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Putin Jokes With An American Who Asked Him What Will Happen To Russia When He Steps Down

Michael Henry from Wellington Management in Boston. Thank you very much for being here today and for thoughtful comments. My question to you is to look forward a little bit. You are obviously the most dominant figure in Russia domestically, politically and the face of Russia abroad. But I am wondering if you could tell us what you think Russia would look like the day after President Putin exits the political scene. Why the hurry? I am not going anywhere yet. But I can tell you the following: Russia is already feeling confident, self-sufficient but it is also open to cooperation with all our partners, including the United States I hope that this realisation will eventually come to them and the need to solve our common problems and matters will encourage us to work together efficiently. As concerns Russia’s development, I have just talked about this in my speech, as well as just now, when I was answering a question. We have a whole range of national projects. I hope they will be carried out more or less but they are large-scale and ambitious tasks. But if we confidently follow the path to their solution, the country will be heading towards changing for the better.

100 thoughts on “Putin Jokes With An American Who Asked Him What Will Happen To Russia When He Steps Down

  1. Dirty propaganda ! His just a dictator ! Making his country great ? Who knows ! We will see when his out ! They have said the same thing for Staline before bashing him after his death

  2. Nech pan Boh ochranuje pana Putina na Mnohaja i Blahaja Lita ..dakujem pan Putin ze drzite pevne v rukach
    Mier a nedate sa vyprovokovat Banderfasistom. Slava Rassia…Slava Putin..

  3. Russian people tired of this old currupted Putin, he is worst president ever, brainless idiot who act like Stalin, and want to be president forever.

  4. Putin hiç bir peygamber dini yaymak için savaş vermemiş sadece zulüm karşı şavaş verir islam islam görevi hep birlikte olup zulüm dünya nın neresindeyse oraya gidip zulüm yok etmek tir allah destek çıkacaktır

  5. Putin ahmaklar insanları kılıç zoruyla müslüman yaptılar o öldürülenler cenete islam yaydığını sananlar cehennem gidecek bakara 256 dinde zorunlu yoktur. İslam sadece çağrı yapılır hz muhammed yaptığı gibi

  6. What will happen? All of yeltsins kids guilty of crimes will go to jail along with Putin for covering them up by simplying agreeing to do so or he wouldn't have been president

  7. Retarded people laughing and having fun
    A serial killer and a dictator talking
    You could be a highly educated and stupid without even notice the difference

  8. I wish I could meet such a great leader. His answers shows his smartness and gentle nature. The real Boss PUTIN <3 . hell lots of salute from India.

  9. A paname on n’est les boss gilets jaunes combien qu’on pari que mon peuple avec dieu est plus grand que le tient ? Salut

  10. Putin okadar cenete gidin diye uğraştım beni anlamadınız ben uyarıyorum sadece sizler istesenizde istemesenizde vaat edilen kıyamet gerçek leşecek

  11. Putin en son bütün dünya ya bir araya gelin öyle gelin dedim sonra yapma dünya yıkılıyor dediler ben kiminle uğraşacam islam islam değil ırkçılıķ yapıyorlar kendi soyuma savaş mı açacam türkiye'nin amina koyayım

  12. Joke on those who believe in fairy tales…russia wants war and its playing games…his like the wolf taking sheep and the farmer without a gun or trap…just saying…"I'll get that wolf when I see him…!"

  13. Russian great people? lol you have news everywhere that president Putin is poisonings the completion in order to stay in power…., what the fuck are you talking about? now invading Crimea and killing innocent people….. Russian is a big country stay in it a leave the world lone…..

  14. He did not amswer the question .. Only ensured that russia is trying to be friendly with the united states… Twice.. Sketchy

  15. He did not answer the question. What will happen when such a powerful figure leaves? is there going to be a power vacuum? What if the opposition parties take over. Are they going to forward the initiatives started by Putin's party?

  16. That is a big problem. One that the Russian people will understand when Putin is gone. Russia is being held together by a strong man. But when that strong man is gone there will be a battle to fill that void. Can power be transferred successfully and peacefully in Russia. I would say no.

  17. Putin bütün lidereler bir araya gelin dünya yı yok etmeye çalışın bakayım yapabilecekmisin bir kader var dünya sadece öyle yok olacak kıyamet senaryosu uydurmasın kimse

  18. Putrid Putin may be pushed out of office if he doesn't leave neighboring countries alone. He is going to destroy russia, and has already done a lot of damage to the country due to his wanting wars at every turn.

  19. The Greatest Leader would have no bombs or weapons of mass distraction better to race to the moon and Mars much more fun Russia can do it Bombs are a waste of time a mugs game, do great things.

  20. President Putin together with Premier Xi Jinping are leaders demonstrated by their constructive actions in the face of Western threats and inuendos. The others are reckless with their words and weapons.

  21. God Almighty gives victory to believers in HIM, Mighty and Majestic, who are not arrogant but just, patient and hold back their hands, and not so quick to insight aggression.

  22. Both america & russia are equally responsible for cozing the instability in this world and now motherfucking chinese are stepping to further distabilise everything…fuck u superpowers,china is my ass poo!!

  23. Premier Puten is a man that is spreading optimism concerning the world and thank that he puts some sanity to a world gone crazy with the wrong being not seen as wrong and the right is not going right. So there's a narrow margin for talk of destroying and leaving all that was good and civil to a bunch of maniacs.

  24. I'm living in India since years
    Here Indian People prefer Russia over America and Putin is like their own Member.

    As an American it make me jealous
    But it's ok, it's upto their choices

  25. Question: if putin is such a boss then why have the Baltics surpassed russia in gdp per capita as well as democratic liberties? Baltics were poorer than russia when they were part of soviet union. Simple answer: putin isn't great and he has mismanaged russia by wasting money on things like propaganda and wars.

  26. Putin certainly is the type of leader every country on the planet is wishing for. But it also because of Russian people who have great respect and agreement with almost everything he has done. His capability of deliverance is only increasing. Why to wish someone else?

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