Laughter is the Best Medicine

Problem with laughing people who laugh in serious time | Solution for laughter | Arakanya Arpita

hello guys so as a robot Carnevale prawns with a laughing people who laughing serious stem yellow no the girl made her out there I'm in to say I am of this type or metal I personally as someone as a turkey I'm lucky problem chaotic a I'm looking a problem and I'll go ahead a key I'm look at the jokes I take a Booma already I'm look at the monitor sugar so that took the pegasi obviously Camilla crikey okay so our years of Nazir's time Macy's place make I cake is a discussion my classroom and making me pie Pepe lunch made dinner Mabel our native Ghana Chi baby Jabba Kelly otezla yada teri Okita lucas duda Montana mubaru theater or apnea Paula I'm Logan is entertainment Carnegie sauce there you know what I'm saying let's just say I'm gonna become a battered I guess I'm gonna go though obviously I'm not born pocketing a in your social media holding a holding a game killing me killing it because we want to entertain ourselves every time okay every time ticket always amazed at the bar where our Java the class me out there are good panel built a provodnikov Power Wagon valley Watney its natural a natural pocket Ducati crack addict okay doing schedule solutions and I'm a coach Paterno sorghum no cookie focus it's serious Abner POTUS a little okie all passionate salad or dismissal a serious a little Dermott sauce terrassa uses analog sonic e azam Nora bondable care below could boil in a bowl a male vocals bass and a Robertson liya karo okay I'll do three head to block pinch your skin to get pinch your skin Moldavia Nagy has achieved ACOG days questioning your 30k chimney-corner to poor George staccato Tocqueville apart tomorrow read which I are to Hassan avant-garde oh I'm into sarunas that car though moussaka I'm at Cana ticket Oscar vada autumn kiss a group discussion Mary efficacy classroom Mayo chopper to me her see area or do 0 when they go they go to me OC Arianna donas keenness Rosie up Nina's a hollow bullet Oh sidecar Lucas is so tan icky I'm thorough I'm no egg dosa you contact me I'm local to DNA tano's New England namkha a substance Hotel Doha do the people's cuz that connect but there has never owned a may emotional high C scale figure or Tomatis ready to subset must idea a key characters could leave that place take a wall juggle sure though just excuse yourself Nara give us our Nevada give a Suri ticket to other it's done or two missteps a happening up co-host Naros hotel or good scientific citizens has a pedometer putana Changi a kam look at your research else no farm to Keanu he does the base percentage ojas yourself were genuine not there are backing assistant nabe percent Athena burgeoning out there bubu homologue uncomfortable made jealousness mare sadness me good plan man coach maybe has knowledge at their that's okay arm look at your doctor hair scientists dr. Robert province cat the Hecky humble owner Achilles is additive hostage of America see group may cause some local Jodi Ann house may ingrained not like substance reducer logo connect car that you know to me example ballistic Tokyo's or call each other's orbit a disco just about wow ticket our bow God I got the bow do sagasta where they he got could there Sarah you are Sega Abu scooter jokes a much may I Annie Bhutto coastal orderly Annie to walk you has a kooky yeah um look at your DNA ham local to connect okay group me they pal yeah exam practically cable at the natural net the case was other source nearly botany order now Joel after within a good to that Scott the acre novice wale are a Korean ticket your novice Austin local girl Amador don't I take care trot man or job really have no hostile atomic paid method 30 care yeah the ricotta or Nagasaki our nervous laughing Tom cottage or below embarrassment at a discomfort rather confused at that and said that the trestle for example less ha ha ha IKEA director hmm yato whole night ha ha mrs. other Chagas at their steps ok I hope you tomorrow Sam Azrael are you laughing Anna yeah I'm local subset greatest equalizer her ticket or its master but you connect with others to get her laughter can reduce your pain ticket algorithm kiss me boring video a Medeco there not too much other than no boob out there huh Gotham kiss upon a video go there video they go to my dark heart you gotta take it oh yeah it's conclusion is that the laughter is the best medicine so yeah to blow up Nemec us at their mother has a problem there ya up now focus but Samara here naturally or job algum lugar could go hostile way Papa NASA maybe Tona then think that your body is trying to suit itself from the stress and discomfort okay job to him look at your body or turnip opening aapko yeh Carter Pilsen alright okay so it's kinda gay bar to be – no no someone's may I add then meta skills soon Mercutio links doll Dodi Google's moussaka concerts Kalina or by the momentum as our next video my Aria made our first videos channel met so like or comment together now comment with you up in it cause key services octo so to my sobriety Haas Nicole a key okay the mammal totem as our next video man definitely

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