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(Playful Music) (Laughter) – Hi guys welcome back to That YouTube Family – Minus four – Because we are going to be
pranking the kids so we’re setting up pranks while
the kids are at school. Yes, this is Christmas Pranks. Pranks week is back. – Woo (Rock Music) – Alright – So what are you doing? – Okay so I’ve gotta couple of fun ones. So this one is, the kids
love opening different random presents and so what you do
is you take some Tupperware, put some water in it,
there’s lots of water and I’m going to wrap it
up and have it sitting here and saying first one opens, wins. And then when the kids come
home they’ll see it and then obviously they’ll run for it, try to get it, water everywhere. It’ll be awesome. So, this will be a fun one. – Okay, so mine are a little
bit simpler but I thought I would take some silly
string in the color green, Christmas color, and
just spray them randomly. Like when they’re doing
homework, all of a sudden they’ll just have silly string all over them. Then, I have this Deluxe
Mixed Nuts but in it is really like this surprise snake
thing that pops out. So it’s a prank. Yeah so inside this is actually
a snake in the can prank. I’m going to wrap this bottom
portion, the nut portion. It shows the Deluxe Mixed Nuts, I’m going to wrap that with
wrapping paper so that they don’t recognize the can and then they’ll just think it’s another gift. And maybe I’ll put someones
name on it like someone might have dropped it off to them. And they’ll open it and just get startled. Then, while the boys
are playing their games I’m going to throw down a stink bomb. Oh yeah, It’s going to get gross. It’s going to smell terrible cause these like reek up the house so bad. I am also going to put
some Whoopee Cushions under the couch cushions because
they boys always go there and sit and watch on their phones. And then, randomly I’m just
going to walk by all the kids and play these weird sounds
and just whenever I walk past them I’m just going to make a noise. Keep making noises until
it just kind of bugs them and they’re like, what is that? What are you doing? And then I’m going to tell the
kids I hid a hundred dollars in the living room but
it’s Monopoly money. Whoever finds it first, gets it. Let’s see who if they can
find the Monopoly money and how hard they search. – I’m going to prank Jordan
with her advent calendar. What I’m gonna do is, she
still needs to open up today so I’m gonna actually
open up hers for today, take the treat out, so
when she goes to open it, there’s nothing in there. Now she has two advent calendars
and so her second advent calendar, what I’m gonna
do is take a tape over the top so she can’t even open it. So when she goes to try
and open it, she struggles. Then, for another prank is,
this is a toilet paper prank. And so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna get Logan’s hair dryer, it’s
like this big hair dryer that shoots really fast, and
I’ll walk up behind the kids and start blowing it. And this’ll blow all over the kids. This will be a really good one. Finally, I’ve got the
Toilet Paper Blaster. This is awesome. And so what this is going to do, this makes little toilet paper spit balls and this is what it looks like. You stick a roll of toilet paper on here, you roll the toilet paper inside, you fill up the canister with water. wow I’m gonna do this upside down so I don’t spill it everywhere. Like that. And then put your toilet paper on, get it loaded in and then
wait for my next victim. Then load it, and fire. (Laughing) – Alrighty, so I tried this sound machine and apparently the batteries are dead and I don’t have batteries to replace it so we’ll save that for
a different prank week but I’m going to go hide my
fake one hundred dollar bill. Monopoly money. That way I can tell
them when they come home Hey, I hid a hundred dollars. It’s yours to find. I think I’m going to put it,
oh, I think they’ll search in there so I’m going
to hide it back behind. Okay, so it is right back there and now we’ll see how hard they
search when they come home. And now, it’s time for
the Whoopee Cushions. I think I’m going to put one
in this couch and one over here on this couch and then that
way when they come to sit down hopefully it will make the farting sound. Okay, we’re trying it
with a book underneath. Oh man, that’s not going to be obvious. Hey, what’s with the
cushion being up so high? Now try sitting on it though. – Okay now if I go (Squeak) Oh! Okay, so we’re going to
do that to both couches. And see if we can catch
anybody sitting on them It hard to catch these
on camera though because we have to have the
camera going all the time. So I’m going to open up
Jordan’s advent calendar. I’ve gotta do it really care so I’m gonna use a razor blade here. And just open up that piece. So there’s the chocolate. Oh, look, it went right back. You can’t even tell. – Do you think she’ll notice the tape? Hopefully not. Hopefully she’ll just
be in a hurry to open it and be like, uh Even still, even if she notices it she still has to try to get it out. – I don’t think she’ll notice it at first. Rub it down really good. Oh, It disappears. – Yeah that’s going to be hard to tell. That’s awesome. – Okay – She won’t even notice. She’ll just go to open it and
be like why can’t I open this? No, don’t eat it. Those are like Dove
chocolate, they are so good. – Watch this. Even better prank, so
watch this, you open it up. You guys ever done this with gum before? Where you open up the wrapper
and then you put the wrapper back and you can’t even
tell that it’s been opened. Now she’s gonna think that
the candy is still inside, in reality, I ate it! ( laughing ) – Put it in her 12 and say I don’t know maybe you opened the wrong door. – Or should I put it back in there? In the 13 – Oh, so she thinks she got jipped. – Yeah – Oh Poor Jordan doesn’t get
her chocolate today. She’ll be like, how come
the company jipped me? – There, it looks like – Daddy stole the chocolate,
you don’t get any more – Right there and put back – Do you think she’s going to cry? – No, but she’ll probably chase me – Be like Dad – But then I’ll grab the
toilet paper and get her. – The thing is, is you better watch out because she might start pranking you. It is prank wars. – It is prank wars and
everybody can prank. Okay, so let’s get our
stuff and wait for the kids – But only Dad and I are
aware that it’s prank wars so we’ll be prepared. – We’ll get the jump on them. – Okay guys, so I’m wrapping
the snake in a can in some wrapping paper that
the kids have not seen hoping that they’ll
just think it was a gift that somebody dropped off. Maybe a friend or a neighbor or something. And I’ll just leave it to where
they will hopefully open it then they’ll get like surprised cause the snake will all
of a sudden, it’s a spring. It’s a giant spring. It’ll spring out at them. And they won’t recognize the
can but they’ll hear the little sound and get curious and
so, that’ll be another prank. Our present is wrapped and
it’s ready to go so I’m going to go find a place that we can
hide this and then we’ll tell the kids that if they can
find the present, it’s theirs. And as they do the water will
get them all wet, hopefully. ( laughing ) – Open advent calendars. That’s where these things are coming from? These things are all over the house. – Oh it’s a hedgehog – I’ve got an elephant – Oh it’s a turtle – I got a bear – It’s so cute – I may or may not have
thrown one of these away. – 13 – Dad, okay. 13, I can’t find it. – That’s why I couldn’t find any of mine. – Where is it? – Alright. – Ty, you’re not doing yours? – Man, this is going to take
me like, oh there it is. There it is. Hey, mine’s taped. What did you do? – Pranked ya What? You weren’t supposed to
be able to get that off. – You’re so funny. – What is it prank week? – It’s prank week. Be on guard boys and girls, be on guard. – Okay – Well, oh, I got strawberry shampoo – I need some strawberry shampoo – I could use some strawberry shampoo – I have a feeling I
know what you’ve done. Yeah, cause mine’s open You guys aren’t very good at this. It’s squishy – Wait, so what day is it? – Mine’s squishy. There’s no stinkin’ chocolate. You guys – It was delicious – You really ate it? – Pranked ya – You really ate my chocolate? – Woo, prank successful
even though the tab opened. – Did you guys get chocolate in yours? – Yes – What? Am I the only one getting pranked? – Yes – It’s prank Jordan week – What? – One thing that we did though
that’s really nice that’s not a prank is we hid two presents
in the house somewhere. If you are the first to find
them you get to keep them. And go. – Why am I so suspicious? – Also, by the way, there’s
two presents and since there’s three kids there’s also – I found a present. – Okay, shake it, shake it,
shake it, shake it, shake it – No, it has something in it. – What is it? – Hurry, before Ty gets it. – It’s wet. – What is it? – Shake it – Shakey, shake – Pranked ya – You found one? Alright Ty, you get the money. See how much money you’ve got. – Please be a penny. – How much money did you get? – What’d you get? ( laughing ) – You got me – Pranked ya – Woo – That actually scared me so bad I jumped – Okay guys – For realzies there’s a hundred dollars in the living room if you get it – I don’t believe you, no – Then you don’t get it If you find it, it’s yours. Can you find the money? Who gets the money? It’s an early Christmas for someone. – Wait, this isn’t it. – Wow – Jordan found the money – You all are so funny – Great job – I’m not even going to try anymore. But wait there’s one more
thing that’s not a prank. Wait, ya sure. – Woo – Okay so it’s the next day. Jordan’s upstairs. She’s doing her homework. The kids don’t suspect a thing. I’m gonna do the whole toilet
paper on the roll thing. I’ve got the vacuum set up. They all think Logan’s getting a bath and so there’s no like suspicions. So follow me. ( Blow dryer noise ) – Pranked ya – What just happened? – Pranked ya Jordan. – I’m just trying to eat my snack. – Pranking on Jordan successful You can also do this with
party streamers, and lots of, I think we gotta get
like four or five rolls of toilet paper and just really get you. – What just happened? – You just got a whole roll
of toilet paper on you. – I was trying to do my
homework and eat my snack. – How about this, you just got rolled. – Oh my goodness. – Jacob’s in there playing video games. He’ll never even see this coming. I’m gonna use the Toilet Paper Blaster. Thanks for Jake specific for
helping me with this prank. ( playful music ) – No, no What is that? – Watch this. This is what it does. Look at the wall. Ready? – Ew – Jordan – No, no, no – That went all the way down the hall. – I want to cry. – Guess what guys, pranked all of ya Now it’s time to clean up the mess. – Yep – That’s up to you Katey. – Hey, no that’s you. Okay, so Dad and I left to
get dinner or we told the kids that’s where we’re headed
cause we do need to go pick up dinner but then we drove back home and we snuck into the house. They don’t know we’re here. I’m gonna go squirt them with silly string and drop a stink bomb on them. This is going to be good, let’s go. – Come on I don’t know where to go. – Okay, one down. Let’s get Ty. – Stop – Let’s run, it’s gonna get really good smelling in here now. What happened? – I wonder what happened. – Why does it stink down here? – That smells so bad. – You better get something to clean it up or you’re gonna have to smell it. Now let’s go get dinner. – Okay, that fart thing ( cough ) I think I pranked us all. That’s horrible. Jordan come here. – I’m closing these doors. I’m not gonna let the
fart smell come in here. No thank you. – Come smell it. – We hope that you enjoyed this video. Make sure that you like,
subscribe and share and – That smell – Make today an adventure. We’ll see you next time, goodbye – If you would like to see part two where the kids strike back – No, let’s do parents prank again. – Oh yeah, okay comment down below. Kids strike back or parents prank again. Bye ( playful music )

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