea! This seems like an obvious trick. Yet people
like you open and check it! Shame! Stock market crashed.
Such a tragedy! Why are you so sad about that? People ought to have some empathy. Haven’t you seen in TV? A building
with flashy text, in Mumbai? That crashed, it seems!
See, 39 with a down arrow! 39 people are stuck underneath,
not knowing who’ll rescue them! Ugh! Such a terrible joke! You’re so terribly terrible! What’s he up to?
It’s been long, and I’m hungry! Aby, this has become regular. If things go this way, what’d
happen to our relationship? But, what happened now? Remember switching off your phone
for 3 hours and troubling me, last week? Didn’t I tell you? While setting the alarm,
I got confused with AM and PM. So you didn’t hear the alarm since
the phone was switched off, right? Shall I tell you the truth?
– What? When I went to sleep that day,
I kept the phone for charging. But forgot to turn the switch on. Yes, if things go like this,
you’ll forget me as well! Definitely! – What?
– I won’t, I meant! But, was a bit slow.. Hey, let it go! Didn’t I
go to the doctor for you? I’ll improve now. I swear on… Ok, no swear. I’ll improve! But, you gotta give me
one last chance. Last chance!
– All right! What’s this?
– Nothing! Let me have a look!
Nice, isn’t it? It is a gift for my parents’
25th anniversary. I’m getting it framed. – Oh!
– What? Do you even remember? No, but… Do you know any shop? Gotta find one. – I know a good one.
I’ll get it done. No need, Aby! This ain’t the regular!
This is very special to me! This is my last chance
to prove my love to you! I’ll prove it!
I’ll get this framed! Sure?
– Sure! Now give me a smile! Let the dimples show up!
Smile! Had I been at home now, Take the rice prepared by mom,
make a pit on it, Pour some mango gravy on it,
take the mango and… Gently! Then add some beans fry,
mango pickle, Papadums, Gratesauce, Yes, and mix them all well… Take a handful, have a bite, Take a deep-fried sardine, Crunch it slowly, like this… Slurp! Yummy! Let’s have food now!
It’s already past 3. Where do we get proper food now?
We’ll only get leftover chapati! Leftover chapati it be!
I’m damn hungry! What’s he doing? It’s been long
– Don’t you see him wooing her? Come on, let’s get him!
Or else, we’ll die of hunger! Enough! Let’s go!
We gotta have food! 5 minutes..
– He brought us here for lunch.. Hasn’t it been so long?
You may continue later! So everything as planned! Don’t get it wrong.
Binu is obsessed with food! Hey, come on!
– Ok, see you! 5 minutes, a kiss..
– You may kiss her later! Aby, get it framed
by day after tomorrow! Yes, sure!
– If I’m alive! Don’t come otherwise! Sir.. Please get us a good juice first. Juice?
– You got mango juice? Order this!
– Chilly Chinese? Not Chinese! Cheese! Don’t order what you don’t know!
Have you tried it? Ok, then Schezwan check..
err, chicken.. Order that. Don’t argue! Order something!
I got work after this! I can’t understand! Would’ve
been better if I knew these.. Ok, then let me order
what I want. Let him decide. Sir.. Hey, what’s cookin’? What to say? Just going on… But, what’s there to eat?
– Oh, that? We got chicken, beef, seafood and all. You got seafood?
– Yes, we do! A plate of sardine fry, for me! Sir, we got only
the high-standard fish items. Oh, is that so?
Then, a plate of chilly whale! Making fun of sardine! Shut up! Bro, what do you have
in chicken? Chicken D’zouza,
Chicken tortured, Chicken still-roasted, Blasted chicken, Oh, it’s complete violence!
– Something with thick gravy.. Blasted chicken! It’ll be good!
– Ok, get it! And, the main course?
– Main course.. You got hole-free ‘Appam’? ‘Appam’ for three.
And the curry you mentioned. I tried a change.
He got embarrassed! Embarrassed! – Who?
I only took this tissue! Where’s the painting? Could’ve forgotten!
– Why did she come? This is good. Try it! Is it good? Why did she come?
– Njuze! Nice! You’ll forget it in 5 minutes! I’m asking why did she come?
– Oh yes… this painting.. This painting.. Well…
– Laminate? No! the..
– To staple it? No! – Photocopy?
– No! For hanging on wall.. Whitewash?
– On the top! – A nail? Hey, to frame it!
To give it for framing! Oh, for framing!
– I know a few shops. So.. Don’t touch that! We gotta see what type
of frame is needed.. Show me!
– It’ll get your fingerprints! She constantly complains these days!
– What complaint? Unnecessarily, saying that
I don’t remember things.. Isn’t that true?
– Me? For me? Bug off!
– Okay, two questions to you. To prove that you don’t forget.
– Ask! What did we order now?
– We.. We ordered 2 items. Which are they?
– We.. Flatbread! Failed in the first question itself!
– Wasn’t that flatbread? We ordered ‘Appam’ mister!
What curry did we order? I remember. A chicken curry. Tell me the name. You ordered it! Chicken… Bloated! Not bloated, blocked!
It’s Blasted chicken! You judging my memory
with this silly thing? Bug off! Shall I remind you a sillier story?
Buddy, you listen! His girlfriend got
a marriage proposal, long back. Her family was pestering for marriage.
He made a plan. He asked her to leave home,
so that they can get married legally. When she came to his home
with her luggage and stuff.. He gets up from sleep drooling,
opens the door and asks her, Where she’s going
with all the luggage? He’s such an idiot to forget even that!
– You could’ve seen a doctor! Had seen one.
– Then? He gave me medicine.
– You had it? No! Forgot it! He’s got the memory of a lizard! Sir.. Blasted chicken.. Hold on! You wanted seafood, right? I’m hungrier than you! I’ll take
the bigger pieces, and give you then. Hey! No! Chicken curry got stained! Oh no.. You know.. She.. With great expectation,
for her parents’ program.. What program?
– What was that..? The one after marriage!
– First night! Shut up!
– Delivery! No, the one which the couple
celebrates together! – Divorse? Oh, my…
Hey, wedding anniversary! This was a gift for that! She told me ‘no’ a 1000 times! Yet, I grabbed it from her,
for framing it. The thought of it
makes me tremble! Whatever, that painting was beautiful! You poured curry on it! Huh? My worry is, would their married life
be impacted due to this! Whatever, it’s over!
No point in talking about it! Buddy… Sorry! Look at me! Hey.. I know you’re angry enough to kill me. Don’t keep it in mind. Cuss me out! No, let it be! Hit me hard
to get rid of your anger! Hit me! Hit me! Slap him on the cheek, buddy! Gotta get rid of the anger, right? You know why I’m not hitting you? Would this situation change with that? That’s right. It’s gone.
It’s ruined. Buddy.. Let me suggest an idea.
The thing is.. Oh, no! Broken glass! Let’s get a tracing paper, and.. Keep it on top of this,
and make a copy. This picture, from which
nothing can be deduced? Because it is modern art.
Had it been a simpler one.. He says only stupid things!
Let’s get it photocopied! A color one!
– With the chicken curry on it? Oh, I forgot. Should’ve taken a copy
before spilling curry on it. Dear, stop crying! What else do I do? Listen to me. I’ll go meet her.. and I’ll take the responsibility of this. What’s there to take?
You did it! Yes, I did it. I’ll go tell her, that I poured curry on it by mistake, and that you weren’t involved,
you’re innocent, I’ll accept it. And then? Let’s get them presents
which people don’t get usually. Such as flower-vase, dinner-set.. Let’s make them happy by gifting
such variety items! Brilliant idea! If he goes and says so, She’ll think that you’re a loser
without guts even to tell her this. Oh no! No!
– Nothing of that sort. Why.. Stop it! Don’t freak him out!
– I only said the reality.. She’s already been trying
to break-up for silly things! If she sees this too, then.. She’ll break up with you! Sure! If that happens, I’ll write down your name
and go hang myself at his house! It’s ok to commit suicide.
But if it fails, You’ll end up in coma, dismayed! Then, I’ll die
only after killing you! Solution is not the suicide for anything.
Understand! Let me suggest a way out. What were you doing till now? I know a guy in our
residents’ association. Could be a primary school art teacher. Shut up! Or I’ll stuff
your mouth with clay! Okay! Interrupting unnecessarily..
– Tell me! He knows well about
paintings and sculptures.. He does researches on them. If we take this to him,
he can find a way out. Anyway, this happened
with my hands. Come! Let’s go! Because of petty lovers.. Such great art is spoiled.. Don’t say that! One of the 7 wonders, Shah Jahan, is the symbol of love
between Taj Mahal and Mumtaz! Likewise, poems, stories, films,
it’s all about love, sir! Are you a lover? He’s not into such things, sir!
– And you? – No! Then shut up! Spoiled
a work of art, and.. Do you know the meaning of this? Does this have a meaning, sir?
– Why not? Is there any art without meaning?
Why do you talk meaninglessly? Then you tell me! Isn’t this the colorful collaboration
of spiritually higher beings? Shut it! Spiritually higher beings! Here, look at this! This is the scorching, barren land.. The poor sea, though polluted,
patting the land gently. And you poured curry on that! Oh, my sea Goddess! Buddy, couldn’t you’ve been careful?
– What? Huh?
– What’s it, uncle? See what this is?
– The mustard from the curry? Hey, you look at this!
See! A poor dead dolphin baby
floating on the polluted sea.. Bug off! This is PK’s signature! PK’s signature?
– Don’t you know PK? PK is a world-famous painter.
An artist! PK’s painting, on my hands… Grated coconut gravy, isn’t it?
– Blasted chicken! Sir, so what’d be the price
of PK’s paintings? This? This could easily cost
around 200k Rupees. 200k? Things have gotten out of our hands.
We’re trapped! My buddy, couldn’t you… I can’t understand! What joy do you
get? You started since we came! So me telling you is the problem.
You pouring curry is okay? Stop talking!
– Ok, I won’t! Buddy..
– Yes, buddy! Sorry, wrong lap. Buddy.. Let it be. We’ll find a way out. Uncle, so he would’ve painted
a copy of this, right? What are you even saying?
These are single-piece paintings. There won’t be copies. Sir, why don’t we apply
some dishwasher liquid, and gently with a cloth,
without affecting the paint.. Yes, you do this! Put some ash and start scrubbing! This isn’t your rice-pot! It’s art! Does he have a clue, sir?
Shut up, buddy. Stop blabbering! I have an idea. If we cut this into two,
can’t we sell this half for half-the price? Shut it up… My PK… Sir.. Please help me fix this.
It’s a matter of my life! Let me think. There’s someone.
– Who, uncle? I can’t assure you! Even if it won’t look exactly the same,
he can manage mostly well. How much would we have to pay him? It won’t cost you that much! Keep 40k with you.
– 40k.. What? 40k Rupees?
– Yes, that’d do it. To hell with this! I entered
the password two days back, Still loading. I can’t work on this! Are you even listening? Hey, the work won’t progress
without this! This guy! Hey! Yes, what do you want? Oh, you’re connecting
the dots of this crocodile? Crocodile? I thought it’s a dinosaur! The computer is crashed.
How do I work on it now? What do I give people
who come for the paintings? I’ll paint it. Shall I?
– Yes, do it! I’ll draw it! Brush! Isn’t this the brush? Do it! Okay! Let me get into the mood!
– What? Nice smell. Smell this. Let me.. Let’s go!
– No… Perfect!
– Oh! You did mental torture only, till now! Now you started getting physical as well?
I can’t work here! I know flex printing. I’ll live with that.
Won’t work here anymore! Why are the cops after you?
– For printing a flex.. For whom? – A terr..orrist..
– There you go! You said. You can’t escape the cops
and work anywhere. Did I know that? Someone came to me,
gave me a photo for printing. With the caption
‘Salute to the pride of our land’ Did I know that he was off to
plant a bomb in a train? I had to print it! Now I can’t
go back to my place! Now you are also a terrorist! Should I call the cops? Huh? You wanna hand me
over to the cops, right? You gotta be grateful! I steal
from internet and gather them, And you scam people by painting
and selling them off as modern art! I’m asking my heart out.
Can’t you paint one by yourself? That’s what you see now!
– Not this trash! Out here with long hair!
Here, look! Oh, Holy Mother!
– Holy Mother? This? Yeah! Isn’t that her? My Holy Mother! Hello?
– Is this artist Kunjappan? Yes, who’s this? I’m calling as Peethambaran sir
asked me to. Oh, so you’re the naughty boys who
poured curry on the painting! Yes, sir. So we have to paint once again.
Can I come and meet you? Sorry, I’m a bit busy now. Let’s meet up some other time. But sir, it’s an emergency! You gotta do something, sir.
It’s a matter of my life. Whatever it be, I can meet you
only at 10 AM tomorrow. I’ll send you the location. Okay? I can’t speak in the phone for long. I’m losing hair due to radiation! Hello.. Hello.. He hung up.
– What did he.. Meet him at 10 tomorrow. We’ve got a new work.
– But the computer is crashed! Fix it somehow.
You play a lot of games in it! I can’t!
– Let me call the cops then! No! Give me time to wash my face.
I’ll fix it after that. Good boy! Don’t think about the chain now.
Sell it off. I’ll get a new one as good as that,
once I get my salary next month! Hey.. With your salary, you can’t even
buy its hook. Why give him hope? We’ll figure out something! Forget it! Anyway mom will
make a fuss about it! It’s already 10:30. Where’s he? Tell me the truth. Did he say this place?
Do you remember clearly? Wasn’t it here? Yes, it was! Aby?
– It’s me! The painting? Oh Jesus! Who did this? Sir, he at the restaurant..
– One of our friends did it by mistake. When he impatiently took the curry..
– No! – Keep it shut! Sir, we bought it as a gift
to somebody close. But this happened.. We gotta gift this urgently, So if you could paint
a new one like this… Okay, let me see! So, you can get it done
by today evening, right? Today evening, right? This ain’t cookies to bake!
It’s a painting! Please don’t say so, sir.. This needs to be gifted urgently.
So if you do it by next morning.. It’d be really helpful.
You can do it! Okay, let me try
for tomorrow morning. Well, what about the fees?
– One price, 40k. I don’t have much money.
So I had to sell my chain… No sentiments, only money.
Give me money! In that case, its outer edges… Frame, sir! No framing! Only painting! I don’t do it. Sorry. We don’t have any other way, sir.
It’ll be late tomorrow, Gotta gift them soon after.
So if you could… All right. But one condition. The money should be in
my account by today evening. Only then, you’ll get
the painting tomorrow. Got it? We’ll get it done! – He’s good at
getting things done. Right? Then tomorrow morning
same place, same time. Okay? Don’t you want any paintings?
– No, sir! No! Okay! Okay! Will this work out? His weird looks
and strange goggles! What’s it? – Where are you?
– I’m at work. We’ve got it!
– Got it? How’s it?
– Awesome! Seriously, how’s it? At the first glance, nothing wrong! Is it? Wait, what? No, I mean the framing is quite good. Where can I collect it? Come right now. I’ll give it.
– Now? We’re going for a movie. Can’t come now! It’s just a matter of 30 minutes.
You come, take it and leave. It’s a risk if I keep it.
– Ok, where should I come? Come to our usual restaurant.
– All right. Okay. It’s just a matter of 30 minutes.
– Aby? in 30 minutes? He’ll.. come! Good for you if he comes.
Know why? It was ‘Thaadu’ who booked the ticket! If she gets to know that you’re
meeting him, she’ll tear you apart! Sorry!
– Hey! Don’t you have eyes?
– Yes, I do. Didn’t you see me coming?
– No, I was looking at my phone. That’s why I apologized.
– Does it fix everything? Won’t it?
– Don’t act dumb! You intentionally hit me, right? What are you talking about, sister?
Slow down.. Let everyone get to know
about your perversion! My marriage is next month.
Even the hall is booked. Don’t create a scene.
What happened to you? Don’t say a word! I’ll report this
to H.R. I’ll show you! Don’t play! It’s my life! Insane! Mom, don’t pay the caterers yet.
Pay only after I ask you to! Should complain to the H.R. Hey..
– What? Can we go to a restaurant
on the way to the cinemas? Why restaurant? Why do people go to restaurants
usually? I’m hungry! I wanna watch the movie
from the beginning. We’ll reach before the movie starts. 30 minutes. I’ll leave after that. You may eat, or stay there
as you wish. Thank you! Hey! – What?
– All the best! Hey dumb wit! Don’t you want this? Never seen such a dumbo in my life! Could’ve forgotten! It would’ve been better
if she forgets him. I wanna go to the loo. You go ahead. I’ll be inside.
– Hey, hold on. Let me tell you. Her friends are there. Don’t blabber and spoil your name! I’ll come and help you
to deal with them. As you say! Talk to them only after I come.
– Okay! I’ll take a leak and come. We’ve been sitting since long.
Aren’t we ordering anything? 5 minutes. Aby will be here
with something. We’ll take that and leave!
5 minutes! Oh, so you’re here to meet
your boyfriend? I’m leaving! Don’t go yet! 5 minutes! Can’t! There he is! We..
– No, we haven’t met. Good that you mentioned.
Otherwise, I could’ve stressed out
trying to recollect. Where’s the painting, Aby? Aby is a forgetful person. And lacks responsibility.
But your, no, our.. Dad and mom’s… Mom’s.. Mom’s… Well.. Wedding anniversary.
– Yes, the gift for that, I would never forget! Nice, Aby! But I never expected
that you’d do it! Me too. Hi! My friends. Weren’t you the one..
– No, that’s not me. – Oh ok. By the by, my name is Arjun.
– I’m committed. So?
– Don’t try to play tricks on me! Okay! Hi! Is she committed?
– Her? No! No?
– No! Then let me give her a life!
– To whom? Thaadu? Thaadu?
– Thadaka! That’s her nickname! Dear bro, I’m advising you with love.
Don’t get into that. It’s like asking for a light
to a dragon! Whatever! I’ll get you arrested!
I’ll file a case for rape! Shut up! I don’t wanna hear anything! Does it bite?
– Sometimes! Flirting with girls and
bragging, idiot? Will talk to her. Hello!
– Hello! You don’t have doubts, right? What doubt? Regarding the frame.
See, it’s good! I liked it. It’s nice. Good to hear that.
– Shut up and bug off! Hey, let me tell you something. Let me introduce… What’s it?
– How do you know that girl? The moment I came,
she asked where Binu is! That red one? She asked for me? – Yes. Told that
you know each other since years! What’s her name?
– Thaadu. Yeah, Thaadu Varghese!
She was my junior in school! Please introduce me!
Please! Why so impatient?
We’re meeting after years! Let us revive our memories! Wonder who she is! I’ll see you in court! Look there, you’ll see
something interesting! Where did he go? – He’s off to
ask for a fire to the dragon! You wicked! I’ll show you! Thaadu! What was that sound?
– Sound? What was that sound, bro?
Oh, a glass broke? Clear it. Else it could cut into
someone’s cheek, err, foot! Clear it off quickly. The frame is good. But why glass? What if curry falls on to it?
Now it has got glass. We can wipe off even if
it gets stained. What are you talking about? What’s up?
– What? With the girl?
– Just casual talks. Was she eating puffs? Puffs?
– Yes, there are remains on your cheek! Conned me, you idiot? Come out. I’ll whack you! Oh, you liked her?
Let me tell her. Hey! My hand! Hello! The money got credited? What’s it? The guy who painted this yesterday,
– Who? Kunjappan? He’s calling her!
– No way! Okay! Thank you so much! Seriously? I just got it framed. Okay! He doesn’t even remember the face! Who called you now?
– The guy who painted this! W.. what’s his name? Picasso Kunjappan,
or something like that.. Picasso Kunjappan.. PK! Well.. You would’ve spent
a lot on this, right? Yeah, it’s a bit costly. Costly as in, around… Around 2.5. 250k. Good deal. 250k? 2,500 Rupees! 2,500 Rupees? Yes, right. Sold the chain!
– Sold it? That’s a sold-out joke. Right? Y’all will laugh until… Hey, Kunjappan!
– Tell me! 3 idiots were here. They spilt
curry on one of your lousy paintings. Which painting? All your paintings are lousy.
A random one among them. I’ve given them your number.
They’ll call you. Paint it once again. Grab at least 40k cash from them. You mean 40k Rupees?
– Yes! The shares should be accurate.
Fifty-fifty! 25k for me, 15 for you. Okay? Ok, ok! Fifty-fifty, you wish! Keep waiting!

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