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Plaster Crack Repair Durham NC.  Video Review

I wanted to know where you found out about company at. From Angie’s List. I just did some research and that is where I found you. Great and did we do
everything we said we would do? Yep, we went through and really systematically looked at
each crack and decided what we were gonna try to attack and and then kind of
went over it again once the job started and there are even some things that
you guys took care of that weren’t in the specs but you just did it because it was
kind of easy and convenient which helps me a bunch so that I don’t have to deal
with those things! Awesome! And on a scale of one to ten how likely would you be to
recommend our company to your neighbors it would be a ten… because the work was
done super tidy way with drop cloths everywhere and there wasn’t any dust; we
weren’t sure it whether it be a lot of dust but there wasn’t um I mean
everything has just been done really well so I would definitely recommend you
to other people. And what’s your favorite part of the areas areas that were repaired…. and what was that like before that? It was totally cracked with a piece of tape on top of it that was kind of bent from a previous repair And it was really bad….and now it looks really beautiful! Thank you!

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