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Professional Divorce Photographer – Mini-Mocks

Photographs capture the most formative moments
of our lives, positive or negative. My job is to document that special day when
one becomes two. I’m Tom Byrd, and I’m a divorce photographer. For a lot of people, the day their divorce
is finalized is the new happiest day of their life. They feel reborn, unshackled from years of
resentment and lies. I encourage people to get personal, vulnerable. Before we get to the “I don’ts,” sometimes
the couple and I will return to location of their first big fight and rekindle that energy. Occasionally, we have to deal with a divorce-zilla,
but who doesn’t get a little crazy when planning their first divorce? There’s no wedding party, but there are lawyers,
and they’re often more enthusiastic than maid-of-honor that I’ve ever seen. We’re gonna be rich! I’d argue that the glow returning to a woman’s
eyes after a long and sexless marriage is more beautiful than a sunset. Reconciliation does happen and when it does,
I’ll capture it. But those photos don’t go on the website,
and I charge double. You guys just going to give up like that? I’ve even watched divorcees surprise their
ex by bringing a new lover to the shoot. Couldn’t wait to see you. What’s going on man? Will you marry me?

54 thoughts on “Professional Divorce Photographer – Mini-Mocks

  1. OMG My divorce was so beautiful, I remember it like it was 14 months ago! I laughed. I cried. It was better than Cats! ☺️

  2. Doesn't take much searching to see that this has been done before…

  3. I would have loved to do this. My divorce was great. My ex and i are really good friends. This would have made it better.

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