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PUBG WTF Funny Daily Moments Highlights Ep 661

[Applause] bitches come on make it across make it across ah I think if he coulda like some outcomes front tire like yeah the truck will they me know that they who they've got traction no yo anomie I had that guy in my fucking cry I was like literally pressing the button [Applause] I'd have been anybody home yeah we I mean cuz like we were getting hit like just – it's hitting shots like this is it was kind of getting stressful smoked straight ahead drive through it smush smush hello very nice where is your friend ah my sac holy moly nice hat yes this is cult skills yes kiss my ass No [Applause] I got you [Applause] so I I'm doing a thing where every time I die I do five push-ups so what I'm doing it's trying to stop that from happening by not dying winning the game with it I'm kind of still on the car guys I've never been more proud of our team [Laughter] yes no one come to kill my fucking friend another person ok no more fuck oh my god how many people you can kill [Applause]

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