Laughter is the Best Medicine

Positioning a Brand: Best Practices for Marketing Product Features With Humor

What’s the most common marketing mistake? Believing that our product is special when it’s really just a yawner. When we delude ourselves, we make mistakes like this. “Get the facts at It is a great place to get all the listings for cities and towns. With tax credits for buyers, low interest rates, and down-to-earth prices, the dream of owning a home seems more attainable than ever.” It’s bad acting, bad writing, and worst of all an expectation that viewers should be dazzled by their generic website. Bud light goes down smooth like this guy here. Where other beers, go down like this guy.” So if your product isn’t that dazzling, you must step boldly into the world of distraction. Your ad must be so funny, or so dazzling that your audience can’t turn away. Then, your product pitch can come along for the ride. This next add list product features one after the other, but the fun mind- reader gag holds your attention all the way through. “Is this fiber one Honey clusters? Yes. It’s delicious, I know. It has about half a days worth of fiber. I assure you it does. I was expecting sawdust and cardboard. I know! I can only taste the crunchy clusters, honey, and brown sugar. No madam, I don’t have ESP. Okay, I’ll take a box. You probably already knew that. Fiber one cardboard no, delicious yes. A laundry list of product features, and it’s barely noticeable. Because it is entertaining, the sales pitch gets through. You’ve got to pay to play! The deal goes down like this: you entertain them and they will listen to your pitch. But if you dare to bore the viewer for even one second, they will check out. In this ad, Blue Bunny starts out with a fund that that grabs attention. “Sorry we’re going to need you to remove everything. This is so embarrassing!” Now the features… “Who’s sludge, caramel, chocolate covered peanuts and Bunny thingies?” And another gag to close. “Excuse me sir. You are going to have to come with me. Next time, I am taking the bus.” Deal complete! You didn’t mind listening to the facts because you were entertained. I so tell them the facts about earning credit card points. “Me and the lads are having a tough time are having a tough time deciding which category to choose. Like triple rewards on electronics.” But always dress up those still facts with fun. “Maybe triple rewards on restaurants and entertainment.” (Screaming) Make a product pitch that Gamefly ends the frustration of boring videogames… But dress-up that point with mayhem. So take a hard look at your product. Ask yourself, are those features totally revolutionary. If the answer is no then think about invoking the humor bargain. You can list the dullest product features in the world as long as you use great humor to pay the toll. I’m Graeme Newell and that’s emotional marketing. There’s a lot more free training videos, white papers, and great emotional marketing examples on our web site. Visit us at

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