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Punekar: Jagat Bhari – Sarang Sathaye | #bhadipa #sms #marathistandupcomedy

Kasa kay (What’s up) Mumbai? Can we make some noise? Done with your bullshit? There was no need to yell like that. We got into this habit thanks to Ravi Shastri You remember Ravi Shastri? They made him sell his Audi. When he used to host IPL in Pune… You remember Pune use to lose all the matches. Now Mumbaikars are used to the feeling So at the Ghaunje stadium, public used to be sad Yuvraj used to feel left out. So we used to be sad too. So Ravi used to come out and yell, ‘Kasa kay Pune?’ and the crowd would go nuts. Pune Public used to think he can speak Marathi. But it was just a trick. He doesn’t know anything about Marathi. Which ever city he visits, He just learns couple of words from there, Prefixes it to the name of the city and yells For instance if he is in Ahmedabad… He goes, ‘Kem Cho (what’s up) Ahmedabad ? All Gujjus then start throwing Phapda in air. Women are throwing their blouses in the air. Basically this yelling releases the tension. and we put pressure on the crowd. Leaving them no other option but to get excited. I am using this trick right now. Because I am feeling tense right now. There are two reasons for it. One – I am not actually a Stand-up comic Now you must be thinking why did we pay this fool then? The thing is that stand up comedy culture was brought back in Marathi by BhaDiPa after a long time You guys know bhadipa right? And I happen to be one of the founders of BhaDiPa And we have a rule in Pune, the one who owns the bat, bats first The other reason for being tense is I am little weak in Marathi language Despite being from Pune. But that’s fine… I mean there’s no need to get tensed because We millennials always mix up the languages. Though I shouldn’t consider myself a millennial. I am 35 But I was born in Pune and I stayed in old Pune for the first 8 years. And you don’t really grow up there. So let’s say I am 27. We old city dwellers are like bears. We waste half our life in hibernation. Now this joke doesn’t work in Pune. Not because they don’t know what hibernation is, They practice it everyday in the afternoon. But as Puneites never leave Pune, they have never seen bears. Do you remember a few years ago they made it compulsory in India to wear a helmet on bikes. I am talking about India, Not Pune. So when they imposed this rule. Punekar didn’t protest or take out rallies. They just didn’t wear helmets. They collectively said, ‘We won’t” Suck it! Thank God Thank god Puneites accepted Demonetisation. Else we still would have been using 500 and 1000 rupees notes. National interest… Mitron and all we don’t care. That doesn’t mean we always have consensus Especially when it comes to food choices If a Puneite likes some food or a restaurant. He won’t rate it at district level, or state level, He call it the world’s best We have a global view. We don’t compete at local level. Do we have anyone from thane? (Crowd-Yes) Which is the best Misal (Snack) place?
(Crowd- Mamledar) Mamledar Misal? It’s the world’s best right? In Pune, people are like…
Bedkar Misal- World’s best Katakir Misal- World’s best I mean, how? Do you even consider misal in world cuisine? Fine forget misal. A friend of mine once said, The Indian Chinese you get at Chandni Chowk is the World’s best Chinese Food Chandani chowk? Really? To begin with, Gobi Manchurian (cauliflower) Triple Schezwan with fried egg can’t be considered as chinese cuisine. Have you ever had ‘Mastani’ (Ice-cream float) I am not talking about that Mastani. whom Peshwa’s disowned. The Puneites disowned her yet each time we remember her, We go like, “She had beautiful skin” “When she gulps a paan you could see it” Why are we proud of that? I mean she’s swallowing her saliva. If she doesn’t she might spit on you. Anyway I am talking about the Ice cream float…. whatever it is- Mastani What is it after all? Why are we proud of it? It’s a scoop of ice-cream floating in melted ice-cream. It’s what you get when a kid plays with his ice-cream. World’s’ best! Because of this we Puneites have developed stockholm syndrome. Have you heard of it? Basically sometimes when people kidnap you, I mean, sometimes it happens in Bihar, not here, You start trusting your kidnapper more than anyone. We start thinking they are the best human being. Similarly Puneites think the one who disrespects them the most is the world’s best If a food place say won’t feed you as it’s our siesta time… World’s best!

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  1. Aaj parant itke videos baghetla comedy che pan mala kadhich kothlach share karavasa nahi vatla… Ha itka bhari ahe ki saglana share karushi vatto…

  2. का कोणास ठाऊक पण मला हसूच आलं नाही एकदा पण 👎👎

  3. मराठी जगवण्याचा एक चांगला प्रयत्न, पुण्यात हिंदी बोलणाऱ्यांची संख्या वाढतीये हे खूप चिंताजनक आहे!

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  5. पुण्याची भाषा शुद म्हनतोय झाट्या
    काय सरवसती न लिहिसन ठेवल आहे का

    लवडुंबर कुढल
    ह्या ह्या ह्या.

  6. Mhanunach punekar standup karayla laglet. Swata var joke kel tar ego japta yetona. Abhiman pexa tumhala jast lajach vatat asavi. Zombla ka PETHKAR.

  7. येत्या ९ एप्रिलला माजी मुख्यमंत्री आणि काँग्रेसचे नेते पृथ्वीराज चव्हाण यांच्यासोबत लोकमंच मुंबईत होतोय. संवादक जगात भारी सारंग साठ्ये आहे. Live येत आहोत ९ एप्रिलला संध्याकाळी ७:०० वाजता. तुमचे प्रश्न तयार ठेवा.

  8. It makes me laugh I saw it so many times you rock it too good man keep it up looking forward for more videos on Pune🤣 and Marathi Manus jagat bhari😝

  9. Ae Dada, he bagh…
    Wirghallelya ice cream madhe ajun ek ice cream cha gola takun ye wikun tyacha trademark karna…
    Mhanunach amha Punekaranna mastani cha koutuk ahe

  10. I hate the comments you made about pune and punekar . Seriously you don't deserve to live in India's most liveable city. Seriously hate you for that 🙍👎👎👎👎👎👎

  11. पुणेकरांनी नोटबंदीचा निर्णय नव्हता स्वीकारायला पाहिजे होता मग 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😩😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. Sadashiv pethet rahane parvadat nahi bochya tula!
    Tya Pula nni pan Sadashiv pethela nava theoon prasuddhi milavali!
    Nalayak loka!

  13. Bhava tu pahila punekr ashil jyani punya baddal khara kay te paristithi sangitli..hatts of you bro👍👍😁😁🤣🤣

  14. His shuddh marathi is giving me life ❤️ i cant speak even this marathi as him.. #millennial problem

  15. Mg chandni chowkatli chinese jagat bhari asel tr mg china chi yede ahet ka….kahi mana yeil te boltat punekr …….. Mhane jagat bhari lol😏😂😂

  16. एक ही घाणेरडा शब्द नाही,शिव्या नाही,आरडाओरडा नाही,कंबरेखालचे विनोद नाहीत,तरीही खूप हासवलं भावा तू.हाडाचा कलाकार

  17. नाही हसत जा तुझ्या विनोदावर… कोलला तुला…
    भाडिपाचा फॅन… जगात भारी…

  18. Mi punyacha ahe,Ata helmet nahi ghatli tr 500 chi fadtat raav punyat…Dhikkkar ahe traffic police cha…

  19. जगात भारी दोनच गोष्टी असतात, एक तर पुणेकर माणूस आणि चांदणी चौकातील चायनिज😍👻😍

  20. 1 te 4 nhi det bhakarwadi… Jagat bharii….😂😂😂 Kasal bhari hot hee…last la.. khatarnak.. khupp chann majja aali😂😂👌👌👌👌🙌🙌🙌

  21. Ho punekar lay bhari…baki Maharashtra t cholar ahe nhi😂😂 kadhi punya ch baher nigha baki Maharashtra kite sundar ahe te samjel

  22. Bhau he khutaye ahe live performance pahila , me fan zalo tuza (helmet sakthi ) I'm punekar…😍😍😍

  23. पुणे करांचा आयुष्य दुसऱ्यावर टिका करणेत च जातंय

  24. Punyat 35 paiki 8 varsha raahun mhanaycha Punyacha aahe, aani var mhanaycha Punyacha asun Marathi nit nahiye. Ha mhanje agadi kahar jhala. 😛 😀

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