Laughter is the Best Medicine

Professor Amy Laura Hall on “Laughing at the Devil”

This book is my invitation to see the world with a medieval visionary named Julian of Norwich, the first woman known to have written a book in English. The title of my book, “Laughing at the Devil,” comes from Julian’s vision of God laughing at evil. Her visions and her writings refuse a gospel of austerity and fear At the turn of the 14th to 15th century, a pragmatic response would have been to obey, keep your head down, and pretend that all is well. Julian changed the scene. The laughter Julian received is a testimony against a religion of humiliation. God gave her the blood of Jesus in a way that changed the way she sees the entire universe, including God. Julian’s humility is not humiliation and her affirmation of God’s love in everything, what I call God’s “omni-amity” is a timely word. I need her words, and I believe others do, too.

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