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Political Correctness Is Killing Comedy | Rolling With Steve Harvey

(upbeat jazz music) – Political correctness is killing comedy. I just feel that way. I just feel like right now
you can’t talk about nothing, because political correctness
is killing comedy. I don’t really give a (beep)
about political correctness, so when I’m off camera, I do the jokes that’s funny. And you got to remember
something about a joke now. The joke has to be about somebody. Are no jokes that the subject is free of ridicule. No matter what subject you tell, somebody ain’t gone like it. You do a joke about dogs, you got pet lovers, don’t want to hear no jokes about dogs. Or I don’t like seeing that (beep) commercial that come on TV either with all them sick dogs on it. I don’t like that commercial, but you run that (beep)
everyday, don’t you? Dog over there shaking and (beep) Just freezing! Got a dog house, snow on the ground, put a blanket on this (beep)! That dog over there with that one eye, be looking and (beep). They ain’t got no fur
on one arm and (beep). I be going, “What the (beep)?” I be trying to eat my dinner and I hear that (beep) song. (Steve screams) Somebody take these dogs out this (beep)! I be feeling so sorry for
them (beep) dogs and (beep). I done bought about a 100 of them dogs. I done spent so much money
trying to save them little (beep) up dogs. I bought that dog that was freezing. Gonna send him straight to Arizona. Get some heat (beep), get some heat. You done had your last cold day, puppy. I got that (beep) dog with that one eye. He’s in private eye training. (audience laughing) That dog that ain’t have no fur on him, I bought him a nice set of sweaters. (audience laughing) See how y’all trying not
to laugh at that joke? But you know that (beep)
is funny, come on now. You ain’t been sitting at the house, and that (beep) commercial go on. Ain’t that the saddest (beep) commercial in the world? Cut this (beep) off. Somebody save these (beep) dogs. Be shaking, you know they
took more than one take. “Back up, get the dog house in it.” (audience laughing) “Zoom in, get a close-up!” Dog going, “Hurry up and
take this (beep) shot!” “Hurry up and take the shot!” (audience laughing) I like that some of y’all really trying not to laugh at this (beep). That (beep) pretty funny though. (upbeat jazz music)

21 thoughts on “Political Correctness Is Killing Comedy | Rolling With Steve Harvey

  1. Political Correctness is "I'm going to tell you what you can do, what you can say and how you can act" in disguise.
    So I say Political correctness is killing life… but not mine.

  2. maybe past-their-prime comics whos whole acts for the past ten years have been about how political correctness is killing comedy is whats killing comedy.

  3. Political-correctness isn't killing comedy, you can make fun of political-correctness. Comedians who do politically-correct comedy are killing comedy. Funny is not PC and PC is not funny, just ask Steve Harvey how many "penis" answers he has gotten on Family Feud alone that has stopped the show from everyone's uncontrollable laughter.

  4. So true. Muslims, lesbians, feminists, animal activists and liberals are not fun. Even men dressed as women used to be funny but not anymore. Don't you dare laugh at a man in a dress!
    If we stop laughing, our society is finished. I miss political incorrectness. Remember Andrew Dice clay? Even Rodney Carrington has gotten axed for a lot of his jokes. Every comedian now has to tow the line of Marxist dogma.

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