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Puppets Tell Knock Knock and Chicken Jokes season1 episode 1

Puppets Tell Jokes. Funny and friendly, every Wednesday. Subscribe and like, right now! Wokka: Hey Brutus, How are things at the shop? Brutus: oh! busy day. I just spilled something. No worries, the puddle isn’t spreading too fast. Wokka: The puddle? Brutus: Oh it’s a small spill. Wokka: Hey Brutus? Brutus: Yes Wokka? Wokka: Why did the chicken cross the playground? Brutus: ahhh. . . I don’t know why did the chicken, did the chicken cross the playground? Wokka: To get the the other slide! *slide whistle sound* Brutus: ugh. Have you Caesar recenty? Wokka: No I need to call him. Brutus: Yes you do. *KNOCKING* YIKES! what was that? Wokkka: Did you like it? Brutus: Wha- are you ok? where did that noise come from? Wokka: I didn’t mean to scare you. I have a sound effects box and when I press this button *KNOCKING* now you say “Who’s There” Brutus: uh this is one of those? Wokka: Yep Brutus: But you don’t say knock knock? Wokka: Nope I press this button. Brutus: That isn’t an improvement Wokka: What do you mean? Brutus: Saying knock knock works better Wokka:But my button? Brutus: Just say knock knock. Wokka: (defeated) knock knock. Brutus: Who’s there? Wokka: Jo Brutus: Jo who? Wokka: Jo-King Brutus: Jo King? Wokka: Joking joking joking joking *giant crashing sound* Wokka: Brutus? everything ok? He sure was in a hurry. Hey Brutus! Burtus: *sounding far away* Sorry Brutus: I’m back how can I help? Wokka: What do you call a greedy ant? Brutus: What do I call a greedy ant? Did I call someone greedy? Wokka: No What I mean is, what is another way you could say “greedy ant” Brutus: uhhhh I don’t know. Wokka: An anteater! *dialtone* Hey that’s a cool sound effect how did you make that? Brutus? Hello? Hello? oh.

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