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PUBG WTF Funny Daily Moments Highlights Ep 665

just do it just do it [Applause] it's right through that doorway [Applause] I love you [Applause] I'm gonna get you know what's gonna happen Wilkie I'm gonna die from this red zone I can already feel it if I die that way I'm gonna never play this game again cuz I odds of dying from the red zone are so slim here oh shit you know what when you hear them that's when you know you're [Laughter] now sign of man Rob Schneider fish oh my god I am NOT a person to toot my own horn I like to think I'm a fairly humble individual but at the same time there are moments in my life in which I say reaper you need to fuck someone shit up and I said you know what you got it I then proceeded to lose my fucking shit because that was a hundred percent an accident and I got luckier than someone winning the lottery that being said hah hah hah hah hah hah hah yes yes yeah watch this on three my friend yes why is my gun not reloading shell game genie come on tomorrow oh boy really worried what do I give is it come on say Booga Booga it doesn't even time probably from this point of view that's just how far no why surprise motherfucker [Applause] you

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