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PK - North Korean Comedian (Stand Up Comedy)

here's the thing though all right I don't expect everyone know everything all right but definitely Americans are ignorant because like a couple times after a show after a comedy show that you know people come up to me hey I gotta tell you something are you uh North Korean or South Korean am i am i a north korean comedian bruh I'm like okay honestly there's there's millions of people starving to death in North Korea they don't allow anybody to escape if you do escape into China and they capture you'll to take it back and torture you and sometimes your entire family I was thinking what would it take for someone escape North Korea to China somehow learn English through Google come here and become a stand-up comedian he'd be the most ambitious comedian on earth to get his own HBO special right I don't care about food I don't care about clothing must stare joke I must touch all the house the north korean comedian gonna be like man hello everybody i am a medic anybody have food today yeah i tried for two days in a row amazing it's a serious situation that's why i want to get a tattoo that raise awareness like a lot of women they get tattoos of butterflies above their ass they're raising work now they're raising awareness for butterflies a butterflies are becoming extinct and every year the wings get bigger and bigger and bigger I wanted to get a meaningful tattoo so I got a tattoo of North and South Korea on my ass / my crack and why you guys laughing why you guys laughing every time I use a restroom I feel the pain of my divided country and you guys are laughing that's messed up I asked my boy you know Walter I'm like yo what if the North Korean leader North Korean leader he said that he would release North Korean refugees into America if you took it up the ass from him he owes I all man dude why you ask me these questions man he's like I'll do for a million a million refugee that you would have to do a familiar right you would have to do it you would have to take it up the ass if a million starving women and children the video released into freedom you'd be a hero man but you'd be a different kind of hero the rest you're alive I was like do that's the person you know I released the refugees in the light but you know what a statue looks like right the statues like it go go go

37 thoughts on “PK – North Korean Comedian (Stand Up Comedy)

  1. I asked Koreans all the time. Just wanna see how the in shocking denial reaction

    Same with Taiwanese and Hong Kong sometimes to ask if they are from Mainland

  2. Hmmm. Kinda funny, but Korea is divided N/S, not E/W so the 'analogy' doesn't work. Also, he seems kinda young to have a son old enough to joke wirh about taking it up the arse, No? Bobby Lee, coach this dude a bit, he has potential.

  3. What a light-hearted way to explain the truth about Korea…the locals understand one Korean Peninsula. It’s how they were raised, its part of the folklore. They see the people on the other side as their family (brothers, sisters, cousins, etc), who have been separated by international politics.

    It’s really painful for them to be separated from their family all these decades, as he described with the tattoo-toilet joke. Well done.

  4. lol the chick fucking copied him saying amazing at 1:14 and then someone was saying yes to anal. rowdy crowd.

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