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Prank Week! – My Dad Thought Slime Was Milk! (Super Funny) / JustJordan33

(upbeat music) – Hi guys! It’s Jordan, and today, I’m gonna be pulling pranks on my family. So you guessed it, prank week is back! Woo! Yay! So I have so many prank ideas. I’m gonna go around and try and prank everybody at least once. This is gonna be so good. Let’s get started. Prank number one is the
crawling hand prank. So we’re gonna be pranking
a few people with this. It is basically a crawling hand. So, oh, hi Logan. Should we try and prank Logan? Oh, I think we should try and prank Logan. He thinks it’s a toy, but I
don’t think he’s gonna like it. So, basically, here it is. It’s Frankenstein’s hand, and it crawls, and we’re probably gonna spook some people today, so this should be really funny; I’m gonna get Logan first and see
what his reaction is. He has no idea what I’m saying, and he probably will be very confused. So this should be pretty funny. (spooky music) I’m gonna get Logan now. He’s already looking, he’s
giving it the side eye. He’s like, what are you doing? His tail is still fogging. Let’s see, ready? (laughing) What is it, Logan? Get it! What is it? Get it Logan! Ah, what is that? (laughing) I think he thinks it’s his toy. Oh, he’s trying to eat it! Logan, it’s not your toy. What’s this? Look, it’s trying to crawl. Rawr! (laughs) He wants it as a toy. Okay, let’s go prank somebody else. (spooky music) Okay, I’m gonna send the hand downstairs and go prank the boys now. Ready? Here it goes. Go downstairs. Oh! All the way down the stairs. Keep going hand, keep going. The boys are right there. Sh! Okay, let’s send in the hand. (dramatic music) (knocking) – What’s that noise? – I don’t know. – Ooh! – What is that? – Ah! – Run! – (laughs) They ran
upstairs calling for mom. They actually believed it. Oh, there’s Logan! (laughs) That was really funny. Oh man, that’s a good prank. Hey, now I can play on the computers. Let’s go. Okay, so Audrey and her friend are actually in the next room. I think I’m gonna go ahead and prank them with the same prank,
this is gonna be so good! Sh. (dramatic music) – What is that? Audrey? – What’re you talking about? – No, look. – Ah! What? This is like the Adams
family, what is this? Did this just get in here? Ah! Oh my God! – Pranked you guys, oh! I pranked you with a crawling hand. Okay you guys, so I’m moving on to my next prank, and I have this squirrel in underpants car freshener that I think I’m going to use to prank my dad; I think I’m gonna go put it in his car tonight, and maybe tomorrow when he goes to the grocery store or something or whenever he goes to use his car, he will see it, and I don’t know if he’s gonna know that it’s from me or what, but it’s gonna be super funny, so we need to go to the garage and set this prank up, and then look at
the reaction tomorrow! Alrighty guys, this angle is
not very good, but it’s okay. It’s gonna have to work because
this is the best I can do. So we have squirrel in underpants air freshener, and I’m curious to see if it actually is gonna smell good or if it’s gonna be weird because it already looks really weird; I don’t know if it’s gonna smell good or if it’s gonna smell weird. Let’s see. Okay, okay here we go. We’re gonna open it, and this is probably gonna smell up the entire car, so I hope it’s a weird scent, that way it makes the prank even better. Here we go, oh wow, that’s strong, I can already smell it, okay, wait. Okay, alright, okay, okay
this is what it smells like. So it’s super duper strong, and it smells a little bit like outdoors but like rotting wood, you know? (laughs) Does not smell very lovely. It’s gonna stink up this entire car because it’s so, so strong. Okay, so here we go, here’s the air freshener, we’re gonna put it on the little window thingy. Okay, so we have it all set up, let me show you, this is amazing. I love this. There you go, you guys. It’s just chilling, waiting to greet dad tomorrow. Alright, so for this next
prank, mom is going to help me. Say hi, mom. – Hi. – Okay, so we have this, oh, you can’t even see what it is, one minute. Okay, so we have this window crasher rat, so basically that’s what it looks like, it looks like- – That’s creepy. – Is someone at the door? I keep hearing things,
I heard it in the car. I heard stuff at … what? Okay, I keep hearing stuff, it’s so weird. But so basically it looks like a rat is trying to jump through your window, which is kind of crazy. I think we’re gonna go prank Audrey with this prank; we should go down to her room, but you need to distract her, and if she’s in her room,
you need to make her leave. – Yeah, I’ll distract her, and then when she goes to go to bed, hopefully she’ll see this and think a rat, I don’t know, honestly, Audrey will probably think a rat chewed it’s way through her window well, and this will freak her out. – Yeah, this is gonna be so funny; oh, I can hear them downstairs, yeah, okay, so let’s go down to her room. – Oh my gosh. – Oh, I thought it was just gonna be like a sticker that looked like it was three dimensional,
it’s an actual thing. That’s actually so funny, I thought that it was just gonna be a sticker, no, it’s an actual rat,
like, a stuffed … Oh my goodness, this is gonna be so good. – Oh my gosh. (laughs) You could do it on her car tomorrow. – Oh yeah, we could. – So it’s going through, because then she’d be like what, and then part would be in and part would be out, so you could get Audrey in her car and then maybe get some others while they’re eating
breakfast with the window. I don’t know, what do you think? – I don’t even know. – Nighttime … you could even tape the two pieces together and just leave it by her bed, look at that. – Should we leave this by her bed and then do the window
thing on her car tomorrow? – Like rats keep invading
her wherever she goes. – Let’s go downstairs. This is gonna be so funny; that
actually looks kind of real. Okay, I’m getting the rat all ready. I think I’m gonna just have it sitting partway in her covers, that way when she throws back her covers, she’s gonna be very confused. Okay, now we just have
to hide, so duck down. Guys, I think she’s coming. Wait, I hear her. (screams) – [Audrey] Mom! – [Jordan] Ah! (laughs) Audrey come back! Audrey? Audrey, come here! I pranked you so bad! Pranked ya! – I wanna go to bed, what is that? – [Jordan] (laughs) It’s a rat. Rats infested your room. – I was like, I saw it and it was fuzzy and I just booked it, I thought it was like a tarantula. – [Jordan] (laughs) You sat there and you were like very confused for a second, you’re like processing and then it hit you and
you just ran. (laughs) That was so good. Pranked ya, ooh! Okay guys, that prank actually worked out really perfectly because Audrey’s been gone at college for awhile now, and so it was actually kind of believable that something could have gotten into her room, because she hasn’t been in her room for a long while so something easily could have been in here, so that was actually like the perfect prank to pull on her, and it worked out so good, but it is pretty late right now, so I think I’m gonna head to bed and I’m gonna continue on with the rest of the pranks tomorrow. Alright you guys, so it’s the next day now, and it’s around lunchtime, so dad has not left yet, and I think I’m gonna go ask him if he wants to go to like Subway or something and grab lunch, and I’m gonna come with him and try and get his reaction for my squirrel prank and I don’t know, we’ll see how it goes. – Squirrel prank? – Okay, let’s go outside. Here he is. Hey dad! – [Dad] What? – Do you want to come get dinner, or I mean lunch, I said dinner. – Yeah. I am putting the door that we made for the ball pit in the car so- – We have a door now? Oh, I didn’t even know. Okay, let’s get in the car. We’ll go pick up lunch. Okay you guys, oh, it’s really strong. Buckle up. (engine starting) I’ve gotta buckle. – You smell that? – Yeah, something smells
really weird in here. – Did the boys leave … what is that? That stinks. Uh, it smells like a skunk got in the car. – Yeah, what happened? Did the boys leave something in here? – Whoa, it’s getting … what is this? A squirrel with underpants? – Wait, smell it, is that
what’s making the smell? Wait, smell it. – Oh! – (laughs) Pranked ya! It’s been sitting in this car all night long, and fermenting,
and it smells so not good. – It’s gonna make my fingers stink. Watch this, this might
be showing up again soon. – Oh no. You guys, hurry up. You guys, okay, I ran into mom’s room, I don’t think she knows what I’m doing, but I’m about to prank her, so this is really bad lighting, but … oh my goodness, I hear them, okay, so I have this fake snake, and mom is terrified of snakes, because we used to have snakes in our backyard all the time when we lived in Florida, and so she just does not like snakes, and so I’m gonna put this on her bed and she’s probably gonna freak out, and then I’m also gonna put this in her bathroom; this could either prank dad or mom because, I mean, they’re the only ones that really use this bathroom because it’s kind of hidden in the back by their room, so it’s called a talking tp, and basically, when they roll the toilet paper to grab a piece, it’s going to start talking to them, so this is gonna be really funny, let’s set up these pranks, I hope they don’t come
in, eh, we gotta hurry. Okay, so we’re in their bathroom now, I’ve gotta set up this toilet paper prank right now; I’m gonna try to set the camera down, this is really a struggle for me. Okay, I’m sorry it’s really, really tilted right now, but it’s balanced, so it’s gonna work, so I have to like record a message, so I don’t know how this is gonna work. Wait, does it have
batteries in it already? I have no idea. Okay, I’m just gonna
record the message, ready? What’re you doing? (laughs) Okay, so that way when they go to get the toilet paper, it’s gonna scream at them and they’re gonna be really confused. Okay, let’s set up this prank. Alright, here it is. The toilet paper, I put a … left-handed, I’m doing this left-handed, okay. Here we go. Alright. There you go. Okay, I put it on the right way. Let’s see. It’s not working. Why is it not working? What? I’m very confused. Okay, I have no idea what is going on, maybe I need to put like batteries in it or something, I’ll figure
it out and I’ll come back. Okay you guys, I figured
it out, watch this, ready. What’re you doing? What’re you doing? What’re you doing? (laughs) Okay, that’s really … yes, okay, we gotta go set
up the other prank, let’s go. Alright, so I got this realistic snake off of Amazon, I think I’m just gonna leave it on her bed. Okay, should I leave it coiled up or … this is so creepy, you guys. Oh, mom’s gonna freak out. Oh, if it’s like slithering up … oh! She’s coming, she’s coming, hide. Guys, the snake is right
there, she’s coming. Oh! Okay, she’s actually going to the bathroom, that actually works though, because we have the other prank in there. Let’s see if we can get her reaction. Let’s go. – [Mom] Ah! What? Ah, Jordan! – [Jordan] Pranked ya! – Turd! I’m gonna get you! – [Jordan] (screams) – (screams) – Okay you guys, the boys and Audrey are setting up for a video over there, and I thought I’d prank them using this rubber pencil, so I don’t know how I’m gonna do this, but we’re gonna figure it out. (gasps) Audrey left. Boys, boys, boys, help me with this prank. Don’t tell Audrey. – Okay. – I’m going to give her a rubber pencil, I need to hurry, I gotta hurry. Okay, so here’s your pencil, ah! There goes her real pencil. – Maybe you should’ve stuck
that real pencil in your pocket. – It’s so bendy. It’s so bendy. It’s totally rubber, and
you can’t write with it. Okay, she’s gonna grab it to try and draw these circles with it, and it’s not gonna work. – Come on, we gotta draw the circles. – Did you change our pencils? – No, it’s always been that color. – Wait, this is not my pencil. – Yes it is! – Yes it is, that’s your original pencil. – Wait, this is fake! – [Jordan] Pranked you! Got you so good! It’s a rubber pencil. It’s bendy. – Oh, what? Wait, oh! – [Jordan] (laughs) Got you so good. – Wait, where’s my real pencil? – [Jordan] You’re just
gonna have to figure it out. Okay, so for this next prank, I’m gonna prank dad, and let me show you; so, we both really like these fizz candies, they’re basically like little hard candies with this fizzy stuff in the middle and it tastes really good, and so I’m gonna prank him by saying that there’s this new flavor that came out and it’s like a mystery flavor and whoever guesses it gets a prize, and it’s really just bacon flavored hard candy, so this should be really funny to see his reaction, because I do not think these are gonna taste very good, so let’s go prank him. Hey dad, you know the
fizz candies that we like? – Yeah. – So they came out with a new flavor and it’s a mystery flavor and if you guess it you get a prize, so thought we would film it and try it, here’s one of the candies,
and I’ll try the other. – Okay, so by just looking at it, I would say it’s going to be either peach, which is a good flavor, or I’m gonna say it is vanilla rose. – Vanilla rose. Yeah, because they already have like a watermelon and a strawberry, so. – Yeah, yeah, that’s too obvious. – Ah! I dropped mine. Okay, go ahead and try yours. – Vanilla rose. That’s not vanilla rose. – What’s it taste like? – Tastes like I licked an old pot. – Pranked you, it’s really bacon candies, it’s not even
the fizz candies. (laughs) – That is nasty. – Okay you guys, so as you know, Audrey came down for the weekend from college, which, she lives really far away, which is kinda sad, but before she leaves, I think I’m gonna prank her one more time, so I got her keys without her knowing, and I’m going to put the rat on her window as if it’s jumping through her window, so let’s go do it. So I’m gonna put it like this as if the rat’s jumping in like this. There we go, so see it’s on
the other side, too. (laughs) I hope she believes it, I don’t know. I got her pretty good
yesterday, so we’ll see. – (screams) Jordan. – What happened? Audrey, what happened? – Wait, what … this is fake. Wait, how does that
poke it inside the car? – (laughs) We pranked
you, there’s a camera. – Oh my gosh, I was like wait, what is that fuzzy thing on my car? – (laughs) Pranked ya. It’s just like suction cups. It’s stuck though, so. – Genius. – Now you just have a rat that’s
coming with you to college. – That’s scary. – Okay you guys, so it’s day three of pulling pranks, this is my last prank that I’m going to pull, and I’m gonna pull it on dad. He’s in the other room, it’s morning time, so I’m going to be making him breakfast, but it’s like prank breakfast, so I’m gonna make him cereal, and instead of milk, I’m gonna use white slime instead. (laughs) It’s like extra thick slime, too, so he’s not gonna be able to even pick it up, it’s gonna be really funny. So hopefully he’ll just think I’m doing a kind gesture, being
such a goodly daughter. I gotta put in his most favorite of cereals, which is Raisin Bran. I don’t get the hype about Raisin Bran, I think it’s an adult
cereal, but I wanna try it. Man, it must be hard to
be an adult. (laughs) Okay, here we go, here’s the cereal. Okay, I have to be strategic about this and make it actually look real. How am I gonna do this? Oh! Okay, I should probably
put the spoon in. (laughs) Perfect, okay, that looks
pretty realistic, I’d say. That looks pretty good, alright, okay, now I’ll just put this away, and I need to call dad in and hopefully he’ll believe it, it actually looks pretty realistic, so okay,
I’m gonna go get him. Dad! Dad? I made you breakfast. – [Dad] Okay. – [Jordan] It’s in the kitchen. – Raisin Bran? I haven’t had Raisin Bran for a while. – Thought it was your
favorite cereal, right? – I like it, it’s good. – Aw. (laughs) – (sighs) – Good morning. – Yeah, okay. What the heck? – (laughs) Pranked ya! It’s really slime! (laughs) – (laughter) Look at this. – Oh, that’s so funny. (laughs) Pranked ya. (laughs) No, don’t eat it! Well, I think that concludes prank week, I’ve done a lot of pranks. – You did, and I think I
got a lot of them on me. – Yeah, (laughs) well it was payback because you like to prank
me a lot, so payback time. – Oh, payback’s gonna happen. – No! Okay, thank you guys so much for watching today’s video, if you enjoyed it, give it a big thumbs up and comment down below what was your favorite prank that I pulled, and also comment some more prank ideas so that way if they decide to prank me
back, I can get revenge. – You better give her ideas. – We’ll see you all next time … (in unison) Bye!

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