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Pretty Little Liars – Crack #2 (5×10 – 5×12 – 5×13) [SUB ITA]

mr. people someone needs to go back in there and make sure that she doesn’t ID this guy all right well Emily yeah yeah suppose there’s a convincing one yeah but you’re the hardest to disappoint it’s about your eyes why the grim faces did somebody die the awkward happy graduation so Jeff let’s deck the halls’ and follow a lot what is wrong with her read her boobs the girl loves Christmas where’s Jesus Oh would you wish for you’re my first friend here I wished for us to always stay close we will besties forever my parents want me to come to California after Christmas well that sounds like a fun winter break my parents don’t think Roseau it’s a safe place anymore they don’t want me to visit California they want me to move better Wow it’s a Christmas miracle to do to gather need to I’m all about that bass bout that bass no treble I’m all about that

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