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38 thoughts on “Pocahontas – Colors of The Wind / One Line Multilanguage [HD]

  1. Everybody is saying polish is the best,excuse me have you ever heard the Norwegian one it is much more powerful and amazing than polish this is only my opinion.

  2. ⛱🗿🏯⛱⛱🚊🛬🚊😅🛬🚊😜😜😜😜😢😢😬📱😬🙏🏻😢😅😢😢😅🛬🛬😢📱😢😅😜😢😢😢😜

  3. Movie: Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, German, Turkish, Swedish, French, English, European Spanish, Brazilian Portugese, Japanese, Romanian.
    POP: Danish, European Spanish, French, Norwegian, German, English, Latin Spanish, Mandarin, Brazilian Portugese, and Italian

  4. A gala of Pocahontas's colours of the wind. Disney film and chart entry versions. French and German pop are great

  5. my favorite is the chinese, hell the song sounds chinese, the girl looks chinese, of course chinese.

  6. I cant find the italian pop version on youtube anywhere please help 🙁 only covers or the movie scene…

  7. In no particular order:

    8:11 Japanese, 11:21 Polish (probably my favorite), 5:28 German, 9:56 Mandarin, 3:26 Castilian, 13:37 Turkish

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