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Practical jokes at school in Mexico | Superholly

Hey guys, it’s Holly, and in today’s video I’m going to tell you a little story about how I was welcomed into “tercero de prepa,” which is basically senior year of high school. This all happened in Orizaba, Veracruz and if you want to hear about all my crazy life ramblings and wanderings, you can check out, uh, the video that I’m gonna link right here, but basically I had just moved from, Oaxaca and I moved to Orizaba, which is about six hours away. And I had lived in Orizaba in seventh grade, so I hadn’t been back for quite a few years and basically, everything was new to me again. So, this is just a fun story about how school in Mexico can be very different from school in the U.S. So, my best friend Lis was living with us And I remember looking for a few days for the school that we were going to be enrolled in. I’m not quite sure what the criteria were. It may have been a factor that all of the walls of this school were painted a very bright, purple, lilac color. Honestly, it probably was a factor. Anyway, this school was half university, half high school. And Lis and I had to separate into different classrooms because in Mexico, or at least at this school, you have to start choosing your specialty when you’re a senior in high school. So, I went ahead and chose physics and math. And in this classroom there were about 40 males and maybe eight to ten females. It was definitely not a balanced ratio, so anyway, “punto y aparte” (let’s change the subject) as we say in Spanish. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a friendly face. My friend, Karla, from five years before. I had met her at the previous school I had gone to in this city. And it was really, really nice to have somebody to chat with and mingle with and feel normal with. I don’t know about you but I’m very Hmm, how can I say this introverted? I know that I seem very bubbly and loud, which I really, really am. But I never assumed that people want to talk to me. So, I kind of just sit around and wait for other people to approach me. I’m a little bit shy, believe it or not. So, having Karla there was nice and One day it couldn’t have been more than two weeks into the school year She came up to me at lunchtime, and she said, ‘Hey, see those guys out there?’ And I looked through the windows into the hallway and there was a group of about eight or nine guys standing around in a circle. She said, ‘They want you to go and ask the tall guy how his grandpa dances.’ And I was like, ‘What?’ She’s like, ‘Yeah. They want you to go ask him how his grandpa dances.’ I’m like, ‘I don’t understand. Is this like a thing…?’ and she’s like, ‘I-I don’t know they just told me to ask you’ and I’m like ‘Okay.’ And Normal Holly would have just said, ‘You know what? No. Why would I do that? ‘Why would I step out of my comfort zone and walk up to a bunch of people I don’t know and ask a question that doesn’t even make sense.’ I honestly didn’t want to, but I was also in a phase in my life where I was like: Holly, get over yourself. Take risks. Step outside your box. Step outside your boundaries. Take charge of your life and do fun things! And for some reason, this fit in that category in my head. So, I was like, you know what? I’m going to do it! If it scares you, maybe you should do it… or maybe not. Anyway, so I gathered up my strength and courage and walked outside And they’re all just like chatting and laughing, and I’m like, Oh my gosh. Why am I doing this? Uhhh. So, I walk over to this guy, his name is Jose, very casually, and I’m like trying to pretend like this was my idea to ask this question. And I’m like, ‘Hey, so uh, I’m really curious wow does your grandpa dance?’ and all of the laughing and the chatter stops. They all turn around to look at me and they start, ‘Oh man ooh. What- what is she even– ah?’ And Jose looks me in the eye, and I swear it looked like he was about to tear up and he goes, ‘My grandpa’s in a wheelchair.’ This other guy, Rafa puts his arm around him and is like, ‘Man, that was messed up.’ And they walk away toward the men’s bathroom, but I’m like, ‘Wait. I’m not a bad person! I don’t ev– ah– ek ek.’ Processing a million thoughts in that moment. I’m like, wait who’s idea was this?
Who’s trying to make me look bad? Who’s trying to make fun of this guy?’ Maybe they bully him every day with this with every newcomer. What the heck is going on?! I felt so awful. I have no rapport established with these people I’m like eeehhhhh How can I tell you that I’m not a terrible person? And I started to tear up, and I’m like, okay. I do not want to deal with any of this. And I just started running for the hills. In this case, the hills is the gymnasium. I ran all the way down the hall kept running, kept running. I could hear random people yelling in the background and I’m like, I do not even care. Turn left. Go to the gymnasium. Start booking it up the bleachers. Boom. Boom. Boom Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. And at this point, I’m crying. I’m just like I feel so terrible that I just made this guy feel bad and it sounds like this is something that they do to him often like what in the world? What kind of people do this? Who am I being perceived as right now? He thinks I’m part of this. When I get to the top step, I’m just sitting there by myself crying trying to process. Some of the guys are not far behind me and they reach me and I’m just like, ‘I don’t even want to talk to you. Go away. Leave me alone,’ and one of the guys says ‘Holly, it’s not true.’ And I’m like, ‘What do you mean?’ And they’re like, ‘It’s not true.’ And I’m like, ‘What-what? Who’s idea was–? Why did I–?’ And they’re like, ‘Jose’s grandpa is not in a wheelchair. He’s perfectly fine.’ And I’m like ‘I don’t believe you! I-I said, ‘I won’t believe it until he comes up here and tells me himself.’ They brought in Jose, and he was laughing. And he was like, ‘I’m sorry. I did– we just had to do this to you. It’s not true.’ And I’m like, ‘Wow! I was feeling awful. I was like– What kind of person does he think I am? Like, what kind of people bully a guy like this? I mean who’d– what kind of question is that? Who does that?’ And everyone was laughing and honestly, it jump-started our friendship because
we got past that whole awkward ‘acquaintances asking about the weather’ kind of phase. And we jumped right in. And they said, ‘You know what, we like to do this to people to find out what kind of people they are and you passed our test. You’ve got a good heart.’ And I’m like, ‘You had to see me cry to find out that I have a good heart?’ And they’re like, ‘Yeah.’ But honestly these guys became really, really good friends of mine and it’s a really weird way to get to know someone, but at the same time, I felt like it was kind of cool. You know? They were in some way showing that they were interested in getting to know me and cared about me. Again, something I never experienced when I was the new kid in the U.S. So, yeah. I feel like that really says a lot about the warmth and genuineness of the kids in Mexico that went to school with me. And I think you can sort of generalize and say that people are just warm in Mexico, and interested and curious. Much like I said in my other video about growing up between Mexico and the U.S. Anyway, I thought this is a really fun anecdote, and I have many, many more to share with you guys. But I thought I’d just keep it short this time if you’re interested in seeing any photos from that time, or maybe our little notebook where we would write crazy things back and forth to each other, I would be glad to share that with you guys, so let me know in the comments. As for this video, I think we’re gonna cut it off here. Thank you guys so much for joining me. I will talk to you soon. Bye! And I was like, ‘Uh, hey so, I’m really curious. I just I can’t… contain my curiosity.’ Go all the way up. Go all the way up. Up the– up the– ¡Hola amiguitos! Yo soy– oh! English!

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  1. Estoy lejos de ser bilingüe pero me encanta intentar entender lo que cuentas en inglés (ya lo escuché en español). Siempre he sido muy introvertida y he tenido pocas amistades, pero definitivamente eres el tipo de persona que me encantaría tener como amiga. Tan simpática, culta y sensible 🙂

  2. Hi Holly I love your video & I just love how you are so nice I have a question for you hope you can reply back. I'm really wanting to go to a University in Mexico after I finish college & save up some money I had the chance to live over there & attend "la secundaria" for a year & ever since I came back to Texas my heart has been telling me to go back. School over there is so different from here I actually loved having the chance to attend school over there for a year (best year of my life). I guess my question is what advice would you give like I said wanting to go back has been on my mind ever since I came back to Texas in 2010.♡

  3. Jajajaj this is funny, well we have a really strange way of bully-friendship here in México. It is kind of cruel but funny at the same time.

  4. I'm Latina,i speak Spanish obviously,but for me is very difficult speak Spanish again,I understand Spanish but for me is very difficult,i feel better speaking English,and I love❤️ your videos in English and Spanish,
    In Spanish you speak slow and that is perfect for me because I'm learning Spanish again,I see your videos(Thing I love) and I learn Spanish,new words,I love this Story

  5. Me encanta lo que cuentas, yo estoy aprendiendo Ingles y te entiendo perfectamente lo que dices gracias Holly🤗

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  7. OMG. HOLLY terminé de ver el vídeo y me estaba muriendo de la risa… Pasaron segundos para darme cuenta que lo había entendido todo en INGLES!!! SIN SUBTÍTULOS!!! sé que es una historia súper fácil de comprender y tu fonética es muy clara y precisa, pero aún así me siento súper orgulloso de mi mismo.

  8. Soy de Orizaba, vivía muy cerca de tu escuela, ya no vivo allí y me da nostalgia con tu historia, muchas felicidades por tu canal. 🙂

  9. This is such a cute story. I love it. I live in a Spanish Pueblo and I always find that people here are much more curious about me and my life and culture than Australian's are.

  10. Holly I really enjoy your Videos I think am your FAN!.. I can relate to some of you're experience as a kid growing up in a diferent country to later love that country as your own.

  11. Aww. A bitter sweet story. Not very caballero of the boys but high school is another world. Sorry, they made you cry.

  12. Me encantan las canciones que usa, siempre me crean una buena vibra entre trance y house, aunque en este caso algo como deephouse-retro (si es que eso tiene sentido).

  13. Jajajaja soy mexicano y me estoy muriendo de risa. Se la aplicamos al hermano de un amigo de como 8 años y lo hicimos llorar al pobrecito jaja XD pero era "¿cómo baila/salta tu amigo el conejo?" jajaja


  15. Sí Holly, queremos que te balconees, y enseñes las fotos de aquellos tiempos, debes estar simpatiquísima 🙂

  16. Me apareció la versión en inglés en el canal principal de mas de 1 .1 millones de suscriptores, me parece que voy a comenzar a mirar primero las versiones en inglés (con susbtítulos en inglés también), estaría excelente con unos lentes enormes con armazón negro, tipo bibliotecaria, jeje.

  17. Hola SuperHolly. Este Jueves (9/6/18) en la noche mirando un video de Ud me percate que ya la conosia a Ud de hace varios años. Ud es la que conducia la radio aca en Dallas, Texas hace ya varios años. No recuerdo que años estuvo por aca. Quizas hace unos diez años de pronto mas. Bueno la estacion que conducia era La Mega. Ud tenia un compañero de cabina. Creo su compañero se llamaba JC Cuevas. En fin creo el mismo dia Uds dos desaparecieron y ya jamas los volvi a escuchar. Jamas me di cuenta para donde se fueron a trabajar. Bueno pues es mucho gusto Volver a encontrarla por aqui. Ya hasta su nombre lo habia olvidado. Ya luego que me percate que de pronto era Ud empeze hacer memoria si asi se llamaba (SuperHolly) la conductora de La Mega. Me demore algunos segundos en hacer memoria sobre si la conductora de La Mega era SuperHolly. Wow SuperHolly despues de estos años la vengo encontrando aqui en youtube!jaaaaaaaa. Bueno le cuento que yo disfrutaba mucho escucharla al estar de regreso de mi trabajo. Ya luego me dormia. Pues en ese entonces yo trabajaba de noche. Le comparto que una sola vez la mire a Ud en vivo. La unica vez que la mire fue en un concierto que se llevo acabo en el Escapade 2009. Ud y JC Cuevas y la otra conductora (su nombre se me escapa) se presentaron en el stage y le dieron una Buena presentacion al artista…que ni recuerdo que artista era. La verdad fue una sorpresa enorme ver y descubrir por primera vez que Ud era SuperHolly. En la radio habia escuchado sobre su vida….Bueno ya ni estoy bien Seguro si en ese momento que se presento en el stage si yo ya sabia sobre su origen y su vida. De pronto si lo sabia o se me paso por completo….el caso es que al verla ahi si fue una enorme sorpresa….pues no me la esperaba rubia. Siempre al escucharla en la radio la visionalisaba o imaginaba de cabello color negro. Osea que alli al salir al stage JC Cuevas la presento a Ud y fue un shock al descubrir que Ud era la SuperHolly de la radio:). Bueno esa es mi anecdota esa noche en el Escapade 2009 de su presentacion con JC Cuevas y la otra compañera con la que compartian la radio. Y cuando regresa a Dallas?

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    Creo que lo intentaré con mis amigos
    Excelente vídeo holly 💕

  20. Thank you for your videos. They are very entertaining and helpful. I like to watch both version (English and Español), ambas son divertidas 😉👍

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  22. si me hubieran dicho que valla a preguntar eso, y si de algún modo hubiera ido a preguntarle al tipo, no me hubiera puesto triste, porque ellos me dijeron que haga eso. Y no, no tengo un mal corazón pero también creo en que los malos deben morir.

  23. "Hola amiguitos!… ah wait English"
    That is me when I am translating back and forth between my boss and a Spanish patient 😂😂😂 I'll end up speaking Spanish to them (they are vietnamese) and English to the pat. Lol

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  25. You have a very interesting life Holly. I always enjoy your spirit. I'm glad you turned out the way you did.

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