Laughter is the Best Medicine

Pokimane *CRIES OF LAUGHTER* Playing Super Seducer 2!

[Applause] you're walking and a girl catches your eye can you stop her get her to talk to you and make her want to see you again goal instant date oh my god this is loud sorry y'all have it I did story mode right oh no I have to decide what to do it's the loud yeah talk to her from a few meters Metra's okay not that one it's a literally typo'd in front of her and slightly to the side pretend to be blind wolf-whistle yo what up girl walking with her walking next to her wait until she is passing you then talk to her am i doing this seriously or are we memeing here guys i need to know right now are we doing this seriously or are we memeing a bit of both maybe we can do a bit of both or do you actually like this side better I do I have a wife for eight years now is there a game to teach me how I get rid of that evil hag yeah the game is called don't marry someone you don't to be married to Papa yeah I think out of all of these it is best to walk next to her or wait until she passes you and then talk to her but maybe not from like fully behind okay can I do this just for fun don't assert role or spaghetti I think I'd rather start serious and then tral up okay fine I'll just fuck I can't help I want to see if I can salvage this very funny but you know in most cases she's just gonna brush you off really you don't think that if somebody says this they have more problems than she'll just brush you off and like this fucked up I am one of the packages of your box can you please pick us up soon it's turning into some okay listen mister developer oh I think Fed knows the developers so maybe he'll watch this mr. developer you have to be more blunt with these dudes that are playing your game okay if someone pretends to be blind in order to get the attention of a girl you got it Tom they got some problems okay it's not just don't do that it's like why the fuck are you pretending to be blind are you psychotic my friend okay you got a top why would you pick like look them in the eyes in the key in the game why would you choose this unless you're memeing on stream in which case it's okay okay that's what you gotta say to these dudes yo what up girl I kind of like this one this reminds me yesterday I went to run some errands and I was walking from one store to another applause Ian thanks for subbing I was walking from one store to another and there's this dude walking beside me well not beside me he was in front of me but I was trying to speed walk to this other store so I was walking kind of fast and I had some sunglasses on and I walk walk and like I'm coming up behind him and he looks at me and I kind of like keep walking and right as I passed he says something like he says something like yo how you doing and I was like I literally like I I don't ever really go out so when someone speaks his prop dreamcatcher or red velvet smile Oh big fan of kpop and black pick for sure I just love Lisa um anyways so and I wasn't sure if he was speaking to me because it's like why would you speak to me I was wearing like black sweats black sweatshirt I had no makeup on I looked like a straight peg up my hair was up like I looked and I'm not me me I looked not the best alright and so when this random dude you're just walking by I'm trying to make my way to CVS ha ha and he goes you're wood up or like how's it going oh I think he said how's it going and and I was I was so confused oh no I think he said um are you doing good or something like that it was like a yes or no question and I wasn't sure if he was speaking to me and I was so confused like you doing good just clung on to my face he's like yeah look at your sunglasses like falling right into place and I just started walking first oh my god I can't man uh I'm sorry I had to get that pretend to be blind I just might next time ok ok ok wolf-whistle know what up girl cringe walking next to her not bad wait so she's passing you then talk to her either of these I think are okay but seriously so we all know what will work on you at which come just protective people I that's it'll work on me hey listen I just saw you and you look really nice I like what are you busy where you headed really one of the key rules in the daytime is that you don't want to end up walking next to the goal it's very stalkerish and so you should avoid it you want to stop her she doesn't stop you let her go pointless doesn't do anything wrong choice oh my god my heart is literally hurt oh is it still loud um is it in the settings because like I turned it down so much oh wait okay these are also similar do you wait until she pep passes you do you walk next to her do you talk to her for a few meters in front sucker picking up girls you've got to work on it okay stop excuse me just want to ask you something really pretty you gave you made it too easy for her to just walk past you and brush you off too close to the side it means that she will likely do that as a reflex like 90 percent of the time this game is literally trolling that's correct when you stop a go on the street you need to be directly in front of her and also leave enough space so that she can slow down and comfortably stop do you really think there's that much of a difference between talking to someone when they're beside actually I guess I kind of happen to me yesterday because he didn't really say anything until I was like right beside him and I was so confused but we were walking the same way not different ways man now I understand why you guys have so much trouble listen the only thing I know okay is you hit her up in the middle of a ranked game and you say listen watch I'm gonna carry you – I'll play again next round and then you let her add you ok that's it and then you fall asleep on Mike and discord what more is there like that's how you date people in 2019 what's up I just saw you and wanted to let you know what you look very elegant hey hey don't I know you from one of my yoga classes didn't we both go to the same College hey do you have a minute you don't do this because it gives her a chance to reject you I think you're really beautiful I'd love to go okay I'm gonna do one meme answer and then one real answer I just saw you and I'd really love to go down on you what do you say you asswipe don't be sexual until you know that she would be open to it which is never gonna be in the first few seconds on the daytime she's probably just going to buy a coffee or on our lunch break mm-hmm this one for sure hey excuse me can I tell you something really quickly sure I just saw you and wanted to let you know that you look really alike she does too let's go it's really summery thank you a nice compliment is direct this made her smile your Stratus made her feel like speaking to you so it's a nice confident way to start nice tree that's your plans for today it's nice it's cruise yeah and Ducks no just squirrels yeah yeah we got them to be our friends what you feed them like hot dogs almonds yeah that's their favorite the best nut it seems to me that's not so they're really cute on they they are very cute you know come on I do yes that's funny I never fool and what are you doing today I think I would do this one asking questions is always good did I did I tell you guys a story about that guy that did this see I dare tell you guys a story yes all retell it but very quickly I was walking either to the gym or to get coffee sorry and I try remember exactly what happened oh I remember I was walking and they're a bunch of parked cars and there was one guy in one of the cars and I can remember whether he honked or if he like waved but either way I was really confused because like I didn't recognize them you you dirty hand type vodka I feel like I'm getting intubated is that weird like I don't know how to explain this we astral and he was like I need to come into two days and he came in at the same time that's the wait can you guys why are you questioning me yo Brera thinks so five months really whistling's you you are amazing keep up the great work okay you hurricane thinks our tuna bits yo Bertha thinks of the five months I've been big trouble no I'm just kidding anyways where did you say thanks for 17 months he's like yeah should be fine anyways I don't know what I want to explain anymore do I want to explain plumber thing do I don't explain my the guy that spoke to me on the side of the street what do I all I ever want to say or do I just want to say you're just so beautiful would you mind if I kissed you right now you're just so beautiful and I want to give you a kiss whoa no no no no no I'm not trying to fuck your nos or anything just a little kiss this is the definition of creepy the kind of stuff that's going to get you arrested thrown out of places by security and in all kinds of problems so don't do it if you want to make a sexual advance on a girl it's cool you do it smoothly and you do it the right time yeah I think asking someone else questions is always better is it still too how does this keep happening like I keep going into my volume mixer and it just goes maxed out again I didn't I didn't even change it do you live locally I'm here somewhere yeah and you spend a lot of time in this area um I do yeah there's a nice coffee shop just on there have you been there I have but I'm going to meet a friend actually so I need to go okay what's her name is it a he or she in the beginning the go actually shouldn't do most of the talking so you don't want to ask a bunch of questions you want to make statements and do most of the talking yourself this is absolutely not true oh my god okay now I have to tell my story holy shit holy shit okay I was walking down the street whatever coffee Jim what okay I was walking home there's a dude in the car he waves to me I bet he fucking played super seducer he waves to me from his car I don't know the motherfucker okay so I just keep walking and then he like honks or like comes out of his car and he's like hold on and I was like yes and he's like I saw you earlier and I saw you again and I just want to let you know like you look really beautiful I was like Thanks and then he starts talking okay and you think oh you just starts talking that's nice no no no it starts with like how you doing where are you headed but then he goes oh my god he started saying stuff like I just feel like sometimes you know when you see someone that just like radiates such positive energy like you just got to let him know and I feel like I've been especially sensitive to like positive energy recently because like I've been going through some stuff my dad passed away like three years ago and my mom was recently in the hospital and he just starts going on and on about like um what issues his mom has and like obviously if some random stranger on the street starts telling you that like you're you're gonna sit there and listen you're on your bag after your Vaughn piece dude I don't know you so I'm just sitting here listening he's like yeah so it's been really rough but like I'm feeling a lot better now and a you know I'm out in LA because I want to be an actor and like and like no like I shit you not he spoke for like 20 minutes 20 minutes and he didn't ask me a single thing yeah nothing and then afterwards after I was like listen if I just keep letting him talk because like I have a really hard time like rejecting people are being mean especially to strangers and so and so I just kept saying stuff that was like um like reassuring like oh well like I'm glad you're doing better now or like that that's really good I'm happy for you or whatever just just things like that and he just took that as like I better keep talking about myself for ever and by the end of it I was like yeah I have plans I have no plans I gotta go and that's what he asked for me for my name it's like you told me your life story before you knew my name wild ok wild so I'm gonna have to say disagree maybe this depends on the girl personally speaking I feel like you need to have a balance between actually showcasing that you're interested in the other person and you're not just trying to monologue and also you talking about yourself equally to make yourself like appealing or interesting yeah I was just walking there's a nice Park down there and then I'm gonna meet some friends but I've got like 40 minutes and that's why when I saw you before this you just asked me about this girl and she was fucking with it hardcore in the early stages of an interaction you actually do want to make most of the conversation so that she has a chance to relax get comfortable talking to a snap out of the mindset that she was in thinking about doing the way she's going so they rent out bikes and it's on the lake yeah but you your own folks in that well I'm English you know what we do depend upon ding and deceit I have a second really I will change use checking out her earrings as an excuse to touch her start touch ask her she does for a living because she looks artistic imagine she accidentally thought you said what you do for a living I went this is too risky okay fine excused to take off your shirt to show off your physique ask what hairstyle she thinks would look good on you guys so make me click be don't make me do it don't make me I'm doing it I like squirrels yeah yeah and I like nuts I like cashews oh my god what what oh fucking pervert do you like nuts you said if you like touching you like nuts right but make sure you do it in the privacy of your own home yeah okay I want to ask what she does but this also looks so true I mean the sound so troll yeah I don't think touching her this soon is really good you don't want to take your shirt off this is so random and tell me what you do because you readings I actually work in non-profit non prosperity yeah I like making profits oh this I'm joking I work in IT but that's cool money you like doing good things yeah that's cool well focused on deez nutz money no that's fair cuz I can be creative too so sure yeah ask him what someone does is that kind of usual question that we always ask easy clap in this case you want to make a guess make an assumption it makes it a little bit more interest actually that's true if you choose something to do with fashion or art it's always a compliment that's awesome that's actually not bad but I think the whole conversation afterwards so cringy so good Oh what do you do like you look like you're into fashion or alright that's nice you're not into profit well me I'm it's a profit you know I do I'd see flex likes I could troubleshoot your PC you like you know if you ever get like a blue screen like call out your boy that was so oh so crunchy are you saying I'll ask her name dude that's so good okay we're gonna pick one troll answer and then real answer but B is so good B so good I get it you guys are all little pervs in the chat you want me to do D I'm gonna do B what's your name Alexa no way you don't my name isn't that crazy it is crazy I'm joking my name is Richard ah it's so good to meet you you too this is a of course you need to get her name and in this case you know with a little bit of a joke of course it's important that you can pull it off you know are you literally trolling another thing where it's guaranteed to get a laugh and it's a question that you always need to ask so it's a great one go out and try it what kind of things you like to do in your free time mmm I actually don't have a lot of free time and work this I work a lot so when I'm not working like these be outside yeah yeah I try to be outdoors as much as possible actually bike where you mentioned yeah I just try to be able to be one of these active people that's always doing yeah it's hard for me to stay sitting down I'm not a couch potato every now and then or active in stone I'm kind of semi active I like to stuff back you know I always say yes okay given the choice often just chill at home I like chilling I can't fucking but that was my troll answer guys if I if a guy ever came up to me and he was like what's your name and I said Iman and he said that's my name too I'm trying so hard to think whether that'll make me laugh okay just being dead asked like I think it depends on the rest of it like if we were having a cringy interaction I was laughing because I couldn't believe that that was the correct answer that's why I was laughing okay if you are having a good interaction so far maybe you can do it if she's already cringing and you hit and like she seems confused and you hit her with us that's my name too try this at home or anywhere I don't know man I can imagine it's like I'm already not like I'm on the fence about a guy and he goes your name that's my name just kidding oh I might cringe into oblivion can I have your number sell her on one of your hobbies I love how casual you look I hate girls that always try to look their best okay you never say this listen I need to meet some friends but I see you again what's your number B is actually pretty smooth because you're showing that you have friends sees okay if you want to prolong the conversation Jack blaster thanks for two months holy shit no but it's true making yourself like not always available to someone scarcity scarcity is key scarcity is key ma malika soup C thanks for subbing can I have your number okay listen like I said I'm meeting those friends but why don't you give me your number and we can keep in touch sure have fun you too yeah I'm done you've got a fake number Roquemore residence I've heard of it I've always wanted to what I haven't yet you know it's very cool we've got some place that we go to I've only been like four times but it's really fun very good exercise and just really cool so should definitely try it yeah we'd like to when you're speaking to girls it's good to be passionate about something and a good choice is something you lobstah to the hobby now why don't you see if you can go out and sell someone in it make it so that let's use my brain where's the living together for 21 years now okay so you said you like biking and rock climbing yeah any other like outdoor activities yeah those are stuff from racquet sports wake up like masturbation yeah tennis and also squash you know what squash and English thing I don't know I must go through manage in England obviously but I think they play everywhere it's from your socks a wool like you starting to size them in the back and you can't hit the ball like anywhere and it I think it's the best exercise you're constantly running and yeah kind of dangerous but the ball is onion like that big so even if it hits you not too bad okay and smash each other with the rackets but so cringy you should try it I might sometime uh you said you work in IT okay here's what I don't really like was a bit of a disconnect between like uh from this being years mine too if they were trying to present an organic real interaction okay the difference between like her the difference between you saying like oh I got to go hang out with friends but like I'd love to talk some more if you want to give me your number and she goes not wrong like gives you a fake number and hey this is a hobby I like you should go yeah I would like to go that's too far apart if she's feeling you already she probably gonna give you her number and if she not fee on you she probably not gonna want to go do this thing that you want to chat stop spamming a you little nasties wudu you think so seventeen months thanks for half year JP see I'm not gonna click this unless three people use their twitch for I'm subscription right now and if you don't know what Touch prime is basically connect your Amazon Prime or your mom's Amazon Prime or your brother's Amazon primary data Amazon Prime or you're on Amazon Prime to your twitch account and that gives you one free subscription every single month you can use it ever gotten this many twitch Prime subs at once I literally never literally never literall why do so many of you have unused stretch by themselves I mean that's fine you can poke you free pokey sub pokey Prime congrats on using it and Congrats okay guys I'll click it I can't breathe okay fine I'll click it so you are a working lady but I'm also an awesome model look I know you can't no you can't I could get you a job this is going on okay ready at that time for that kind of sexuality and you can't really get anywhere by rushing that fast view coder think about 13 months just for thank you for something immigrant thanks with you about seriously thank you to everybody that meme twitch prime sub but actually nevela overall she's having soy Montana thinks is having Kevin Ozzy Thank You mayor Lucas think so 19 months beggars half a year mortal as your 0 1 1 J s our Chris J fire prime fire prime uses prize the lost Jim SK won c-6 alkaline hero Joe man clutch Clark TV spare gaming gamer girl ugly for a 2 B 2 K thank you so much for subbing how many did you get like literally over 20 ask for oh my god Steve's taking nine months bolts bold slow bro tease luck thanks for subbing mouths are thanks for subbing young soldier gifted 5 subs near prot thank you near fraud thinks of something Dan think so something TB Jessie through the 5 gifted subs now you guys can all spam prime sub prime three prime gifted chatty close right thank you flute thank you all all yes thank you think so 14 months CF Gohan thanks turn your bets jack blaster boo boy i rage gaming heretical minion war piggy lucky and so Kingdon easy midnight daryl white whiskey pc for months mouse visible train co pav i'm licking your ear andrew doodle bob mercury walk sri cotta the real broski's danny is not white reefs fufu woody jpc thank you guys so much I love Peter Crouch mr. Skye Quaker Daniel T D Travis thank you oh my god is this ever going to end I hope it never ends I'm not gonna lie golden gave thanks for something bautex 5 months and 200 scrunchy I'm not gonna call your number because I think that's a fake number ok we're good five hundred cien thank you ok programmer and that's really boring and you don't like it much programmer and be passionate about it programmer but switch to talking about life philosophy say that you are a model step ok you have to be passionate about money I think that the most exciting feels right to work and there's so many cool companies I really love my job so happy to to go to work everyday and yeah it's fascinating for me that's great ok guys I'll give you one other nasty response something if you do like your job even if you think other people are not interested speak passionately about it and you can get them to buy in which is love – if they don't understand it that well so you know don't worry about it being boring worry about how you tell others about it and hope that you're in my are the girls no eating in the back and not looking at it on the street she always something no of course not only they look like there not too often but when I like the look of someone I'm single why not okay you don't say quite often because you always want to make the girl feel special because literally so many people subscribed lit EXO thanks for something I will click D D cuz you trying to give it a taste are obsessed don't know what there's a special quality I look for and I would only stop girls if they have that exact thing so okay that's quite you know special going good well it's just when the girl just looks like she's dying to be fuck and basically yeah if a guy said that to me I wouldn't say that's vulgar I would be like responsibility and always make sure that they feel better after the interaction with you than they did before no matter how rude they are they've got a right to be rude okay I feel like it's either C or B like seriously not too often but I like the look of someone and I'm single why not I guess maybe um if you say no of course not never that's good because then she feels special like oh like you stopped me like I must be special but also I'm afraid of clicking this because if you gay if you gay if you say or if you go if you don't no of course not in every but yeah but like you just did it what do you mean never dirty hair oh thanks for selling speedy subject I said two months all right wait okay we're like not even done all the alerts holy shit that's how many that's how many alerts you guys did that's wild it's literally wild I'll meet them until we catch up oh wait we're like caught up I think he is my number nine one so we know um oh yeah it's just you know not often at all but I think when I'm single when I like the look of someone I figure why not start a conversation because you never know what happened you become friends could they or just have a nice interaction why not right definitely oh my god and it's disarmingly honest so you're telling the truth that she can trust you and show that you're confident now that I'm thinking about the interaction he's literally checking all the boxes except saying my name is his name he said that too when he was like yeah like I just you know I'm like really like I can tell when someone was like a really good positive vibe to them and like just made me really want to approach you like aside from like how beautiful you are because like you know it's not like I'm necessarily looking for anything like even if we just became friends like that would be nice the exact same shit Jared Vita gives a two years Thank You Jay green thank you derivative thank you two bucks for medical are you fake robot pokey also a motherfucking gamer seen here damn alright listen have a few minutes why don't we grab a coffee listen I need to meet some friends by like to see you again what's your number you know I live near here and have the apartment all to myself and give her your number do I have to do it chat do I have to do it I'll do it and then I'll flex on you guys listener I live literally on the next street just over there no I'm meeting my friends and that's really bring them this are they pretty now although girls will come back to your house in the daytime if you do things exactly correct perfectly it's not something you should try until you're very good with women to the point where you can read all the signals so well that you know when they're gonna say yes it's something like that otherwise it just shouldn't be attempted otherwise you'll just get the reputation of being a maniac okay he shouldn't have said like oh yes women will come back with you during the daytime just know it's like a 0.0001 percent chance that either you are that good or they are that interested like in the middle of the day you just met her on the street what is she a prostitute derivative thanks for 250 bits I don't listen a few minutes why don't we grab coffee I think this is a bit fast to be hanging out immediately you wanna like give her some time show yourself so it gets either you ask for her number or you give her your number the thing is I feel like he's gonna say if you give her your number then like it puts it on her which is sometimes good if you think she's really interested but if you want to have more of the control and you want to be able to initiate things especially if she's not interested or not interested if she's not as interested as you are then it's safer to do this I want to say be but last time I said be he fucking shout on me for it but I bet you he not gonna punish me for it twice it's now neat to me some friends but why don't you give me your number and we'll keep in touch yeah find a time to meet sure nobody creep I swear if he says fake number again you did pretty well you didn't get the very heart that you made a few decisions that weren't quite ideal but you did enough to get the result and see the go again you got it wait does it does it take into consideration your past decisions that's correct when you stop a go on the street you need directly in front of her and also leave enough space so that she 8% fucking easy this is good because you've given her a nice compliment it's direct this made her smile and it's made her feel like speaking to you so it's a nice confident way to start in the early stages of an interaction you see crap it's so good what if I tried doing one like actually perfectly or as you guys like mics for the good I think you guys like when I explore the gross these ones I actually just saw someone in chat say these ones are ugly what the hell world do you live in where everybody looks like a goddess how are these girls ugly what okay maybe you just worded that wrong maybe you're not into I don't know blonde see not my type not my preference ugly what ugly on the inside damn okay that's just average who likes Lalo thank you for subbing Louis Mendoza thank you ask them if they how will you break yes ask them if they're talking about you if they say no then ask a wife that's a big dimo say you recognize her from your school stealthily creep up on them from behind sofa ask them to help you choose a present for your friend awesome if they know what you like in a girl the answer [Applause] I want to try I want to try one of them seriously like a whole thingy and see how high of a score I can get or do you guys want me to just keep choosing meme answers and then correct answers hmm meme or serious don't make me twitch Prime sellout again guys come on I'll do a mean one for the next one maybe should I go hey excuse me can you help me with something really quickly my best friend's birthday and she's a girl and she looks kind of similar to you you know kind of stylish and stuff and I want it she lost so I want to get her something you know like something to do that you're real oh hi you know by her present she's just the friends yeah only guys I'm really cool she's a good friend what do you think maybe you can give her coupon like a gift card okay just leave she doesn't know so maybe this is the kind of PUA opinion opener it's very good in that it will often get you in guys it's pretty much guaranteed to work so have something like this for real if you want to use the one in this like coupon she makes a gift card in the boss good choice thank them for the advice no surnames get a little deeper into the subject no we just found us great advice thank you very much no problem I think she'll like that yeah so my name is Richard by the way I want to keep talking about presents you got to switch it up not necessary to touch it's got a progressed English mountain girl said coupons I don't know that's a nice name that's correct because you know I've trained guys all over the world and I said I'm sorry openers opinion openers and staying on that subject for five minutes until it dies out and then they have to get out out of there so it's very important to transition nice way to do it absent for not progress transition how did you know each other from school from school it's not school like okay and you're in the same class for something you know always started different classes okay let me guess so I think that you studied fashion and you also studied fashion [Laughter] I studied aerospace and drawing actually uh I have two degrees on top of your IT technician degree you actually don't know what you're doing or talking about at all holy shit okay what going to detail talking to the girl you like asking her asking about her favorite modules that's cute easier than a real major like math and so I'm calm manner on choosing tough subjects she doesn't even holy shit this is literally like a hasan choice okay fine chef it's called a you girls did business stuff you know I had a wise very very wise Brazilian Jujitsu teacher you know it's like and listen kitchen I met many women and every woman she has business between her legs and she just need to use it I like it to go on something I want to drink tonight so here I'll show you something first night Anatole he told me tell me this very wise president Asuka I don't know maybe works in Brazil who works everywhere but no I haven't checked what about you okay can I just say it this is very wise very powerful I think it's more of a common conversation to have with your guy friends and definitely not for girls that you've just met especially much why not be a nice guy okay he's joking is he joking I can't solve his jokey he said it's true but dough sale ok he's joking sorry he can't he kind of freaks me out I can't salon he's joking or not ok dress I mean guys what I was gonna say is anyone who actually makes a joke like this business between her legs one just meeting someone has no business between their ears like no brain ok no brain do not show her that your squad W ok don't you can't girls want to feel understood they want to feel equal they don't feel respected and sometimes they want to feel disrespected but only in the specific circumstances of the bedroom and that is after they present that idea to anyways that's besides the point okay in general respect okay nice I really want to CD I really really do I just I have to like where money is not important and everyone just helps each other and is nice and shares wasting money this bloody dress and I'm gonna do as well this is from a charity shop so do you think you got this for free it is drink I know I got it for free was just sitting on the boss she looks like a twitch streamer and I can't put my finger on it not her the other night with he coke I get it candy vibe anyway look it's all about the philosophy of it and I think John Lennon had the right idea imagine all the people living happy without money stop singing you're brilliant yeah no it's just be honest that's my other principal number 47 Lenin at all we know when you're not Yoko Ono but we make what we can look like okay well I'm satisfied with myself you know I'm fine we can go to Japan we can try go to Japan you know how much really yeah they cost me money fuck done that yeah so maybe you should just go do some stuff to make some money and then come up to the coast yeah right just say stuff like this but when you don't have my car would you please no you can't how about you this is the longest run all right girls like I know a lot of you guys are saying like she's acting like a bitch but I wouldn't really say she's a kekkai years old I think she's acting because sometimes like if you're just nice to someone that comes up to you like they're just gonna keep going you know what I mean she's gonna keep and keep keep on going um I mean as she's entertaining it to some extent go into detail talking to the girl you like ask about her feet say that it's cute and easier than a real major comment on choosing tough subjects you definitely want to compliment complements are good guys I'm not doing meme answers until we hit 250 subscribers today okay thank you tough subjects I like that we're trying to actually throw some simple easy subject but doing business nice that's wrong there's no way this is wrong yeah saving a lot of girls in this every single wrong in did you do what I'll do like one in one hmm you'll notice that in the interactions we want a balanced validation you know saying well done making the girl feel good with things that art easy or challenging and in this case is something that they've worked hard on it's an achievement so why not say well done you know give them some validation there for that so how long have you guys known each other she's like the crazy one yeah and I think you're the sensible one so she's getting drunk right look chill come on let me get you home right I [Laughter] totally looks like it gets good advice Thank You girls we always have yeah like I think she's not oh my god I can't show it well you're not focused let's say where I would equal coming just google it here a mother flippin gamer that she works man doesn't she look like candy I feel like she looks more like candy than over ooh know what wait I'm coming here am I just okay not from this angle do the best friend test on them hmm I don't know what this is I want to find out okay fine what's the meme answer that you guys want me to do what is it go ahead tell me go ahead tell me what's the meme answer you so badly want me to do hmm hmm I see I don't think a is the meme answer I would actually pick that yo this game has such difficulties with Game Capture and I don't know why I know you can't see anything I'm trying to fix it I'll dead-ass just do display capture for now listen what's your name Claire no no I'm not whatever Claire and Margaret doesn't matter yeah listen baby do you mind just leaving us for a second just going off because hi mine I really like he said I mind maybe I'll wait I'll get to you in a minute listen just leave this for a second please you mean it's not you know three's a crowd play game I stay with your friend and then you don't like that that's another you leave now yeah now like I want you to with you just go for it and let us continue our conversation let's be honest you just look more sexy I know it's too late dudes leave it no I'm leaving you for the rest of the course that's very generous they'll be happy I'll tell them okay I'll tell them no I was like I liked you and you were like no you should go to the other girls because you're so cool they need you yeah when you literally leave okay but remember that girls are very loyal to each other and unlike guys who would just leave each other soon there's a hot chick appears girls will stay with their friends even if if they really liked you guys so never tries to separate them in ways like that hold on okay I feel like it has to be the best friend test true with the real homies that is kind of true girls I do have to say if you're ever interested in a girl do not be mean to their friends okay that shit is huge okay and it'll always get back to them always always always if you can impress their friends okay this is literally it's 500 IQ oh I think it's 25 bucks did pokey to say I'm her top d at least for today okay let's top donator not top do you again anyways this is a 500 IQ thing you can wingman for yourself by being nice to a girl's friends because when you're nice to the friends and the girl is like oh I don't know how I feel about Johnny Johnny I don't know how I feel about Johnny like he's cool and stuff I didn't know and then if her friend goes Oh Johnny he did this nice thing for me or like he's funny or he did this or if she has a positive impression of you she's unintentionally wingmanning for you okay but if you're an ass and her friend goes I don't know how I feel about Johnny and she goes Johnny he punched me in the face last week and called me a ho they look so alike Margot Robbie I don't see it I don't see it I'm sorry H said Alton our thanks for subbing I don't know if it's on the best friends first all right never work yeah what shampoo do you use there we go maybe you don't even need to tell me you've already past the best friends that's because best friends they communicate unconsciously so kind of look and then you know give the artists a song and if you won't good friends you just answer directly but it's like you're communicating something yeah there you go just by the way they look in the eyes you could mean okay so much when you know each other yeah absolutely true maybe I would do this will work it's a you know famous PUA if you learn it it's something you can go out and use in the bars and clubs I've seen it work all over the world and so you can do it it's just a routine so it's a bit you know it's a bit lame in some ways to have something prepared but if you want to guarantee having conversations with bills and learning a few of these things is a nice way to get your social skills up and get comfortable talking some beautiful women because they are very engaging so what were you doing before you came here tell them what you did see that yeah you don't try to watch your figure oh my god I accidentally skipped it I didn't mean to oh no I don't know it okay they're talking about like food and veganism exile trips thanks for subbing tell them what you did say that yeah you don't try to watch your figure either say that's about in one way but good in that she'll put anything in her mouth oh I feel like B is the correct answer okay D incorrect for sure never try to convert someone of being a vegan the first time you hang out with them cheese I gotta say what they say you know what that's kind of bad in one way because it's like unhealthy and what about that goods in another way because it means you put anything in your mouth huh so for example you could you know eat a few burgers and ketchup on fries you could eat a few chicken nuggets well we could have ate dicks with extra cheese because some girls are fussy like no I won't do that and then you do I know that you're yes what makes you think so cuz you eat fast food [Laughter] imagine being that's like nodding that kind of you like it right that sounds like something a vegan do today Oh me dongers with extra white sauce they can they get in bed eating a pizza no no no no I'm not you like it doesn't she like it no there's like a nightmare look darling how about this I'll order pizza right now to our house we'll have about 32 minutes to get there our house we have no house which is already planned this you're moving in with me surprise this is Greek three per house I'm surprised you're all right around Hey so sexy when you look done they're so sexy when you look I don't believe you just playing hard-to-get so sexy when you walk away from me angrily so this is something else you had someone say before in real life and it was very funny but oh yeah now it's very funny but also very awful okay um I swear we know what I did find that little incongruent you know you girls and your nice dresses looking all fancy and then you're just like Oh eating burgers yeah maybe Popat are thinks there's nothing those whatever weird person I always know what the right answer yeah yeah yeah I always know this is perfect literally easy comes about it's not their you know their favorite Hollies is something that they know they shouldn't do so it's a nice thing to tease a girl about you have to give both equal attention so that the girl that you're interested in feels like she has to fight for you and she'll feel like it's a reward when you like her if she already knows that you like her it's too easy for her girls always on a bit of a challenge aye sir if this is wrong but the other problem is like if you give one if you give slightly more attention to the other one or too much attention okay wait if you focus on her too much ignore her friend her friends can have a bad impression of her I understand like maybe giving slightly more attention than want to one of them but personally personally if I was a male I would do be

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