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Rahim: Good morning dear friends and welcome to Youtube’s best show where everything we do is related to music. but not only music, it’s about the artists and groups and all people involved, too. A big help is my special guest because she knows everything about beauty and fashion: Dana Rolle. You know her, you know who she is and you probably follow her on Instagram. Dana: I hope so. Rahim: Maybe you’ve noticed how refrehed we look today… Dana: Exceptionally fresh and relaxed… Rahim: Yeah, we were on vacation… Dana: On a short vacation. Rahim: For 15 minutes… Dana: Using a K-beauty sheet mask. Rahim: Yeah, we finally tested out the sheet masks we got in the Korea box. There were 10… Dana: And we tried out all of them at once. Rahim: No, we only tried one per person and maybe we’ll do a giveaway with the remaining masks… and hopefully there will be a video on your channel about this. Dana: Yeah, of course. Rahim: Today? Dana: Today. Rahim: Tough schedule… Dana: Today. I can’t give you the exact time… but as soon as I know more, I’ll leave a comment on this video… and on Instagram.. Rahim: Yeah, I would say you should post it in your Instagram story. That’s where most people will see it… and it’s easier to communicate with others than here on Youtube. Go check out Dana’s social media. Links are all down below. And we both tried out those sheet masks in the video… Dana: Your first time. Rahim: My first time trying out a sheet mask. And we’ll do a giveaway as well. Four of you will be able to win. So go check out Dana later but now we’ll do something special. I thought we should do a funny reaction again. Rahim: Today we’ll react to EXO. Dana: Some eye candy for me. Rahim: Yeah, because I’ve been spoiled by SISTAR yesterday… Dana: I liked it as well, so… Rahim: It’s nice for anyone. Also, Dana stares at girl’s booties way more than I do, I feel like. Dana: I bring them to your attention. “Look at that!” Rahim: “Did you see that fine ass?” she asks me. Rahim: Did we ever do a funny reaction to EXO? Dana: Not a funny rection but a vocal… king reaction… Rahim: Did we do it or were we just planning on doing it. Dana: I think we did. Rahim: Guys, see? You recommend so much stuff and we do so many videos that we lose track. Dana: We’re happy if we remember the groups we’ve already reacted to. Rahim: Yeah, because we started of by reacting to the big groups… BTS and BLACKPINK and so on… an then the next bigger ones… but then you guys said: “These are newcomers. They’re really good as well.” They deserve recognition. This isn’t fair… So we tried doing that. We’re conflicted.. Dana: You start getting confused about which song belongs to what group… Also, when you see all those names it’s like: “Was he in this group?” “or not? Was that this song? Was it even a song to begin with?” Rahim: Right, I interchange the names of members from different groups all the time. (All us multi-stans have been there) Dana: But we do know the names. Yeah, it feels like…like the equivalent to learning all the names of every american artist of the last century. and doing that over the course of…how long have we been doing this? 4 months…no. 3.5 months, I think. Dana: Yeah, but K-Pop for 3 months only… Rahim: Yeah, but we’ll do our best and we’ll react to all of your recommendations one day. We’re on it. We’re on it…we are. Now we’ll react to these funny moments and will be able to lean back for a moment… For 20 minutes. I’ll check the camera one last time so that I don’t have to focus on that. Dana: Right, you can just relax and enjoy. Rahim: Yeah, that’s why I said we’ll do a funny reaction. because I have to edit another video. I’ve prepared something and that takes a lot of time. Dana: He spit on him. Rahim: On stage. Dana: As if the booty slap wasn’t enough. He has to do the thumbs up. Rahim: And I could swear, I just asked you yesterday: ” Did you really slap your own ass in confirmation?” Here, this one, on my left side. You were just missing the thumbs up. She slapped her own ass. I said: “All right then.” You were just missing this. Dana: I’ll do that next time. Rahim: You need to tell me if it’s too lud. It’s so cool that they have these kinds of shows… Is he blushing? Which EXO video was that where they were dancing so sexily? Dana: ‘Love Shot’ Rahim: That answer came as fast as a bullet. Rahim: Good that you know that… Dana: I can remember that one. (understandable) Rahim: Who was that? Chen? Dana: Who? Rahim: The one who was blushing. Dana: That’s Kai. Rahim: That’s Kai? Rahim: How’s that possible? Dana: What are they doing? (Never question what EXO are doing,lol) Rahim: Dance moves.. Clearly.. What was that? Dana: Dance moves… Rahim: Did you see that? Did he flinch? Dana: I think so. Dana: Oh my god, how funny. Rahim: Did he get scared because of her or did he accidentally paint on something? Dana: No, I think he got scared because she knocked on the table. Rahim: He was…awe, really cute. Rahim: Oh god, I hate these. happens… Rahim: How mean but a nice prank. I need to remember this. I need to remember this one. So funny! Because she’s singing long? Dana: Oh, she’s crying but still singing along. Rahim: They just repeat anything they hear. What are they doing? (Again, don’t question it.) What’s that? That was probably thrown by a fan. Like a bunny. Really cute. Who was that? That’s Sehun. Dana: The one in the middle? (Nope) Dana: No. Rahim: Yes, Dana: No, I think… Rahim: Don’t question why we’re looking up here all the time. We’ve got a list with the member’s names and try to learn them. Dana: No, I think Chanyeol. Rahim: Really? Dana: Yeah. Rahim: Yeah, you’re right. In this picture right here he has white hair. These kinds of videos are really good to memorize the members because you see them for longer amounts of time and in different eras. In the MVs and performance videos there are a lot of quick cuts, so it’s difficult to keep up with it. So don’t be surprised if we get some names wrong. Dana: We’re learning, we’re practicing. But wait, who’s on the far right? Rahim: It could be Lay… Suho? (bingo) Okay, I don’t know. Rahim: He’s also got a really smooth face. Rahim: What kind of stuff do they do in their concerts? He had a spiderman mask underneath the owl mask. Was that one of their dances? They had really chic clothes. Rahim: What did he say? Dana: I don’t know. I couldn’t understand. Rahim: How embarassed they are. Really cute. Totally annoyed. Dana: Just doing this while sitting down.. He doesn’t care at all. Rahim: Not a good party. Cute. That’s a huge mistake… His hair.. Rahim: They all really enjoy shaking their hips. That’s clear to see. That’s right. Copy, paste, man. Was that a teddy bear? They really aren’t too tender with each other. Dana: No, they aren’t careful with each other. Rahim: Because of the voice crack? Dana: I think so. Rahim: But that wasn’t even tht bad. Dana: Or because he was singing in english? Rahim: No, there was a short voice crack but he could’ve just kept going. Oh, that really hurt. It’s nuts that they beat themselves up over something like this. Rahim: What is he wearing? Dana: Like a mask. Rahim: But with whom’s face on it? Dana: His face probably. Rahim: How he started walking backwards. Did he hit himself? What are they doing to each other? They’re just hurting each other all the time. That’s still that thing… You know what that just looked like? That’s why he reacted like that. He’s just swirling it around for fun and then… And something like this right there on stage in the middle of performing… His face. Do you see his face? He realizes at the same moment. Dana: But he’s already laughing his ass off. Rahim: And the other one is like: “Ohhhh.” and then… What is he singing? They really dissed each other. So she’s like an actress? Dana: Probably. Rahim: Oh, that’s mean. The MC is even gesturing… Dana: Nice suits! Rahim: Did he miss his part? Is he sleeping? Both of them? Dana: A little bit? Rahim: They’re singing ‘Showtime’? or does it just sound like that? It was actually good at times. Is he imitating him? Oh man, sometimes subs are missing. Oh, mean. Dana: I hate stuff like that. Rahim: They are real ‘delinquents’. Always hitting each other, throwing stuff at others… Again! His face while doing that. Dana: Stone-cold. Rahim: Yeah, and half hurt and half ‘go f**k yourself!”… That’s D.O! And that’s Chanyeol again. Little savage. Dana: Is it Chanyeol? or is it Baekhyun? Rahim: No, it’s Chanyeol. Baekhyun? Dana: No, I think Chanyeol. Rahim: I said Chanyeol. Dana: And we’re here again. Rahim: How long is that thing? Probably was a good interview. Whyyy? Raim: They all had one of those, right? Oh did they dress up? Really pretty, right? They probably covered another group. Dana. Could be. Rahim: Do we know that song? You probably know what song this is. That’s so weird. I know these small hands. Dana: Feet as well? Rahim: That’s a thing? That looks so weird. Dana: He’s embarassed, isn’t he? Rahim: No, he’s just acting. What kind of filter is that? Aggro-cats. He’s not even allowed to make sounds. Rahim: That was Baekhyun again. Dana: No, that was Kai. That was Kai. Rahim: He’s even putting his hand over his heart. Everytime…is it that bad? Dana: Ahh, he landed on his knee. Rahim: That must’ve hurt. Always dancing… How they send him off. That’s an MJ song. That was the song with Justin Timberlake. Dana: These filters.. But that was cute. Until now they were mostly pranking each other in this video. That’s it! Dana: That went by quickly. Rahim: That was 20 minutes… Really quick… Guys, that was the first EXO video I could find or better said, someone send this to us and I put on our reaction list. The video is: ‘EXO Funny Moments PART 1’. There’s also a PART 2 but if you have any better videos please send them to us. We do funny reactions too, from time to time. And if we got some names wrong, that’s because we’re still…practicing. But the thing is: some of these pictures we have are really small… Dana: These aren’t good pictures. The only one I usually recognize is Kai. and D.O He’s recognizable. Rahim: Chanyeol as well. Dana: I’m not sure… Rahim: I hope you had fun and as I said: go check out Dana’s channel and leave a sub beacuse she’s doing the giveaway today And I gotta say my face feels really nice… Those are all korean masks. And other than that there are links for these headphones and my Spotify playlist down below, what else? Dana: Ohhh, Headphones, Instagram, Spotify, plug-ins, Twitter, Snapchat… Rahim: All of it. We can’t mke this video too long beacuse there are still people who need to translate this. Really big thanks to Anthea right here. She did the subs for yesterday’s video for example. Dana: A bunch of videos and the subs are really good. (Thank you so much!

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