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PUBG: Funny & WTF Moments Ep. 338

I don't want to do I want to be by myself no just he's gonna make it or not we have to upload that guys we have to upload the two like perfect timing haeseong's in the warehouse holy bodies for anything more Oh anything Rome in oviedo yeah no no that every namuci line everything but my friends I won second floor without helmet braking grip dragging it you rent Oh what still got him how's it going buddy boom bada boom go be easy let's go baby [Applause] [Applause] later kids dang that dawn this guy woof woof what's your magic yes ah stop with us okay there's one more guy okay this guy I want you Yeti you are my hero yes Latonya Wow drop drop drop

44 thoughts on “PUBG: Funny & WTF Moments Ep. 338

  1. Funny how you can submit clips, but they never get into a video for once…. It's always the same people (streamers)….

  2. bro ..these were not funny nor wtf moments…some of them were but not all..i know u these type of things dont occur everytimes..still you should bring a little change….your view and likes are decreasing day by day…..even I diliked it bcz none of were funny….a day will come when there will be only 100 views..

  3. Hello SMALL Youtuber here 🙂

    I LOVE the KAR98 Highlight kill all 3 in vehicle 🙂

    I also love playing MOBILE LEGENDS and i hope you like everyone 🙂

    i love aLL your funny and wtf moments in PUBG <3

  4. ههههه
    ادخل قناتي اذا عجبتك اشترك واذا معجبتك طنش 😁

  5. That thumbnail reminds me of left 4 dead 2 npc when they get close to a small borders and they start hanging asking for help xd

  6. Oof in my YouTube channel I got a pubg mobile game where I randomly flicked headshot someone bec I thought I was dead lol.
    Click my profile to see the video alth for some reason YouTube uploaded it at 360p instead of 1080p soz

  7. A lot of tese really aren't "Funny & WTF" moments anymore, most are more like cool/well played (you could probably get away with saying EPIC) moments

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