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PM Netanyahu: “This video shook me to the core of my being.”

I’ve just watched a video that shook me to the core of my being. In just a few seconds, it shows why our conflict persists. So here is a short snippet: “Shoot him! Shoot him! Here he is. Go, go. Shoot him!” A Palestinian father holds up his 4-year-old son. He pleads with Israeli border police to kill his own child. He shouts, “Shoot this little boy!” His boy. He pushes his young son forward toward the soldiers and screams, “Kill him! Shoot him!” The boy pauses. He is scared. Any child would be. He turns back, looking at his father for guidance. With his shirt tightly tucked into his bright red shorts, the boy ambles forward towards the soldiers. One of them extends his hand in friendship. The boy gives him a high-five. It’s hard to make a four-year-old hate. It’s hard to make a four-year-old hate. . Think of his smile. Imagine her laugh. Picture the unrestrained joy and innocence that only a child possesses. Picture the unrestrained joy and innocence that only a child possesses. What did this child do to deserve this? The answer is: nothing. He is innocent. He should be in a playground. He should be in the sun, laughing with other children. Sadly, this father’s crime is not an isolated example. In Gaza, Hamas runs summer camps that teach children to value death over life – suicide kindergarten camps. In Gaza, Hamas runs summer camps that teach children to value death over life – suicide kindergarten camps. Two weeks ago, the Palestinian Authority’s official newspaper praised teenage terrorists and wrote that “death as a martyr is the path to excellence and greatness.” That’s a direct quote. Palestinian and Israeli children deserve better. They deserve to live. They deserve to live in peace. Children are not cannon fodder. They are the most precious things in the world. They’re the most precious things we have. I’m sure Palestinian parents, many of them, are as outraged as I am at this video. And today I appeal to every father and mother around the world. I ask you to join me in calling for an end to this abuse of children. The Palestinian leadership must stop encouraging children to kill. They must stop encouraging Palestinian parents to call for the death of their own children. They must stop encouraging Palestinian parents to call for the death of their own children. Peace begins with respect. If parents don’t respect their own children’s lives, how will they respect the lives of their neighbors? We must love all children. They should never be pushed to violence or hate. Join me in educating all children for peace.

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  1. I don't know but looking at that in neutral grounds it looks like the father and son were terrorized and the father was very angry about somthing like its happen too many times

  2. I might do this too when I ask you to stone me… now could you please describe and mammoniedes describe the actual process of stoning and to whom and for what it is required. You can not get off scott free we both know err is err and life is required for death. Yeah so explain the truth! Most people think you just pick up any rock and throw it educate them for peace describe the actual process of stoning. BTW: it's not what you think it is. Let there be peace however your council has been dissolved long ago why?

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  5. Mosab Hassan Yousef told the world the truth about the terrorist organization of the Palestinian Hamas and their evil agenda for innocent Blood to feed the Quran.

  6. The reason everyone is going to die, is because you are all fools who fall for the first devil who uses charm on you.

  7. You are distorting the goal of this vedio, the father wants to show for the world what you are doing with Palestinian children , you and your army had killed 500 child in Gaza in 2014. So do not talk about Peace .the country who wants peace does not build more settlements 😔

  8. Netanyahu you always been a cry baby. You have just explained the video for your own benefit. If you think this people idiots to believe you; you are mistaken. Everyone knows you and your government is the most racist and criminal. You can only cheat Americans not anyone else. That man in that video was protesting killing and kidnapping Palestinian kids by Israeli soldiers.

  9. LoL, you're absolute trash, if children deserve to live, how come you kill them you bastard! There will never be any sort of peace between Arabs and the so-called Israeli state

  10. Here's one of an Israeli sniper shooting a kid while talking his phone.

  11. At the time this video was released, Israel held more than 350 children in custody (see Two years earlier, Netanyahu authorized the bombardment and invasion of Gaza, killing 547 Palestinian children, most of them 12 years or under (see What a hypocrite!

  12. this is drama propaganda,,, natahyu must say true,,, this area out of border of gaza or west bank. israel idf cross the border 1967

  13. Thats true, the father show the world what exactly israel done to the palestenian people and israel use that child to gain symphatize

  14. It calls jihad u dumb ass we will not let our children play under the sun till you give up our land #weownjerusalam

  15. How to war end.. when parent don't teach hate israel.. just think.. i see video when kid already hate israel.. who teach them hate?

  16. Then your soldiers kill him don't worry we shall come to you more disastrous then Hitler ,however Hitler left a few but we will not because you have no right to live any more inshaAllah one day Israel will be attacked only by nuclear weapons because we even don't want to let your DNA on this planet .you Israelis have not only cross limit but nothing left to be forgiven..!

  17. That was nice thank you,, life is not perfect,,until everyone starts to love your neighbors as yourself it won't end,,yesuha is hear,, it's simple how hard is that,,

  18. LOL satan…. anyways the will kill the kid by missile, sniper, or kidnapped from street or at the early morning. zioShoes are the masters of deception. children of satan. the prophecy says wait your end.

  19. You should be ashamed of yourself ! This father is so desperate that he is traying to show your soldiers who their are actually killing. You know very well that he is not asking to kill his child. He is traying to make them understand who they are fighting and who's future they are killing. Shame on you !

  20. An investigation by Human Rights Watch concluded that Israel had probably committed war crimes on three specific incidents involving strikes on UNWRA schools.[524] Amnesty International stated that: "Israeli forces have carried out attacks that have killed hundreds of civilians, including through the use of precision weaponry such as drone-fired missiles, and attacks using munitions such as artillery, which cannot be precisely targeted, on very densely populated residential areas, such as Shuja'iyya. They have also directly attacked civilian objects."[378]B'tselem has compiled an infogram listing families killed at home in 72 incidents of bombing or shelling, comprising 547 people killed, of whom 125 were women under 60, 250 were minors, and 29 were over 60.[525] On 24 August, Palestinian health officials said that 89 families had been killed.[526][527]

  21. Lot many other vedio you should watch… Be brave to take a stand, what i sense from ur vedio is hypocrisy.


    ur forces may have killed her mother

    KEEP UP UR ATTITUDE, Israelies reign will end

  22. What has to happen here is not human but god De all mighty has to destroy every war Machen that every army in the world has but only god will do that but fool man u fight to take over da world u can't it belongs to god u only have a lone of it and an your life is so short as it is that's da fool human fight for something they don't own an can't be around to in joy it when u r looked on from above ye look like da fools u are

  23. Bibi I love your brother Yoni so much I believe God have received his soul in heaven, God bless you Benjamin Natanyahu.

  24. Iran publicly admitted they want to destroy Israel.
    When you enrich uranium up to 90%, it is not for science. Because for science and nuclear power plant, 4%-5% enrichment is enough.

  25. This is what she meant when she said "I will forgive you for killing our children, but will never forgive you for making us kill your children"

  26. with the belfour paper they use usa to create the state of israel
    they used us to destroy iraq, libya and syria
    now its iran…..shalom foolish america tools….

  27. He probably stated that because what’s the point he probably knows that he will die because of your air strikes you when killed so many innocent people children women and you even stated what has this child do to deserve this nothing yes but why are you then killing the innocent

  28. Preservation for Jews in Israel while being the primary force behind genocidal levels of replacement populations into Europe, America, Canada and Australia. Oh, ya, what a guy.

  29. India stands with Israel against this evil 🇮🇳🇮🇱 shalom to my all brothers and sisters in Jerusalem


  31. Any comment from the self righteous UNHumanRights… or maybe I am deaf and blind? Any resolution to condemn the so called Palestinian or rather to condemn instead the Israeli soldiers for not sending those father and son to paradise?

  32. Sir you have become the biggest robbery in this world. Because you hijacked a state !!!! means their shelter and now preaching what a joke man

  33. how tall are you mr Prime Minister? 4'13"? edumicated not schooled.. i have a turd to temple for a hermaphrodite goat god lovers.

  34. United nations has failed many times,… The Boko Haram, Isis, And many more,.. Many people died because of Isis and Taliban

  35. Bibi is such an articulate spokesman for Israel and the Jewish people. I'm a dual national; US- Israeli. In Israel we love life, we love our children but we kill if we have to. In Gaza, and among Hamas, and Hezbollah they are a cult of death, and they kill because they love to. They are single minded; they can only destroy, and are incapable of creating anything that's life-affimring. Years ago, I remember looking out towards the Old City in Jerusalem and down into the Valley of Hinom. About 60 meters away there was this roughly ten year old Palestinian kid driving his donkey through the Valley. Even though the poor donkey was obeying the kid and walking along, the little prick was stabbing a stick into the donkey's asshole and balls. You could see the cruel smile and look of enjoyment the kid had on his face. I never could forget that. How do you make peace with this?

  36. Arabs have sacrificed their children to the Gods for thousands of years why would they stop now….Baal…Molech…

  37. Netanyahu is a gentleman. Best friends with India. We love you. If Israel was in the same border as India, we would be a single country.

  38. If you notice — time after time the Hamas leadership encourages civilians to become good Martyrs…but for some reason [tongue in cheek] the leaders themselves never seem to set an example.
    Such a shame..if they did there would in no time be no such corrupt leadership and ordinary people could get on with a peaceful life and build a future.
    Israel would be the first to lend a helping hand.

  39. Bloody Palestinian fanatics. Israel has chosen the worst place to build a country…I feel sorry for them. They have to spend a lot of valuable human and mental resources to handle everyday security problems for decades.

  40. What a lying piece of shit this war criminal is! This is Israeli propaganda with Israeli actors. We've seen IDF shoot kids and Israeli rockets indiscriminately bomb hospitals and houses!!!

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