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PUBG: Funny & WTF Moments Ep. 324

I can't find the gun anywhere if you'd like what are you doing I need a gun do you have anything get you baited [Laughter] another explosions this is still deadly and we got the gaskets oh my gosh buddy jump out all of us coming down ha ha ha let's jump out still alive I don't know how this is real how did you survive this final shutdown is somehow a god is he gonna be able to get through this I don't believe this always actually gonna go healing he's gonna go healing oh that's so terrible say you like the walkway total dynamic tornado hello hello car hello car hello [Applause] yeah I got on dude oh my god where is this guy GG's brother huh it's what we call hey drop shot 90-degree angle turn to that dude's face [Laughter] go ahead knock yourself out but that is a compound compound Oh bitch tell it's for Karla talk about after the show ah snack on that one for lunch dude that was like the sickest head shot I've ever hit it's vaulting in the thing he's behind itself syllabi lock myself but did you use fat fingers go to another knock that's a kill gee did you get three with a name what off is that all of them yeah two are dead ones down that means no that's all over his brain he's a Winnie treat [Laughter]

43 thoughts on “PUBG: Funny & WTF Moments Ep. 324

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  2. these compilations have gotten so bad overtime. at first it was legit funny, WTF, OMG, ANGRY moments. and now its just straight up ppl laughing at themselves getting a knockout at 500m like some humble pros. its not cute..we arent going RARARA keep it up! we want entertainment.

    this is now typical behavior for gamers in a content-less video, on a channel relying on this games moments to promote it. meh.

  3. Juegos idiotas que hacen niños y jóvenes más idiotas y violentos. Y después nos preguntamos porqué la humanidad está así… Qué decadencia!!!

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