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PUBG: Funny & WTF Moments Ep. 337

maybe not it could have been faked I'm watching no I see him I see him just hold still I'm gonna knock this guy real quick hello what why hello help me sit on the table it is [Laughter] come here want to test my shotgun on you would you please thank you for testing thank you science doesn't greatly indebted for you and you here comes another tester mere Oh Oh No good shot pam pam pam wagon there's lag happening there's a lot of lag i think he's coming good look Troy I think it's coming through the ground like the floors [Applause] pick up your head oh my god [Applause] yo Ben Oh [Applause] [Laughter] vanilla okay oh I got shot from level one and level two helmet really level one is like I'm pushing okay the other ones [Applause]

31 thoughts on “PUBG: Funny & WTF Moments Ep. 337

  1. People crucified Jesus and now they worship him

    That's modern day Jesus @1:02
    He killed him and after that he was worshipping him

  2. There is the only language i hate its chinese what a fuking idiots chinese are when they speak its like they son of bithc

  3. Get this🤣: i was behind a tree bc someone was shooting at me.I see him take a car and come right at me.I tried exploding the car but i couldn't.And he literally got out of the car as it was running to shoot me and he died from falling.

  4. Bro like the funny and wtf clips are reducing in humour and WTF-ness. Most of them are just people getting headshots or playing the game as intended

  5. I playe PUBG mobile i played on iPhone XR and it's easy to gate use to because you 1st player whit bots than real people. But on pc is a whole new. story I Ben playing for 2 moths traying to be like pung God (you know who) but I suck because my finger can't heando the keyboard lol😆
    《Bad English I know more more French》
    Edit: edit my English

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