Laughter is the Best Medicine

Poor Liz. Russian Movie. StarMedia. Romantic Comedy. English Subtitles

Endy, I’ve warned you for
the last time. I’m fed up. Get out of here and
remember what I told you. Star Media presents Guys, the Captain signed off my leave. Great! Where to this time?
Mexico? Argentina? Alaska? I’m going to Russia. Where? I’ll say again, specifically for
the Canadian police — to Russia! What for? Joe, they’ve got bad
roads and steal a lot! They don’t even know
how to use credit cards. Anton Pampushniy Did you forget I had the highest
score on our emergency safety exam? Maria Mashkova I just promised my grandma. I’ll go! Niyele Serezhnikova Alexander Danilchenko, Lina Budnik in a movie POOR LIZ I came to Moscow from Calgary by plane. Created by Yelena Zuyeva
and Leonora Pashenko This is Canada! The Olympics! Rodeo! Do you know what rodeo is? Directed by Alexei Lysovets Of course! Everybody
knows what rodeo is. Art Director – Alexander Yakimov Here you go, please… Sound Producer – Egor Irodov You’re welcome. Do
you want anything else? Thank you. We have everything. Go, go, honey. Can’t you
see that we’re talking? I just wanted to help a foreign guest. We’ll help the foreign
guest ourselves. Thank you. Executive Producer – Vadim Zhuk Produced by Larisa
Zhuravskaya and Vlad Ryashin What about rodeo? I participate in rodeo. I’m a cowboy. So you’re a Kazak, aren’t you? Yes. My granny said that we were Kazaks. Drink with your brothers-Kazaks, then. No, no. One shouldn’t drink
in trains. I don’t drink. No, this is not a good conversation. The Kazaks never celebrate
their meetings without drinking. Thanks God that we’re Kazaks. Cheers, bro. Cheers. Are you a Kazak or not? I am a Kazak. He is a Kazak. Cold water, sweets. Cold water, sweets. Pies! Pies! Hot pies! Meat pies! How much do your kitten pies cost? Shut your mouth. What are you saying? I made them with fresh
veal from the market. From the market? If it is
really so then give me five. Here you go. Take some napkins. Thank you. What about the money?
Stop! Stop, damn you! Stop the thief! Stop, I tell you! We’re approaching Nikolskoye station.
It ‘s a three-minute stop. Come on. Good morning. Tea? Coffee? Oh, Lord… My head… Well… Maybe some tea or coffee? No, thanks. Where is Petro and Sanya? They left at night. Didn’t you hear? What a pity. I wanted to give
them a present from Calgary. I’ll give it to you. Where is my bag? Oh, God… not this. My bag. My jacket. Wallet…
credit cards… cash… Oh, shit… Let me look… There is nothing there. I’ll talk to the train’s chief. Nikolskoye station.
It’s a three-minute stop. Where are you going? We’re leaving soon. To the police. Sorry. Sorry. Stop, parasite! Pay me, bastard. What’s the matter? Are you
crazy, bitch? I’ll show you now. Freeze! Police. What? Freeze. Police. Get off. I’ll kill you, clown. Let me go! Let go of him! What are you doing?! Stop it. Stop. Oh, God. He came from
Canada to meet thieves right in the train. What shall I do with you? I don’t know either. May I? Yes, of course. Take this
guy to the monkey house. What monkey house? I don’t
get it. She started it herself. And then this guy in a
hat… What monkey house? Calm down and go. Go. Stop, where are you taking him?
Make him pay for the pies first. Take as much as you need, Liza,
just don’t shout. I beg you. Help yourself. Thank you. Canadian Embassy? Good
morning. I’m a Canadian citizen and I need some help. What? Ten days? But I can’t wait that long.
Listen, my credit cards and all my cash were stolen.
OK, I’ll try to calm down. But… Alexei Trofimovitch, I’m going. Where to? Stop. A train will arrive in five minutes. Sit down. Sit down and
write what had happened. I don’t want to settle an
international scandal because of you. What shall I do? My goods
will get spoilt because of him. Write, I tell you. And be quiet.
Otherwise I’ll fine you for illegal trade. Yes, I’m fine. Yes. I understand. OK, good.
Thank you. I’ll call back later. Everybody is on holidays.
There are some holidays… What holidays are there? May
holidays. The First of May, then the Ninth of May, the Victory Day. Lizaveta, you spoilt this guy’s visit
to his historical motherland. Invite him to your place now. Why would I do it? I was joking. One can’t
entrust you with receiving a person like him.
Well, comrade Sokolova… Sokolova? I’m Sokoloff
too. Josef Sokoloff. Is lady Sokolova too? She became Sokolova when she
took her husband’s surname. Has your Kolya come back? You look like my granny so much… What? What granny? Go, Lizaveta, go. What do I do with the pies
now, Trofimovitch? What? Go, I tell you. I’m
busy enough without you. My granny was a passionate woman too. Yes. She may burn you to the bones.
Mr. Sokoloff, don’t distract. Let’s write a protocol
about your robbery. What, when and where, and
under what circumstances… Why are you so late, Liza?
All the morning trains have already left. My business was interrupted
because of one fool. Help yourself. Take some for your family.
They’ll get spoilt anyway. I’ll take a couple more. I don’t need money. It’s a treat. I’ll bring you some
fresh milk in the evening. And some custard. Good bye. Bye. Have a walk around. Do the sightseeing. Come back in the evening — you may
spend the night in the monkey house. In a monkey house? Is there a
zoo in the police department? One may say so. OK. Thank you. You’re welcome. And take your
hat off. People be laugh at you. Stop! Stop! Sergeant. Kruglikov. Look. Toni was right. They steal a lot here. Look, clown, why are you smiling? Do you want to be hit on your head? I want to buy some… pies. Get back to you Canada.
You only bring troubles. Stop. You wanted to sell.
I want to buy. This is all. Won’t you burst? You’re saying like my granny. No, I won’t burst. I’m
hungry… like a wolf. Here you go. They are already cold. Wow. They are incredibly tasty. Help yourself. Thank you. Tell me, are
there many monkeys in Russia? My granny never told me about that. There are loads. And
all of them are males. Why are you interested in monkeys? Mr. Officer said that I may
spend a night in an animal house. But if there are many monkeys there… What? What animal house? Did Mitrokhin mentioned
the monkey house? Great. What are you looking for? For a bin. To throw a napkin out. You can’t stay in a monkey house. All right, let’s go to
my place, comrade cowboy. Liza, why are there only male
monkeys? I don’t understand. Good afternoon. Go, go, go. Liza, where did you find
such a fool in a hat? I took him in a place
where there are no more. He must be an artist. What
theatre did he come from. Liza? From a Canadian one, Auntie Varya. Really? Right from Canada?
Aren’t you lying, Lizaveta? I swear, Uncle Fedya. Where will he perform?
In a Culture House? He has already given a performance. You’re so fast, Liza. Get up earlier, than
you’ll have happines too. What? What are you doing?
Let go of it, bastard. Madam. Can I help you? I’m carrying. Where shall I bring it to? Calm down. Come on,
granny Polya. Go, go. What are you doing, cowboy?
If you want some water you can ask in a human way? What
did you scare the old woman for? I didn’t want any
water. I wanted to help. Where are your social
services? Volunteers? That old woman needs help. Stop it, American. Our granny
Polya is healthier than you. I wish you saw she pushing
her old man around the yard with a broom. I have water in the house. But it’s better to take
drinking water from a well. The toilet is there. A toilet? Yes. Yes.
I understand. This is amazing. Yes? Am I right? Is there
such a word? It’s amazing. There is such a word. But there
is nothing amazing about it. No, no, this is amazing. Wash your hands. Oh, God… Hello. May I come in? Why are you asking if
you’ve already come in? Nice to meet you. I’m Lucy. Joe. Josef Sokoloff. Sokolov? Is he Kolka’s relative? No. He is a police officer from
Canada. He missed his train. And people are saying that
you brought a foreign artist to your house. So what? Nothing… He is still handsome…
despite not being an actor. Look, Lucy… won’t you be late for work? Josef. Good bye. It was
nice to meet you. See you. Don’t be afraid. It’s not poisonous.
I gathered and salted them myself. They are called “honey agarics”. What? This is a kind of mushroom.
Are there any mushrooms abroad? Of course there are
mushrooms. In supermarkets. Champignons. One can’t eat
other kinds. They are wild. You’re wild yourself. Here you go. Do you see? They think that honey agarics are wild. It’s so amazing. Incredible. What? All this together…
potatoes, mushrooms, fat… Lard. Lard. I thought that one can’t eat it. Why? Calories. Fat. Cholesterol. I’m sorry. I gave you what I had. No, no. As my granny used to
say it was incredibly tasty. Was your granny Russian? Yes, yes. She was a real
Kazak. Her father and my… Great-grandfather. Yes, great-grandfather
was a Kazak officer. He left Russia during the
revolution. She grew up in Canada but she considered herself a Russian. Did you come to look for your relatives? No. My granny died six
months ago. Before her death she asked me to go to Kuban
and bow to her native land. Yes, you did come here… Are you full? Where shall I put the plates?
Where is the dishwasher? We’re from different planets indeed. Lizaveta, come out for a
moment. Why is the gate closed? Liz, you’re very popular. I even know why. You sold all of them, didn’t you?
You don’t have even one, do you? What a pity. I promised them to my kids. Tanya? What? You never bought my pies. Think
of something more plausible. Liza, stop it. I haven’t even started. And tell the others not to
come to me. This is not a zoo. Sorry. It was an accident. It’s all right. They
say it’s for happiness. For happiness. Yes, for happiness. Wait, wait. One can’t have
too much happiness, of course. But we’ll have no plates
soon. I’ll come in the evening and finish doing the dishes myself. It’s time for me to go to work. I’ll go with you. Why panic? What? I mean why? Somebody might hurt you again. I’ll carry your basket and
protect you from thieves. Nobody will hurt me there.
I work at a confectionary factory. There are no thieves there. What about the railway station? It was an underworking. I sell
pies to earn some extra cash. Do you understand? OK. Let me see you off to work anyway. No. I’ve had enough of this circus. Here is the sofa. Sleep if you want to. Liz… Thank you. You’re amazing. We’ll think of something. Good bye. Hello. Hi. Hello. You’re a parasite. I’ll show you! Don’t do it! You want to smoke, don’t you? Stop it. No. Stop, I tell you. When
dad comes, he’ll kill you! Don’t do it! He’ll kill you. I’ll show you. I’ll make you eat these cigarettes now. Stop it! It hurts! I’ll slap you on your
lips! Will you smoke again? I won’t! You’re violating the child’s rights. What? You can’t beat a child. What? Who are you? I’m Police Officer
Sergeant Sokoloff, madam. Give my cloth back,
Sokolov, and get out of here. Stop abusing personality. A personality? Who is a
personality? You? Or my boy? You must… I know what I must myself.
Pashka. Set the dog free. Let it show our law to
him. Give my cloth back. I’m a Police Officer. What circus did you
escape from, Officer? Get out of here before
our dog mends your pants. Good boy, good boy. Go to
your place. To your place. Look, personality… if I see
you with a cigarette again I’ll kill the bastard.
Do you understand? No law will help you. Go. Personality. Wild country… they are so wild… What a suspicious guy.
My hearts can feel that… Stop it. What if he is a maniac?
Liza has a child. You shall not watch
criminal news so often. You won’t fancy fears then. Who are you? Who are you, I ask you?
What are you doing here? Look me in the eyes. I… I’m Sokoloff. What Sokolov? Don’t lie to me. Are you Kolka’s relative?
Get out of here, relative. Stop, old man. You’ll scare the child. Be quiet. Get out of here, I tell you. Grandpa Grisha, granny
Lyuba. Stop it. Honestly… What are you doing? Liza, who is he? Why is he lying here? He is my guest. He came from
Canada. He missed his train. Thank you very much for
bringing Olya home. Did she eat? She did. What do you mean — he missed the train? Don’t ask, Grandpa Grisha.
I’ll tell you later. You want to know everything.
Let’s go home. Come on. They’ll sort it out without you. Hi. Olya, this is Joe. He’ll
stay with us for some time. Hi. I’m Joe. What is your name? I beg your pardon. I
don’t have to stay here. I think I’ll be getting
in the way. I’d better go. Where to? To the monkey house? Olya doesn’t talk. At all? At all. She stopped
talking five years ago. I am sorry. I didn’t know. There is no tragedy. I’ll find a doctor.
Olya will talk again. She will, of sure. Lack of knowledge is worse than a gun. No matter how often you
explain things to women, no matter how much you see on
the TV and read in newspapers, you don’t care. Bandits are everywhere. He may pretend to be anyone —
a foreigner, a demon, a devil. He’ll rob the house and disappear. He’ll rob Liza, won’t he? He might. – What will he take?
– What? What can he take? An old
washer and crooked chairs? I don’t know what he’ll steal.
I’ll check his passport anyway. Hey, guy. Yes, you. Come
here. We need to talk. Grandpa… this is impolite. This is normal. Sit down. Do you have a passport? Show it to me. Welcome to Kuban. Thank you. Is Liz your daughter? We’re neighbors. We don’t
have our own children. Liza is knocking about
the world on her own… Knocking..? She is alone. She is an orphan.
Her parents died long ago. She is a good girl. Olya is good too. They are like our
relatives. Do you understand? An orphan… In a wide field a Kazak is fast asleep. He has a cross on his chest.
The moon shines on him. A horse is by his side, a black horse… I’m an orphan too. I don’t
remember my mum and dad at all. I was small when they died in a car crash. only had granny Olya. This is my granny. Olga Sokoloff. Sokolova. She taught me to speak Russian. You neighbors are amazing people. They have kind and beautiful souls. Did you granny say so? It was a hard day
today. Let’s go to sleep. Good night to you. Good night. Oh, God. – Oh, cowboy…
– I didn’t… Go to sleep. All right. Right to the point. Good morning. Did you sleep well, Kazak? I slept well, Kazak. Very good. I’m being late, I’m going. Liza, I’ll go with you. Will
you show me where the bank is? All right, come on. I’ll show you. Let’s go, Olya. Come on. Lizaveta? Yes? Hello. Go, I’ll catch up with you. Lizaveta, he is a maniac. Are you crazy? Yesterday he jumped over
Vera’s fence and attacked her. It’s a good thing that her dog barked
and he got scared. Otherwise… Auntie Ksenya, stop talking nonsense. You may ask Vera herself or Ninka. I’m not out of my mind. Pass the church, then go to
a square… Hello, Auntie Toma. Hello, Liza. You’ll see the Savings
Bank. Do you understand? Shall I go there? Yes. I’m going. Won’t you get lost? No. I have a navigation
system in my head. Look. What’s the matter? Guy,
what’s wrong? Are you crazy? I’ll take you to the police. What? You’re arrested. You can’t kill dogs. Guy, did you escaped from a madhouse? I came from Canada. Oh, you’re Liza’s lover. This is not funny. This is not funny. What did you want to
kill a little dog for? He might have died. Should I have thrown
him out into the street? He would die of hunger then. This is a crime. A crime. They
shall be taken to a shelter. Where are the shelters? Look, friend, go where you were going. Don’t interrupt the process. Stop. I’ll take them. All right. All of them? Yes. Please do. Liza will be so happy. Have you come back,
Zhorik? We started to worry. Where did you take them? I saved them. They are good puppies, aren’t they? What do you have there? Oh, Liz? These are little dogs. Follow me. What did you bring the dogs home for? One man wanted to kill them. Right. In water. One may not do that. May one bring them to
another people’s house? I saved them. I thought
that you’d be glad. Olya will be playing with them. She doesn’t play. She
is afraid of everything. Don’t you understand? This is not so. She is
not afraid. She just needs… Will you tell me what my
child needs? Who are you? What am I being punished
for? I’ll take Olya away. Take them anywhere you
want. Do you understand? They’ll die of hunger… They
need milk and later meat… Where will I take meat for them? Did you think about
that? Hey, foreign man? All right, let them stay…
until we find hosts for them. But you’ll clean after them yourself. Here you go. Make a carpet
for them not to get cold. Thank you. My grandpa said that
Liza swore at you first. Don’t get mad at her.
She is a good girl. But after her child was
stolen he became nervous. – Was her child kidnapped?
– Yes. – Olya?
– Yes. Kidnapping? Yes, she was stolen. She
stopped talking after that. I beg you not to give me away. Liza will be mad at me
for telling you about that. It’s wonderful. What a beautiful horse. Horses of this type have
white chests… and white noses. Pink and white. Now… This is me on rodeo.
Do you know what rodeo is? The competitions… contest. A cowboy shall sit on
a wild horse for 8 minutes. This is very hard. But I can do it.
I even have prizes. Did you sleep well, Kazaks? Thanks God, Uncle Grisha. Did you sleep well? Are you baking pies for
tomorrow’s fair, Liza? I am. This is good. And I’m going
fishing. I decided to invite Zhorik. Hey, cowboy, will you
go fishing with me? Sure, go. Hello, Kazaks. Hello, Grisha. Are you
with an American today? He is a Canadian. I’m Joe Sokoloff from Calgary. I call him Zhorik. How
is the fishing going? We mostly get roach. However, I fished out
a 5-kilo carp yesterday. You must be lying. How great. Hey, Kazaks. Let’s
show our Kuban to Canada. Here you go. What a beauty. Be careful, don’t drop it. Calm down. Let’s take a picture. Hold it. Three, four. May I hold it? Let me take a picture. Great. Auntie Liza, your cowboy is
being killed by the river. Granny Lyuba, stay with Olya, please. We have a rule — if you catch
a fish, you take a picture and then let it back into the water.
Back into the water. Wow. I understand why you’re taking pictures. But why do you let it go? Wild people. What do I do with it? What may one do with a fish? My wife would make fish cutlets from it. Otherwise why go fishing? Or maybe people don’t
eat fish in your country? We eat it. We buy it in a supermarket. But we go fishing for… pleasure. Oh, Liza. Did you come
to watch me fishing? Yes. I dropped everything
and came to see you. Let’s go to have dinner, hero.
Until you get into another mess. Liza, did I do good or bad? As I understand, you’re doing normal. Zhorik, come to fish in the evening. We’ll take some more photos. Let’s go hunting on Sunday. You’ll show us how you
let wounded beasts go. Go, go. We do it like this here.
We catch fish in a river, we gather mushrooms in the
forest. We drown puppies if there are too many of them. People are so weird here… What? Our people are good and kind. Look at granny Lyuba and grandpa
Grisha. They are nobody to me but they’re helping so much. People beat children here.
They violate their rights. In Canada a child may turn to the police
and his parents will be punished. Oh, God. Do children report
to the police against their own parents? Do you think it’s normal?
Who is weird after that? In Calgary squirrels and
susliks live in the city center. Everybody feeds them. And in
your country people kill puppies. Live in your Canada if
you don’t like it here. Nobody invited you to come. He attacked me and
started waving his hands… I told you he was a
maniac. He’ll show himself. You’ll see it but it’ll be too late. I wouldn’t be against it. Make fun. I wish it wasn’t too late. Here he goes. I’ll check whether
he is a maniac or not. Hello, Josef. I’m glad to see you. Oh, lady speaks English. It’s so nice. We know each other. Do
you remember? I’m Lucy. Of course. Yes. Josef. How do you like here? Isn’t our town beautify?
Especially the center. – The center?
– The center. I wanted to go to the bank. No, the bank doesn’t work today. What do I do? I wanted…
I need to change 50 dollars. I need your rubles. It’s not a problem. Come into my shop, I’ll change them for
you. Come in. Please. Stop. Don’t move. Lucy… Here you go. They’ll be useful if I ever
go to your Canada. Am I right? Yes, sure. Please come. Our
country is very beautiful. It’s fine. Lucy. I want to buy this. No, this is for children. It’s a toy. Yes, for Olya. For Olya? I see. She won’t
be able to gather it together. Something has been wrong with
her brains since the kidnapping. I heard about it but I
didn’t understand anything. Sit down. Do you want some coffee? Yes, I do. Sit down. Come on. I told Liza
at once that she’d be unhappy with that Kolya Sokolov. But…
Do you know that she is married? No. I thought her husband is long gone. The turkey thought too
but ended up in a soup. They were in love since school.
But that Kolya was so dissipated… Dissipated? Yes, useless… To cut the
story short he was a fool. However, he was handsome. He
decided to start his own business. He left Liza and their daughter here
and went to the district center. Instead of earning, he ran
into debts. And got hammered. God, how can I explain that to you? People who gave him the money… His creditors? Yes, his creditors. They demanded
that he gave the money back. Where would Kolya take the money? So the creditors kidnapped
Olya. Liza repaid Kolya’s debt and was given her daughter back.
However, she has been silent since then… Thank you. I shall go. Where are you running? I need to think… I need to understand… Life in Russia is very hard,
boys. What do I do with you? I brought them here not to get cold. Tomorrow we’ll take
them into the sun again. We must find hosts for
them. Will you help me? Come on, or your mum will be angry. We’ll come back later. We’ll feed them. There you are, Olya.
You scared me so much. Don’t you dare take her
anywhere without asking me first. – Do you get it?
– Liz, Olya came herself. She could not. She is
afraid of strangers. Calm down. Kidnapping
is a very scary thing. But you shouldn’t pass your fear to Olya.
She wants to feel your strength. So you already know. They’ve
told you, haven’t they? Don’t teach me. What a psychiatrist. – Good afternoon.
– Hello. What are these pies? These are meat pies, cabbage
pies, egg and onion pies, dried apricots pies and jam pies. Great. Give me a couple of meat pies. Puppies. Amazing puppies.
The greatest puppies. A present from the most
beautiful and kind girl. Do you need one? Help yourself. Zhorik is doing great.
Good boy, American. He is a Canadian. Here you go. Help yourself. Zhorka is a real Kazak. What do your Kazaks have to do with it?
Liza, look. Olya is smiling. You know, it’s a very funny
song about a cowboy Joe… Stop, friend. Where do you come from? From Canada. Are you joking? – What? I don’t understand.
– Are you really from Canada? Yes, I am. Look, let’s work with us.
We perform at festivals and in clubs… It’s super, but I can’t. I’m
leaving soon. I’m here by chance. – Accidentally, I understand.
– Right. What a pity. All right, bye. Here you go. Liza? What? Thank you. Give it to him. Yes, Olya. Right. This is a horse. Thank you for sweets, kind
girl. It’s time for us to go. I’ll be back soon. Liz. Look. I found… there
are doctors in Calgary who treat children like Olya. There are such doctors here
too. In Moscow and in Rostov. But treatment costs big
money and I don’t have it yet. But it’s all right. I’ll earn. How did it happen? What? The kidnapping. I don’t want to remember about it. I understand. Personal
space. This is normal. I just want to help. To help Olya. You’ve already helped a
lot. No need to do more. Why? Every man shall only rely on himself. – This is wrong.
– Maybe. But you have me now. You’ll leave tomorrow or
the day after tomorrow. I won’t. I don’t want to leave
tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Please, let us think it
over. No, don’t say “no” now. As my granny used to say,
we shall sleep with it. Sleep on it. Right. There is a fire somewhere. Look at what you’ve
done. People are working. They are extinguishing the
fire, and you’re sitting. You’re a bastard. You’re a parasite. How many times did I tell
you not to smoke in the shed? Don’t smoke in the shed.
Don’t smoke in the shed. Where is Masha? Where is Masha? I don’t know. My Masha is there! She is
there, she’ll burn to death. My Masha! Sorry. The roof will fall. The roof is falling. The American will perish. Yes, he will. There is no Masha there. Nobody
is there. Only this… goat. This is my Masha. My provider. Fedor got drunk. Auntie
Varya didn’t let him come into the house. He went to the shed.
He smoked there and fell asleep. There was hay there. It caught fire.
What a parasite. – Liz?
– Yes? Why are you wet through? Well, I… Did you want to go into the fire? Yes. You went there and disappeared. I was looking for Masha.
I saw the goat at once but I didn’t see Masha.
So I was looking for her… You shall wash yourself. You’re all black, covered
in soot like a demon. Shall we go to the river? It’s cold. It’s fine. We may drink tea afterwards. Of course we will. With honey. What is it? A nightingale is singing. A nightingale? He sings for the first time this year. Did our granny tell
you about nightingales? She did. But I forgot
about everything with you. Hi. Olya has already woken up. How is she? I want to believe that
miracles do happen. Of course they happen. But one
shall create them on his own. I came here… by myself.
And a miracle happened… You. Can you do that too? Of course. Canadian
police can do anything. Look, he likes it here. Let’s wash our faces and have
breakfast. I have to go to work. I need to go to the police.
I must call the embassy. I have no money left on my phone account. I need to… Olya, go to granny Lyuba. Joe is leaving too. Will you stay home on your own? Won’t you be afraid? I understand. I’ll be
waiting. Yes, I’m fine. Thank you for your attention. Thank you. Everything is fine. I can see that you
feel at home here now. Am I right, sergeant Sokolov? Was that Kolya Sokolov punished? What for? For the kidnapping. We got to know about that only
when they brought the child back. Lizaveta refused to
report against him. Plus… What could we accuse Kolka of? But Olya was kidnapped because of him. This is right. But there
is nothing to accuse him of. He is just a fool and
a bastard. However, people don’t get convicted
for that, as you know. Lizaveta is a proud woman.
When she got her daughter back, she threw Kolka away. She
didn’t ask either for the alimony or for anything else.
And she gave all the money inherited from her late
aunt to Kolya’s creditors… This is wrong. I know it is. I want to help Liz. I have some money. I was saving to buy a ranch… Look, Sergeant, you see… Officially Liza is still
Kolya’s wife. They have a family… This is wrong. This is very wrong. Hello… Here you go… Here you are. It means rumors
I heard in Rostov were not groundless. Who are you? What are you doing here? What are you doing here?
I know what I am doing. I’m Olya father and
Liza’s lawful husband. Go away. Why would I? This is my home. Can’t you see that Olya is scared. This is none of your business.
Get out. She is my daughter. She is mine. Get out of here
while you’re still in one piece. Get away. I’ll show you… Canadian scum. Gentleman, you’re a
bastard. You’re a bad father. You’re a bad person.
You’re a very bad person. You don’t deserve to be called Sokoloff. You’re foreign bastard…
I’ll kill you, brat. Liza doesn’t love you. Olya is scared of
you. Do you understand? I’ll show you. Do you think that it is
enough for you to make love to a hungry woman? You don’t
know anything about her. You don’t know anything. Kazaks, what are you doing? Grandpa, call the Kazaks. I need
to show this bastard his place. One sec. What did you come
for, Kolya? Who called you? You sold your soul too,
didn’t you, grandpa? Does he pay you with his American money? – All right… I’ll manage myself.
– Kolya. What are you doing? I came home, Uncle Fedya.
Home. Do you get it? Where have you been for so many years? I see. You’re all for one.
What did you come here for? What are you doing here? Varya sends some Mashka’s milk… Hi, Liza. What are you doing here? I came to you… to my daughter… I met God knows who here… Liza. Where is Olya? Come on, Fedya. They’ll
sort it out without us. Get off. No. Get off. Get out of here, both
of you. Both of you. Liza, I have nothing to
do with it. It’s his fault. I came peacefully, I was
waiting for you, I wanted… What did you want? Did
you ask me what I wanted? You didn’t want anything for five years
and now you want something. Get out of here. Get out, I tell you. We’ll see who will win. I’ll deprive you of the
parental rights. A bitch. I’m leaving. I’m leaving. I don’t want ever to see you here again. I’m leaving. I’m leaving. You’re a fool. Liz, I wanted… You wanted something too, didn’t you? What did you do it for?
Who asked you? Look. She is in hysterics. She
wasn’t in such a state since… Look, when I came back… Leave. I don’t want
to listen to anything. I just ask you to leave. I don’t know. I don’t
know how it is in Canada. But here a woman, a good
woman is worth fighting for. I wanted to fight for her.
But she doesn’t want me to. Zhora… are we the Kazaks or not? We are. Then go forward. Fortune favors the bold. And
she is just one foolish woman… What if she doesn’t want to talk to me? Did you see her eyes when she
was looking at you? Stop it. Come on, or tea will get cold… Pour, pour, don’t stand. Come on. Sit down. Hey, you. You’re cunning. Where is Liz? At work? I’m looking at time. Nine o’clock. Good, good. How did you
remember how to do it? A horse. A beautiful horse. Olya… you’re doing great. Repeat. Repeat it one more time. A beautiful horse… A horse… Good girl. Can you say it louder? A beautiful horse, a horse. A horse. Look, you shall
focus on working here. Here. A horse, a beautiful
horse. Let’s do it. Try it. A horse, a beautiful horse… Hey, baby. Don’t cry. You’re
great. Everything is fine. I know what to do. When
does your mum come home? At five? It’s fine, we’ll
get back by then. Let’s go. Good morning. Drop in. I have just milked Masha.
I’ll treat you to milk. No, thank you. We need to be fast. Where are they going? He didn’t say. Hello. There was a horse on a
fair… with a cart… and a host. Yes. It belongs to the
Skvortsovs. So what? How can we find them? They live on a farm. Where? It’s far away… it’s outside of the town. Outside of the town… Sit down. Where is our cowboy going? Our cowboy is not in a hurry to go back to his
Canada. Am I right, Liza? The embassy is not working.
When the holidays end, he’ll go… You must have fallen in love, friend. What are you talking about?
Can you think of anything else? What for? We are young and beautiful
and we shall not think of anything else. Is anybody home? Joe? Olya? Grandpa Grisha, is Olya with you? No. We’ve just come back from
the cemetery. What’s wrong? Olya and Joe disappeared. Why disappeared? They must
be somewhere at the river. Uncle Fedya, did you see
Joe and Olya by the river? They went to the center in the morning. What for? I don’t know. Varya invited them to come and have some milk, but
they were in a hurry. Oh, damn it. Maybe we’re going the wrong way? No, we’re going the right
way. But we have wrong roads… Liza, where are you running?
Has something happened? – Olya and Joe disappeared.
– How can that be? I don’t know… I can’t
find them anywhere. You shall go to the police. What are you saying? What
are you saying such things? We’ll find them in no time.
It’s hard to get lost here. Do you watch TV? We read newspapers too. Then you shall know how children
are kidnapped, grandpa Grisha. They’re kidnapped to be sold…
or to be killed for organs… Liza. Don’t listen to that fool. You’re too clever. You lost a child.
Go on a wild goose chase now. Come on. Come on. Come on. Go. I didn’t think of anything like that… he was staying at your
place… and I saw his passport. What if it was false? Shut up. What if he was only
pretending to be a Canadian? To worm himself into your confidence. Shut your mouth, detective. Shut up. Nothing is clear yet. Did you get to know something? Men from the square
said that he asked them about the Skvortsov’s farm. Once more. No, we can’t do it. Give me a phone. I’ll call my friends. Olya, this is not your
fault. The battery was bad. The phone worked for too
long. Do you understand? Lord, why are we moving so slowly? It was raining. The road got spoilt. Where is Olya? You’re a parasite. Where is my daughter? Olya? Let’s go. Faster… she is shivering. What about the cowboy? To hell with him. Stop. What about me? Take it off. No, I won’t. What? No need to. Let’s go. Women are so silly. And men are clever,
aren’t you? What a cowboy. He was told off, so
what? He is too proud. It means he didn’t need it, after all. Shut up, old woman. Don’t shut my mouth, new one. Mum, don’t cry… He’ll come back. No. He won’t come back.
He hasn’t come for three days. He must have left for his
Canada. I’m such a fool… No, mum. You’re the best. Joe said that. Did he really say so? Yes, he did. He said
that my mum is the best, the most beautiful, the kindest… “Tthere are no women like your mum”. What a grief. Joe, please. Please come. Mum feels bad without you… and me too. How great. Stop, you’re undressed. Mum. A horse. Good morning. Joe. I knew it. Mum. I told you. I thought that you… You were mistaken… I didn’t think that you… You were mistaken. Personal space? Where have you been, you parasite? The secretary of the Moscow
Embassy has just come back from his vacations. A president
of the Canadian company had to interrupt his
vacation to help me for… You were absent for so long… I was restoring my credit
cards. I was getting money. I need to learn how to use
cash. Then I went to Oleg. He is a very good man.
A farmer. I bought this horse. His name is Orlik. Olya. He is yours now. Hurray! Hurray! Hello. Hi, cowboy. Hi, colleague. We caught train robbers. Look,
are they those who robbed you? Stand still. Well, Sergeant? Did they rob you? No. They are completely different people. Move it, move it, guys. Stop. Stand still. Thank you, guys.

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  1. Smh the Russia we see portrayed in the news isn't as beautiful as shown in their movies. It's always showing us the bad side of Russia, not this. It's so wonderful, love it.

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    P.S. By the way, a tip for the next time you make a movie with a guy from Calgary: it's pronounced CAL-gree. Joe sounds ridiculous saying cal-GARY (and no, I'm not from Calgary, I'm from Edmonton, Calgary is our arch-nemesis).

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