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Putting Donald Trump Supporters Through an Ideology Test: The Daily Show

Earlier this week, Donald Trump
proposed a bold new program to manage immigration
into the United States. We should only admit
into this country those who share our values
and respect our people. I call it extreme vetting. I call it
extreme, extreme vetting. It’s like he really thinks the
more “extremes” he puts on it the more votes he’ll get,
you know? “We’re down six points in Ohio,
so extreme vetting. “Extreme, extreme. “Check again.
How many? How many? Seven. Extreme, extreme.” The big question is, uh,
how widely shared are the values that Trump speaks
of amongst Trump supporters? Well, we sent Jordan Klepper
to find out. KLEPPER:Donald Trump’s new
ideological screening test
will weed out extremists
Extreme views
about religion such as… It’s oppression of women,
gays and non-believers. KLEPPER:That’s right. Trump
wants prospective Americans
to embrace religious freedom,
gender equality and gay rights.
At a recent rally in Wisconsin,
his fans were on board.
I am for extreme vetting. I am. I think it is a good idea. Extreme vetting. Think that’s a good idea? Of course.
He forgot one thing. Just make ’em eat some bacon. KLEPPER:
These guys were pumped about
America’s values
of tolerance so
I knew they’d pass Trump’s test
with flying colors.
Fill in the blank for me. Two men getting married is…
blank. Disgusting. I should answer
it’s legal in the United States. Oh, it’s legal,
but I don’t like it. It’s important
to believe in our… you know, to have respect
for everyone’s religion. -So you respect Christianity?
-I do. -Judaism.
-Yes. -Islam.
-No. Can a woman be president? The presidency is a man’s job. I have womenarequalified
to be president. No. A female
has more hormones. She could start a war
in ten seconds if she has hot flashes,
whatever– boom! Haven’t all wars
been started by men? Mm… yes. Do you think a gay couple
should have the same rights -as a het…?
-No, I don’t. I really don’t.
I don’t think it’s fair. To the gay couple? Well, no, but, the regular couple–
they work so hard, you know. And the gay couple–
they want more. Do you…? When you say more,
do you mean equal? Yeah, they want equal in that. -And that’s just too much?
-Yeah. -No, that’s the wrong answer.
Sorry. Hold on. -Ah.Turns out Trump’s ideology testwas going
to be harder than I thought.
Whenever I hear “president,”
I think of man. It’s a man’s job. What’s the r…?
I may be… Uh, closed-minded. No. Yeah, well, no. -Um…
-Misogynistic? (laughs)
No. You’re voting
against your own interests. That’s it. Thank you very much. These extreme nations– they
don’t treat women with respect. We treat women
with respect here. Yes, we do, be… -That’s an American ideal.
-Yup. Tell me about your shirt. -What’s it say?
-It says… (laughs) “Hillary sucks.” (laughs)
But not like Monica. Hilarious. So we were talking about
treating women with respect. It’s an American ideal that we treat women
with respect, so… You got to give me the back
of that shirt one more time. That’s too much fun. Trump that bitch! (laughs) We don’t even see
the irony in it. I love it, right?As passionate
as these guys were,
they just weren’t passing
Trump’s ideological test.
there was still time to study.
This will just help you
prep for the test so if you take it again,
you’ll be more welcome here. Uh, this is a DVD of the third
season ofWill & Grace.-Okay. -It’s really likable
and not too gay, gay people. This one is gonna be good
for you. Gloria Steinem. This really like, uh,
humanizes women. -Okay?
-(laughs) ‘Cause us feminists– -we have so much work
to be done. -(Klepper laughs) -You know?
-You a feminist? -No. -KLEPPER:Obviously,
extreme vetting was necessary
to weed out extremists,but until the plan was
in place, were any of us safe?
Are you afraid the extremists
are already here right now? They could be anywhere. They could be right here. -They could be.
-Yeah. -Like that guy or that guy.
-They could be over there. -They could be that guy,
or this guy. -Anybody.

100 thoughts on “Putting Donald Trump Supporters Through an Ideology Test: The Daily Show

  1. That was funny, but in fairness that extremely small sample appears to have been screened for obliviousness and lack of articulation.

    Some of their attitudes would have sounded a little less whackadoodle if they'd have been able to put them into better words.

  2. 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️omg these people are soo dumb. Omg this is embarrassing. These people should not be allowed to vote. There should be a common sense test for people to be able to vote.

  3. These peoples views don't represent the entirety of conservative ideologies. A true conservative at heart only wants liberty, freedom, and equality for all Americans regardless of their race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. We believe this can be achieved by loosening the government's grip on our daily lives and allowing citizens to live their lives as freely as they choose within the boundaries of the constitution without government intervention. I don't believe the people interviewed in this video are in tune with this concept. And with their ignorance, are painting a bad imagine of good people. Unfortunately, the people who truly represent the whole hearted open mindedness of a freedom seeking conservative often don't recieve this level of media attention. Therefore creating a false depiction of who we are. Luckily, the truth always eventually prevails.

    And as this video clearly shows us, the statements made by those interviewed are not in alignment with President Trump's. Because President Trump is a true conservative at heart and honors the values mentioned above.

  4. Nothing better than a foreign national Noah lecturing the US while he was too big a pussy to improve/stand up/be critical of his corrupt South Africa. Then when called out he retreats to the “im just a comic”

  5. As a bisexual man, a gay couple should have equal rights but that’s too much lmao no offense, they’re pretty stupid

  6. Kinda scary to think 40%of the country is uneducated:( i correct myself..being uneducated does not mean you are stupid! But Trumptards sure are!!

  7. The bias on this show is disgusting. We’re do we find journalists who reports objective relevant and significant facts

  8. Im a Republican i seirously find it so hard to understand why so many of my family members and friends back this guy. His supporters just seem to turn a blind eye to everything. I will definitely not miss Trump, all thought im still hoping for a Republican president.

  9. They support Trump but when President Barack Obama wanted this and got it they call him the first gay president what the f***

  10. I observed few attributes to be a trump supporter – Orange skin tone , Obese, Brains smaller than an Etruscan shrew/ NO Brain , Little / No Education, Racist , unable to understand sarcasm !


  12. These are the “ deplorable,uneducated ,racist bigoted, homophobic misogynist, ill informed, unread and gun loving lunatics “ scary.

  13. Its Always nice to relax & study politics. Just penetrate THE Minds of both voters & politicans. Maga hats & all new political ideas how to make things great. USA are really into politics and they all seem to know how to handle things. Americans has to THE greatest People of Earth. Bothsides are convinced that THE other part is wrong. Would Navy Seals say its a simple solution to a complexed problem. Stand your ground and blame THE other part.

  14. I've been looking for "Putting Hillary Clinton Supporters Through an Ideology Test: The Daily Show". Can't find it. Please help…

  15. I was dead laughing when that guy said haven’t all wars been started by men? 😂😂😂😂

    Nothing but silence from her after that haha

  16. Sticks and Stones… Duhhhh Drrrrr the president is orange man …… Leave Politics out of Comedy.
    You pussy faggots! Eddie Murphy said this over 30 yrs ago in Raw…

  17. Oh, so close. For a moment, just a brief flash, I could hear one really trying to process the information received and then immediate silence. . . I know, I know, I was asking too much. They can only do so much. Bless them all.

  18. "Whenever I hear president I think of men"
    Hmm.. well, that's interesting, because, whenever I hear president, I think of Obama.

  19. Best done interview on Trump's people!!!!
    When you're ignorant you don't even know you're ignorant!
    These are Trump's people because without money inherited from his dad, Trump would be the guy talking about respecting women while wearing a T-shirt that excruciatingly degrades women!

  20. Can you say, Voter IQ law is long overdue? I wouldn't let these people in my house. I would be afraid to catch their disease. STUPIDITY!

    TURN BLUE IN 2020! Let's get this nation back on track so we can educate these idiots.

  21. So why is he allowed and his foreign wife and kids into this country they are all disrespectful to this country? Wow I'm a womanizer but forget all that I'm president now forget what I do!

  22. People didn't give a damn about Trump till he preached about how immigrants are bad remember this country was stolen murdered raped by immigrants that were not from here cause they were thrown out by their own country and called explorers convenient to forget history when needed

  23. Instead of opportunity to make people question their longheld views and also realize noone is ideologically one sided, this was yet another "trump bad voters bad, trump dumb voters dumb" to pander to Trevors liberal base and further divide America

  24. Not all wars were started by men- or at least not the implied category of heterosexuals. The Seven Years Wars is a good example. Frederick the Great of Prussia (a gay man) fought Empress Maria Theresa of Austria, Czarina Catherine the Great of Russia, and a French king dominated by his mistress Madam L'Pompadour. This was a consequence of seizing Silesia from Maria Theresa when she first ascended her throne- women don't forgive or forget armed thievery during a time of weakness, nor should they.

  25. Do any of those people know what ideas that our US Constitution supports?
    I love our forefathers for having such great insight.
    God Bless America!

  26. Who are these God complex people like the little Noah that who try to embarrass strangers about nonsense political beliefs.
    .what a scumbag.

  27. These hillbilly freaks are more like Shari'a then they know. Their women also have Stockholm syndrome and think its their "culture " to be oppressed. Just do me a favor, trumpsters, when you refer to yourselves as "the American People", please realize 75% of the American population disagrees with you and they also refer to themselves as the American People. Curious to know if "loyal" trumpsters will go to jail for sedition, for inciting violence, for voter intimidation, these kinds of things when the shtf? Also, a hallmark of the trump opioid crises handling is they are trying to eliminate the narcan for od emergencies. So when the EMTs arrive, they won't be able to magically revive the OD with a shot of narcan. They will be transported to hospital and most likely DOA.see trumpsters, that is how you can tell Obama from your precious trump. Obama had a heart that contained mercy for even junkies and ner'dowells

  28. Trevor Noah, if you don't appreciate American value then leave. African is having a serious humanitarian crisis and you should take care of your own home rather interfere with someone's life and country or home. just honest suggestion LEAVE and help your own country

  29. Oh my God I love the guy in the Hillary shirt when it dawns on him how disrespectful he's actually being- and it did, for a fleeting moment you can see the look in his eyes as he realizes it😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  30. They have embarrass all Republicans. I am a Republican, but I do not like trump . i also think these people should go to school again

  31. Wow..these ppl cant be serious i mean shit how can they not see how stupid and ignorant they sound. They have to be actors if they arent i feel sorry for these idiots

  32. Queen Elizabeth, queen isabella, the half dozen cleopatras all had slaves, started wars, and did horrible authoritarian things. Hillary Clinton started wars. Barack Obama put military troops in Syria without congressional approval, making him a war criminal

  33. too bad life doesnt have a test on how smart you have to be to breed ~_~ just pit in the hole GG. idiots get to reproduce.

  34. Trump doesn't need to have rallies. 46 percent of America are just like these geniuses. Simpletons,who's views and opinions are just as confusing as his own.

  35. Not all wars were started by men. many women have fought and been leaders of countrys and had to do the same job as men throughout history

  36. Extreme idiots is what they are. Idiots following a big Orange idiot who declared war on light bulbs for making him look orange.

  37. Can we all please feel some compassion for these ignorant people? All of us, if we were caught at the wrong time or asked the right questions, could probably sound just as ignorant on some topics. We need to reach out to them and love them. Calling them names (even when they call us names) isn't going to be productive. But showing kindness by investing in their education and their spiritual and intellectual growth would go a long way in defeating this kind of ignorance. They're being played, guys. By a party that claims to love them and doesn't. We should stand up for them just as much as we stand up for ourselves.

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