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Plastic Bumper Repair: How To Fix Cracks, Tears, Rips in Plastic With The New  (Magna Stitcher) SEMA

Hello Donnie Smith here and I want to let
you know about another cool tool that I saw at SEMA 2011 this year. This is a tool by
Motor Guard called the Magna Stitcher and it is designed to repair plastic. Now once
this is cool because it is really fast and if you have any tears or rips in the plastic
you just flip it around and reinforce it. It melts the stakes into the plastic and it
is a real quick repair. You don’t have to grind or wait for anything to dry. You just
put these in and then you can flip it around and finish it up like you would normally with
adhesives. But it is really cool I went ahead and got one and shot a little video clip on
it and I will be doing more about this tool and plastic repair in upcoming videos, but
I want to go ahead and show you a little bit about this. It is a new tool and I think you
are going to like this. What I have this is a [inaudible 00:01:00]
from Motor Guard. I just took it out of the package. It says that it can fit on any step
over [inaudible 00:01:09] it sets on there and screws. Then it has directions that come
with it and in these directions it is got different little wires that go depending like
if you are doing flat area, extra reinforced area, inside corner and outside corner and
this is supposed to fix any just about any types of plastics. So we have got a bumper
here a plastic part. We are going to put this to the test. Now let me [inaudible 00:01:44]
to you something about plastic repair. As they make adhesives for this for repair on
the front sides or the back side to do so [inaudible 00:01:51] but you don’t want
to do is put body filler on bumper covers. But this plastic needs additional adhesion
and some of the things that plastic repair has that body fillers don’t. We got this
bumper in a big hole in everything right here. It was full of bondo. Had bondo of course
it is cracking off you can see how it is cracking off here, but don’t do that. That is not
a good repair and it is not going to last so I wouldn’t recommend putting body filler
or your regular bondo on bumper covers. [inaudible 00:02:26] say a flexible parts repair for
things like this and that is and that is what that would work for hard plastics also make
a ridge repair. Today we are going to test this out and like I said if we had a tab broke
off. Just a small piece or a crack and also this is designed for pretty flatter area [inaudible
00:02:49] so we are going to take one of these. Stick here too. Well let it set there for
a little bit I am sure because that plastic is really hot and it is melting. It is where
it is going to set up and pull it off. Okay keep holding it not really firm. It has put
couple of more in. You know probably if you have read a little bit more and tell me I
haven’t read everything but I am not sure what the distance between these what the proper
distance should be. One thing I can see you want to really watch a trigger because that
we have said they are too long you can go all the way through the plastic so you will
make sure to set it in there and loft the trigger and let it cool. It is going to set
there coot bit and we will see if it has strength in that too lay it down and then we will put
a couple of more on. Now [inaudible 00:04:40] cut these ends off
you know complete the repair for this side. You really don’t have to do anything else
for this side. You can see this side over here once you are over here. We put it back
together and then what you do is you dish this out with a grinder and then you put that
adhesive sanded up and blockages like body filler and you never know that it was there.
Well that pretty well wraps it for this video. I haven’t had that too long as I play with
it and see what all it will do. I will post more videos about this tool and plastic repair,
but I think it is a cool tool. I want to go ahead and get this posted here so you can
see it, but learn about this tool and may be something that you are interested in. But
I think it is going to speed up the way plastic repair is done. There is no proper sanding
or grinding on the back side and you don’t have to wait for anything to dry. It is not
thick these end there and it is just less than a second. It is done, it is reinforced
the crack. You can flip it around and go ahead and complete the repair on the front side
the way you normally would. Anyway I will be posting more when I get one, but thanks
for watching this video and I will talk to you soon.

11 thoughts on “Plastic Bumper Repair: How To Fix Cracks, Tears, Rips in Plastic With The New (Magna Stitcher) SEMA

  1. Donnie, thanks for the early view of your new tool. Seems like a good option over glues alone. How thick are the staples?

  2. Dear Donnie.
    Greetings. I could not really see the action of the heat gun. Please make your videos more clearly by focusing and zooming in. Bear in mind that many of your viewers are not professional in your business. Thank you for your efforts and your videos.

  3. @192ali1 Thanks for providing your concerns. I do plan to make another video about this tool soon. I will keep your feedback in mind and try to get a zoomed focus on the stake being melted into the plastic so you can see it better. Thanks for watching.

  4. @JohnCarey1963Jag Thans for watching the video. I agree, I think this is going to work well for the backside of the repair. The staples are thin, probably the thickness of a regular staple we use for paper. However, they are wider and made of stainless steel…I think. Let me know if you have any other questions. I will be posting another video about this tool soon.

  5. I understand the concept,but I bet the price of the tool compared to buying a new or used bumper cover is more or equal price,it would be a good investment for a repair shop,the best option I heard was having autoparts stores renting the gun for repairs plus renting it out would pay for itself many times over making the store profit,customers happy..Thats how it should be marketed.I could use one right now.

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