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Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 FUNNY MOMENTS! – PvZ Garden Warfare 2

daddy’s going to take you somewhere
special daddy society is going to take a little boys to chuck e cheese’s welcome to the land zombies garden warfare 2 funny moments
and before you do the video so i think everybody for stopping by if you want to
see more things like this is drop a like and yeah guys let’s jump right into it ok it was this white vegas is this mojo
the moose high society it’s me mojo moves and i’m sure you probably
noticed i got a big ol long tongue in that big ol long time has special powers
so since I’m kind of stuck up here you know mounted on the side this little
cabin if you come up here are surely like you and if I like you i’ll give you some
special powers now so go ahead come on over here now I know
your tongue has some special powers there mr. mojo I mean hopefully I can
get their reach you I’m definitely gonna try so let’s go
ahead and get it absolutely society that sounds super fantastic let me give you some of this mojo so you
could help destroy the implants dream awful plants they’re the ones that stuck
me up here on this cabin so society the tone is yours oh yeah i’m so excited
i found this moves because i need them special powers let’s get it thank you for this mojo Oh – yeah we get some more mojo because i
need some good luck yeah I need some good luck ok hopefully
we’re going to get some good luck at this because we really do need for these
plants they’re coming from every which direction and of great I guess we didn’t get it up with the
Mojo because we just got to take it out by a rose off man it’s definitely gonna be a close game
hopefully we get things together and get that win and I think that is the corner
over there that it yep that is definitely the corn that was going to be
some trouble like I was so so annoying and he’s a really good player yet yet
that step within on man okay yeah I think he went over there you know
what let’s follow him let’s follow him that’s it I’ve had enough of oh and i got my buddies to help me out
the answer i’ve talked about that was just got off the phone man yeah super brains knocked him off the set
yeah I don’t think so but it you’re not going oh oh yeah right yeah how do you get me in ok 46 person I
don’t think so my friends that’s right you ain’t taking this is my
house sunday looks like we have no sir over
here is probably the ruckettes rugby star right here and they definitely have
a lot of power no no yeah take a seat my friend and nobody got time for that yeah
you you too boy didn’t see that’s what I’m talking about you and touching my
juice to attaching my juice in it of course the imp is gonna take me out
man he was at zero percent oh I definitely
love being the drugs you just fly around and they kind of a hard time hitting you
in the audience will sign this right here is going to take about wait a
minute okay yeah okay buddy I see how it is
you’re doing some type of like floating awesome move right here that’s
definitely cheating man that out of these glitch in hacking or what but I
don’t know guys – oh wait I think we just pushed out Oh
justice is served my friends yeah cool another make that of a queer Street
times for that’s what I’m talking about to throw a little court on they took me
out oh hey Chris tree x 50 greatest they
were surrounded we have a rose that we have a little fire chopper right here
and we’re slow down and okay I no what’s happening okay this guy’s
taking a la a lot of punches man cheese okay then I want yeah i just won that
one that’s what I’m talking about oh yeah actually i don’t i don’t think
that was too fair yeah okay that made a fair we both died on this
one that’s the way it should be that was a fair one this is definitely a pretty good ok I
wasn’t as easy as a pretty good spot but mojo slayer of most layer just took me
out it’s all good it’s so good in the
neighborhood because we’re doing pretty good right now if only i have just found
the mother lode right here I have definitely found the mother lode does anybody need some toilet paper
because I got the hook up guys if you need to poop all day every day I
got to cover guys I didn’t happen I definitely becoming a dude with the
toilet paper here everybody take some toilet paper anybody
I’m the toilet paper King I am starting from one dollar role yet would you like it would like to buy a
one-dollar a roll of toilet paper you can use it actually pretty small so you
could probably life yeah yeah we definitely found it dude we forfeit we found the toilet paper yeah okay I should really probably going
to the game but i think that ok we have we have three spectators now on the
toilet paper yeah buddy you definitely want to i know you want
it you can have ok i’ll let you have one on the house take one you have him take one to help
yeah you guys can fight the fight i’m not doing it i’m lazy i’m tired i’m
all dried up I’m the Petrified cactus you know my
friends I’m just going to sit here and soak in the hot tub you guys do all the work ok i might help
you over here I’ll try to help you out just a little bit but now i’m lazy dude
I gotta chill out I’ve been carrying the whole team the whole entire game I know I kind of sounds a little bit bad
but it’s true and I got my little buddy’s here we’re just taking a little
bit of a nice little dip here in the pool and the hot tub would you like to
get in here mr. corn I know you do it’s nice and hot I’ll let
you in okay all know that all funny don’t don’t
ruin my fun I’m just trying to relax geez our man
that was a right mr. coochie crams or gucci grams or whatever you are I’m
slaying the pool come on man give me up yeah this guy knows what this guy was
all know he took me out of my hot tub you know what I’m going right back in
like I said guys ain’t nobody got time for all this fighting and plants vs
zombies all this craziness and a dip in the pool a dip in the pool right here with my
buddies I don’t know all this guy leave me alone
ok looks like he had a little buddy come on now ain’t nobody got time for that my pool party has been brick by gucci
grams congratulations so I guess we’re gonna
try to find the law stamps and so we have a little bit of a cactus their way
then you want ain’t nobody got time for that tape and see my friend you too
buddy make that a little trip right there oh
ok ok well that’s helpful there was a whole bunch of it was right
here just like what one two three four we’ll get them there’s some small we
follows you okay all right and you get ok there are so
many in training this is crazy it was like six of them right here my buddies I’ll take it off that daddy’s
gonna take you somewhere special daddy society it’s going to take his
little boys to chuck e cheese’s yes I’m gonna take all of you little six
guys to chuck e cheese’s now don’t forget now you got your glasses like I
use my fists because there may be some plants over
there I don’t know how you got to pray slope come on follow daddy which if put your
guns up there may be some plants I mean I don’t know they may be around
the corner in ok we’re warning to multiple cacti
detective taxes all buddy hey nobody got time for that let me take
these guys out did you guys I’m not gonna mess with my children you wake will be messing with society’s
children huh you got to get you guys okay okay
they’re okay right now it looks like we have like what – more cabinets that all
know they’re shooting at my children you’re shooting at the side is children
Oh No if my face is on fire oh come on I feel
like yeah there we are you guys all right you gotta write our good looks
like we’re good we’re in the clear now was a university that I don’t know it
was my little super soldier friend help you all know there’s another one all how
could I not see that and he had a little cactus drop it right there at a very
barren on my children good how much of a good all right guys come on follow daddy we’re going to check the
cheese is now that may or may not be a wrap their I don’t know but I’ll are no
and I can’t take it out by the cactus poop how in the world am I supposed to get
all my children over the chucky cheese if there’s poop everywhere all right well yeah there’s definitely a
lot on dell we failed they took my children
away Oh No ok we’re definitely trying to get
that was pretty fun all right I think we’re close to my
children again i can get three guys on the way to get rid of Oh make that a
triple oh that’s a double I’ll take a mcdouble
do it and you take a seat my friend I see my kids I can smell it from a mile
away this pain but i love it i love them though even though they stick just a
little bit and they don’t exactly have my face ok it yeah they don’t have my face and
look at don’t look that battle Tom that don’t fit their ugly let’s see if they can jump over we’ll
see how smart there okay all right yeah society’s get a little bit on the smart
side i’m glad that they weren’t able to jump that fits but we’ll definitely go
with that all right let’s say we go there all ok
let’s see if they could jump over the building ok they might not be that smart that
they’re really small let’s see if we get our kids to chuck e
cheese’s once and for all now we know that there’s cactus
droppings everywhere I am NOT gonna let that happen to my
kids no society don’t do that society is a good daddy – all six
children and who’s the mom I don’t really know I mean that’s where you guys didn’t let
let me know in the comment section below who’s the mama societies kids what
character is it in here – yeah well as a direct shot way up in
the air that’s what I’m talking about and where
my kids that were here its first and then I will check up on
them ok there’s definitely a lot that would probably take them all out okay where’s my to learn that where’s
all my children it just goes right here back I’m trying
to clear it out for my kids because we gotta get the check and cheese you know
we got to get the check e cheese they got pizza they got slides that got
a big old rap yeah it definitely has to happen to get
over here in the objective and see if they are following me let’s see how
smart they are ok we’re there oh yeah come up against
let’s go to chuck e cheese is there will be pizza and rats beaches of rats and
whatever you want oh yeah i just gotta pick but we have a
big table and yeah all right you guys get some hot dogs
right now chuck e cheese’s later i’ll let you guys
play on the side society definite did good oh yeah even though i don’t have too
many upgrades for Rose which is probably still be able to a pretty good job and
don’t wait well what is that is that a sleepwalking and cactus that is pooping
in her sleep she’s ok someone needs to put a diaper on this one geez what in
the world cactus did you eat and why are you sleepwalking like this
okay that’s not very nice you need to wake up wake up this cactus
help no yeah you wake up wake up you’re getting
shot up man what the load is ok you are shooting at people in your sleep this is
definitely not this is definitely not good I’m buddy
okay well this is definitely pretty crazy now of and you’re sending out drones in your
sleep this is definitely pretty great that means i don’t know cactus are you a hacker are you let it
out on me always heard that one to go okay i definitely don’t wake up this
cactus will get rid of that ok let me do a little bit of magic spells and while
exam and ok that all it worked up up man oh I’m a wizard the legend has it that
if you roll into a ball in the wild you can open yet there is there is really
well he he have to escape from sea world
don’t tell anybody don’t tell your mom don’t tell your friends because we don’t
want to give them back to SeaWorld nope it’s just so crazy how many roses are
just playing i mean this is obviously really appear right here okay yeah
there’s definitely a lot i need to be sneaking I need it I need to be quiet roses you know if if i do it by talk
really low the roses won’t be able to hear me or
see it okay the coast is clear we have made it
over here I think we’re going to try to turn up
something nasty like an ounce want me to stick them out I don’t know
if it’s gonna work or not but all the help we should go out walking to my car all garlic drone how you are so annoying
to me I definitely can’t get him ok oh yes we we took them out now see we go
here in a way home oh really well don’t worry my friend i
will save you I may be on fire but I’ll definitely call he just wrote me off gp’s that was not
right that well is on the plants team because i just got trolled by him that’s definitely our man really well is
not on my side geez all right now we have received that
going let’s say we go find the will really the well dude I think it might be
over here to the left and we’re gonna give him a chance to apologize to us
because that wasn’t very nice patrolling us and ok so first oh hey we’ll hey buddy okay look you
need to apologize for what you did oh okay all right you do okay you’re
just mean you know what I actually like this one girl that used to know she
smelled like you she looked like you and i’m sure she’ll probably talk like you
too you know she’s pretty gross you better
come out there for that buddy I’m talking about this will need to come
out here okay okay I’m sorry I said that if you don’t look like that when we’re
all used to know but if you come out what will be friends are great i forget
it ok Willie you trolled me I see

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  1. Favorite part = mission failed we will get them next time.First of all there won’t be a next time.Second of all 1 like equals your favorite part also.

  2. 13:16
    society: there's this one girl I met she smelled like you she looked like and I think she talked like you to
    society: i'm sorry you just said that
    willy: apology fucking accepted
    society: you trolled me I see how it is
    willy: well fuck you then

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