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Prince Philip’s Jokes: Royal Comedy | British Pathé

Ladies and gentlemen I hope that includes all the other people that you mentioned. As patron of the college, I give myself a very hearty welcome. So when I first heard about your invitation I was naturally very flattered and grateful. And for a short while, I held the wildly improbable notion that I would get a meal at the Guildhall
without having to make a speech for it. I’d like to say how very delighted I am to
be here this evening I can say that in all consciousness because
I didn’t know I was going to be giving a check for 5000 for turning up. I have one or two messages here which I would like to read to you and I have been in a bit of a quandaries to quite what order to read them in. So I’ve arranged them in the sizes of the bits of paper they’re written on. So there’s no significance at all. The trouble is that I have to get back for
the Queen’s birthday parade on Saturday Don’t ask me to explain why she has her
official birthday in June when her proper birthday is in April You just have to accept it Britain is not just an old country of pottering
ruins inhabited by idol roués in eye glasses. Where yokels quaff ale by the tankard outside
rickety pubs. And where all the soldiers are dressed in
scarlet tunics and bearskin caps. And spend they’re time marching up and down
for the benefit of visitors from abroad. I would like to discharge a debt of gratitude
to the citizens of Edinburgh for your hospitality to myself and to thousands of other servicemen
who managed to get here for a few hours of relaxation during war.
I know we were a dreadful nuisance and frequently misbehaved. My generation, although reasonably well schooled, is probably the worst educated of this age. This contribution is to be spent on a children’s playground in the East End of London. All I hope is that the children who play there will have a thought for their sugar daddies
here in the Albany Club. What looks charming to the designer and to
the finance committee and possibly to the layout committee may be deadly boring to a
child of four. It’s all very well to praise the cow, but
don’t forget the milkmaid, she delivers the good. We seem to have gotten into the habit nowadays of thinking that all our troubles will be
solved by machinery of this sort. That if you have a lot of science, in some
strange way, it’s going to solve everything. In fact, of course, nothing could be further
from the truth. But, ultimately, some poor, well, I won’t
call him a clot, but some poor chap of which there are great many here. As you heard, tonight’s check brings the total collective in the last three years to 35000
pounds. A balloon, a balloon, Sir. I think I must have been almost as surprised as you are at this time. We want yes men as well as well as no men. And we want people who can encourage and people who can see further than the end of their noses and further than the end of the Ministry
of Supplies’ vote. Because, that’s anotherthing is that, we’re all in this together. I noticed the minister looking rather smug when Mr Barrow said that the press is sometimes rather unkind about the aircraft industry. He’s part of that industry, very well. If he chooses wrong it’s not the aircraft
industry’s fault. However, I think that’s enough… That’s enough of that.

86 thoughts on “Prince Philip’s Jokes: Royal Comedy | British Pathé

  1. The Charismatic Duke! A compilation of Prince Philip's vintage (and gaffe-free) jokes from his speeches:

  2. a sarcastic old thing, a friend of mine attended a reception in Australia for the royal couple ,he said to her with a group of other women "I can see the sewing machines have been all busy lately"

  3. society today doesnt resemble anything like this,  not for thousands of years has there been such a change in society in such a short amount of time.!!!

  4. One I heard straight from the Duke's mouth on another programme concerning Winsor Castle. "Many tourists ask why the castle was built so close to the airport".

  5. so this is what it's like when the Duke of Edinburgh is left to his own devices and without the supervision of his wife, the Queen. as he's gotten older, he's become more hilarious, especially when he off hand insults another person, culture, or country. he's like the royal version of George Carlin.

  6. How did Prince Charles get to be so ugly when Philip was handsome? Prince Andrew's father is Lord Porchester and Edward's is Lord Plunkett.

  7. He truly is from an era when europeans could tell stereotipical jokes and laugh together… now everything is oh Goh we have to be as tolerant and politically correct as possible.

  8. Here is a quote from Prince Philip:
    “In the event that I am reincarnated I would
    like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to

  9. Watching this got me impressed with Matt Smith’s portrayal of him in the Crown. By George (no pun intended), he got him!!!

  10. The British royal family isn't even British 😂 this guy has Greek lineage and the rest of the house of Windsor are predominantly German.

  11. Poor chap gets some grief…. he was a career naval officer, strong willed and focused. Had to give the lot up when he married the Queen. Whilst there is much criticism levied towards him, we shouldn't underestimate the support he has given our Queen over the decades. As a couple they have shown strength of character to British citizens.

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