Laughter is the Best Medicine

50 thoughts on “President Bush's Great Humor

  1. Bush was the undisputed comedy man ever in the presidency of the United States of america.
    And that makes him the best president ever. A president today should be entertaining as the real people governing the nation in full debauchery are in charge.
    Laughter makes apocalypse fun.

  2. I am proud to have gone to Iraq twice for our country after the Towers Fell. I lost both of my legs and my arm in a blast in 2007 my last deployment. God Bless The USA🇺🇸

  3. The Skulls faction funded this idiot. Re vote count. Lol this is what America is in 2018. Useless

  4. This is the tipe of president you could chill with drink a 24 pack of beer and watch a football game. And tell all kinds of jokes races politic and any kind of jokes. And wouldn't take it personal at all

  5. I remember meeting him when I was just a wee lad. He came to me elementary school in 2001, sometime early in the school year, maybe around mid September? I was somewhere around 5 in my kindergarten class, and he was reading books to us at the front. He was probably one of the nicest and kindest dude you'll ever care to meet. He spent all day popping into each classroom to meet all the students. Right before recess, there were snipers and secret service members standing all around him. They kept whispering in his ear something that seemed urgent but he was a great guy and didn't let them interrupt his meeting. He went around individually to each one of us, kissing our hands. He asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I said "I want to be a pilot", and what he said next stuck with me to this very day. "I would take some self defense classes my young friend" and he shook my hand. And it was time for him to go. Whether you believe my story or not… I promise you… I have no reason to life. He is a very kind and gentle man. And very patriotic. And I can only hope our paths cross again someday.

  6. Cannot believe I am saying that I miss this man. Although a shitty president, he isn’t an all around asshole like the orangutan.

  7. His sense of humor is legendary. He will be remembered for his wit than for the near collapse of our financial system, the pointless invasion of Irak, letting the Saudis get away with murder after 9-11… Yeah, I miss his sense of humor.

  8. He was funny but a bad president. He's the reason Obama got in. American's really believed Obama was the "hope" that was going to save America and it didn't work at all. John McCain was the wrong nominee in 2008.

  9. reading the comment here answers the question of, why is America fucked ?
    your leaders are complete Imbecile with homicidal tendencies and you adore them !

  10. This man destabilised Iraq which gave rise to ISIS causing ramifications that can never be undone.. But hey, he has great humour so who cares right? Conservative USA you are a bunch of pricks.

  11. Being president is more than just politics, you need to be funny. Bush's politics sucked, but he was a super down to earth guy

  12. I'll give him credit for calling out biased media and he speaks so eloquently and the audience is completely engaged.
    I remember 9/11 every day because it affected me in a very personal way, as with many others. Bush was way too calm upon hearing the news. I don't care that he was in a room full of children. This was a national emergency like we haven't seen before, the first horrific attack on America in the new millennium and he was just too… calm. I don't trust him at all, never have

  13. no point of hating him guys. Let us watch this not as Republicans or Democrats or 3rd parties but as Americans 😉

  14. All you dumbass conservatives salivating over Bush and Reagan and completely ignoring their disastrous policies is hilarious.

  15. we miss you Georgie, thanks for your great humor, you have a good heart and meant well, now, could you get rid of trump for us..

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