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Pop Up Progress Bar using Python With One Line Of Code

hey everyone in the last video I went out over some parameters with TQ DM now I'm just gonna show you know I'm gonna start just do this all from scratch I'm gonna show T qdm GUI it just basically builds a graph of your iterations for your for loop so it could be good in bigger applications but maybe not in your smaller ones where you don't need to have such an something so verbose so if let's do the normal from tiki DM import not Tiki diem this time we're just gonna go TQM GUI and then let's create that interval that we think is it for me I always do every time for 0 100 and to slow it down like ice I did last time from time import sleep and I'm gonna just slow it down by having iterate and wait a tenth of a second every time so cool we got this back up and going now it's gonna be kind of like what we did with the just the Tiki DM you're just gonna wrap teach you TQ DM GUI around your interval and then you're just gonna run it and you'll see it's like oh it's experimental and went on you can already see something's popping up and here we go you can see that 60 80 out of 100 and then oh well that stopped it's still experimental I heard he sure there's more parameters but I'll just run that again actually I run it longer this time so I go over so here it's going it's running so I forgot to save why do I do these things to myself just cancel do this again there we go now we have 1000 so you can see here it's like iterations per second it's just going up and saying that oh there's it's close to 10 iterations per second which makes sense because I'm having a sleep a tenth of a second free generation so now it's going it's staying there and the current and the estimated so it's saying what it really is that and what it estimated at based on the first few iterations and it's probably recalculating every single time now that's why it's there basically the same line but this is pretty cool I mean if you really want to I don't know show off so you to some friends but anyway that's it so thanks for watching guys and y'all have doing

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