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Puppet Randy Feltface Performs in the Open Mic Round – Bring The Funny (Open Mic)

[ Cheers and applause ] “Bring the Funny”! -Oh!
-Yes! Look at you beautiful people Am I looking at you?
My eyeballs aren’t real. [ Laughter ]
No idea what’s happening. I’m from Australia, and in case you’re wondering
yes, we all look like this [ Laughter ] But I’m so excited
to be here in America. I love it here! You guys are awesome. I love my sports. You guys love your sports.
-Oh, man. -You know
my favorite spectator sport? Line rage. You know how in the supermarket,
you can boop your own stuff? Yeah?
[ Laughter ] That’s line rage in action
right there. Yeah. I just love watching
impatient people standing in line
losing their minds. [ Laughter ] ‘Cause we got so sick
of watching other people slowly scanning our goods,
we’re like, “Gimme that! Let me do it!”
Boop, boop, boop! That’s how you do it.
Boop, boop, boop, boop! Not getting old here.
Check this out. [ Booping quickly ] [ Laughter ] Wait! [ Booping quickly ] Right, so I’m standing here,
right? I’m in the line. There’s a man standing
in front of me with impatient veins of fury
popping out of his neck, just, “Hmmmmm!” There’s — There’s like
six self-checkout machines Two of them are broken
because two of them are always broken
for some reason. [ Laughter ]
The four people using the remaining
self-checkout machines had never done it before. How does that even happen? We’ve had them for years. I was giggling like an idiot the guy in front of me
was having a stroke, while simultaneously, four people all just
stood there going… [ Laughter ] Boop — ooh! Boop — [ Laughs ] And the guy in front of me
just lost it. He was like, “Aw, come on! This is ridiculous!” Turning around to me
to try to absorb me into his bubble of hatred. “Can you believe this?”
[ Laughter ] Like it’s the greatest injustice
he’d ever encountered. It’s a supermarket queue, buddy,
relax. [ Laughter ] You guys have been great.
Thank you very much. Good night. Thank you! ♪♪♪♪

100 thoughts on “Puppet Randy Feltface Performs in the Open Mic Round – Bring The Funny (Open Mic)

  1. Randy, I refuse to use self checkouts because humans are neither disposable nor replaceable. Also if I'm checking myself out AND bagging my purchases I'd better be getting an employee discount!

  2. This video is weirdly edited (and the excessive laugh track is distracting).

    Here’s a proper version of this bit from Randy:

  3. If you need more of this comedic genius look up randy felt face on YouTube hes been releasing stuff for years here in aus

  4. The canned laughter and shots of the "crowd" keep throwing me off.
    Why do they have tables? Is it just to fill space in an obviously empty room?

  5. I don’t really know the context of the show, but I found it really annoying that the camera kept going back to the hosts, and that their mics weren’t muted

  6. Oh man, this is gonna be rough. I love Randy to death, but I also know I gotta support the Valleyfolk to the end.

  7. this guy and studio c are too well prepared and talented it's kinda not fair to the competition. it's like putting pro nba players in a rec league

  8. I really hope it comes down to Randy versus The Valleyfolk. This is the only act that I will allow my boys and girl to lose to.

  9. Oh my God I love Randy. Is that weird I would say that but a puppet, but I won't say that to my own brother who is also named Randy..

  10. There are many funny acts on this show. The elimination rounds are ridiculous. Many times two of the best acts go head to head and one is gone. Less funny acts move on just because they get paired with an even worse one. Very unfair!!!

  11. Totally stopped watching the show because they eliminated someone doing comedy over someone doing magic. THIS ISNT AMERICAS GOT TALENT PEOPLE!!!!!

  12. The YouTube algorithm introduced me to Randy earlier this year, and I couldn't be happier. After going back through all the Sammy J and Randy songs/episodes and watching Randy's solo stuff, I've been retroactively purplexed as to how his popularity hadn't skyrocketed quicker. Glad to see make it to US TV!

  13. Randy should’ve won. Definitely didn’t deserve to be booted early. Hopefully this isn’t the end of randy in America I’d love to go to one of his shows

  14. As he ( Randy Feltface ) is doing the skit "Line Rage" the scene from the movie 'go' kept running through my head where the character Mannie, played by Nathan Bexton, is standing an empty check out register (no employee or customers ), passing his flat hand across the scanner making it "BEEP" every time the real employee scans her customers item to check them out. This goes on for a while, sometimes multiple scans at time until their eyes meet alluringly and they break out into a dance to the song "La Macarena" ( Los Del Rio – ) I think Randy Feltface is FUNNY and a good change of pace for comedy that we all need right now. I haven't watched all of his videos yet, especially the one: Randy Writes a Novel (over an hour long ) but I intend to! Here's the link to the scene from the move 'go' involving the check out scanner:

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