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Racist Or Just Bad Jokes? Audio of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s “Comedy” Roast

about up conservative got together in
Arizona to roast Joe Arpaio if you’re unfamiliar with him
but you must be living under a rock you what are the most controversial share
apps in the country and a representative John Kavanagh went
up there to do the roast and he made a number of jokes at the
expense of moslems Asian Mexican every federal monitor that
supposed to be overseeing what’s happening in the
police department there in Maricopa County the police department
has been accused of a number a terrible things like ignoring sexual
assault cases if it involves hispanics but now let’s go to the very first video
where you can hear him making jokes about Muslims a lot of
people go ahead and cord termination better one religion and
Arizona and I’ve got it until that won a muzzle on way to serving up what up here job wouldn’t do it goodies
lol I don’t serve so on that’s not bad that’s a joke against
your party are you place that’s okay the smaller Joe no
it’s okay yeah on how to start off that way and I
it when I listen to this entire like 15-minute
video in the very beginning I was like that’s
not bad but unlike kinda like to get a little questionable
so I want you guys to judge but I think that was totally fine yet yeah yet by the way share Joe was not
happy about the shows go somewhere or pretty hard hitting any energy for later again they were by the
federal monitors that swine joke a at one point in China in Iraq with
them right this guy Kavanagh’s and our any says are they
still doing the sweeps for the federal monitors and our prior system are respond to you
when you get done that’s enough what now so it was because he was
pointing to things that are absolutely true look the jokes would be funny unless
they were sure about right and any wouldn’t be shared showed he could take
a job at high life wire the roasting this guy he’s likely to lock them up
immediately after the ceremony threat so in the next video I
you’ll hear hear him at making jokes about Sheriff
Joe and asians sure service is bad for america login injury in it the mall your I think it was wrapping up
this bad good from this passion in the mineral of ground invasion again I’m not that offended by the
reference this ban expirations their it’s more a joke about Sheriff Joe I’m
with and I heard the rest it’s going to get worse but there it’s are more offended by
other people laughing that exactly right like in this is happening
it’s been acknowledged and people are like ghetto where is here ground up all
those expenses which was a terrible freakin joke well like which is
that one yeah I know this is an old joke to joke
about that is all is on yeah it’s very rare your words
wisely running up like this five years old but like its I he does but it’s better to be back
Galway you have a mexican-american war there was actually a mexican-american
war maybe eww that yeah know how to share lol venture first you know when we walk into a restaurant
in motorway bad caused by about the back
window in at 1800 well I don’t know what the hell
the Bible this is great in in in global Paul not go over No up so when he says stickam its reporting
to a waiter in the audience or something is that what he says are deporting to
Joe Arpaio things that come to the waiter unfortunately I don’t know we only have
audio there with video-on-demand okay but I think again like would think that
is right it’s not so much the jokes but it’s just like big knowledge meant that
he does these things and the laughter about it yeah I mean to me but it works a joker okay then laughing at a joke
that be okay to do that me but you’re there to support your pile
so you were laughing we don’t like Joe are piled there they liked your part
that’s why they’re there for dinner for him the laughing at your budget it be what’s
in there if they’re roasting hitler before May 8 but the Jews in the AAS yeah ask sold over the weekend that would be but there will be plenty
but his body because we don’t let go up our they’re laughing cuz they do like don’t
let that makes it yeah and that was more directly latinos
so the wait staff yet visible thing I like that a lot out there are no
leads that that I me it’s is pretty benign tissue and mild stop
prey that was I’m more offended the IQ
throughout this whole thing that they’re laughing it totally on for a stock but that but you know there he’s
definitely directly more towards latinos any that’s right look so is their boundary here when you’re
talking about political figures in roasting personal attacks you wouldn’t
rose political figures are being the bad idea overall break I like Grosse Ile aux gros right
already in the political figures any other day see territory rate gap so like I hated during the you know White House
Correspondents they don’t call roving David Gregory and all the rest their dance together I couldn’t stand the rain
I don’t like it when Obama jokes about drones by your joke about
Obamacare stuff like pack says I can let go of course that’s why I know they got
a joke about everyone saw you know what we don’t want to be like
steps about it we joke around about about a lot of stuff but it’s a couple when the guy doing the
drone strikes then Joe sir I like I your ideal those innocent people they
just had a wedding in Yemen been killed 15 p.m. don’t don’t believe
you we can go to a joke Robert Rosen make
your jokes about wire hangers right you’re talking about a hold rating up by
right that’s what I’m saying exactly yeah like SF I’m on your side and agro I
am go powering little bit of moderate or oranges for me question go then didn’t get it people over all he will offer just ran
down to the lower the one who’s managed people have a
decent man was killed in it the HOMO go individual it well well and just not beyond that I’ll so they are they’re making fun of
job are pyro for being his racist policing policies
but they’re also laughing that funny that he’s a racist
police in part that’s okay problem yeah it does are okay jelks yeah
like I goodbye to make those jokes does be fantastic it’s the Reitz I can’t be happening and
why are you laughing you’re not laughing at the ritz a reason
we’re laughing there lapping at bird like a little bit
of a different reason let me ask the professional comedian why is that joke even I get we almost
not really funny right but what is the structural intent when Sheriff Joe Senser’s new deputies
the Kami you know like a train the new Miranda warning in Spanish after teaching English tell me that he’s
a racist and he’s only brought persecuting
mexicans right and that was that so that’s right now
you gonna have to pretend like you’re important loggins white slut you ever
arrest the white yeah I know Bradley warnings in English I gotcha I had to listen to three times
under something i adverse I’m a professional right yeah I the real email the signed over the
booking intake door go in the jail will have to say welcome and not used be a really don’t I said Bennett veto what

100 thoughts on “Racist Or Just Bad Jokes? Audio of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s “Comedy” Roast

  1. Arpaio? That's not a white mans name. Sounds like it's eyetalian or some other kind of southern or eastern europeon name. Those people aren't white. Therefore he can't be a racist. Or can he?

  2. they did not do their homework i found video just typed in joe arpaio roast on youtube i think if they not use just sound bites look the video up say you could not find any thats not true dont be like mainstream media if i can find the video two minutes on youtube whats wrong with the young turks finding it i watched the roast why is race always being brought up dont know if he is or is not a racists but i have heard alot worse celeberty roast how about ted danson showing up to whoopies roast in blackface i could go on and on i am not standing up and cutting down anyone just pointing out a few facts if you are going to do good reporting do it right and be truthfull about it its not the best roast nor the worst roast i have ever seen

  3. Dude im Mexican an live in az and those jokes are funny because its true Mexicans
    would shit in arpios food .

  4. Cool the standard for what it takes to be labeled as a racist has dropped to willingness to enforce immigration law.  Their laughing at his media critics and the federal monitors as well as showing people that being labeled a racist is too easy a task for a conservative for them to not be able to joke about the criticism.

  5. This is a prime example of why Conservatives can't be funny. They lack this thing called, satire. Joking about 'rounding up Mexicans' and Muslims and swine isn't funny when there's a racial/ethnic subtext undertone that enforces discrimination. Tracey Morgan (who is not a Conservative) made the gay joke about stabbing his son in the chest if he found out he was gay… that's not funny, when it's real. Jimmy said it best, you wouldn't go to a Joan Crawford roast and joke about wire hangars. There's a reason for that.

  6. I hate beans, don't eat pork or rice, don't smoke or drink, and I'm Mexican. I do eat lots of spinach and oats.

  7. Along with everyone who isn't a Native American, that's ALL of us, bad move in my opinion unless you want to be sent back to a part of the world you have never lived

  8. Funny thing about racist jokes is they are the last resort of the unfunnies. That's right, if all you can base a joke on is a stereotype you're unfunny. 

  9. My eyes were wide open after the first joke.Just completely shocked people would laugh, thats what pissed me off, if he would of talked about blacks, it would be race riots right now, I wonder if any minorities were there, talk about awkard, right?

  10. I guess they haven't seen the Howard stern roast of a kkk leader. I'm black and the jokes were pretty racist, and many were said by white comedians. Not all funny, in fact some were terrible but I wasn't really offended and it got a few chuckles from me. In a roast almost anything goes

  11. So you guys are angry at him cause he went after mexicans? when youre most illegal immgrants coming from mexico? kinda dosent make sense. 
    im not living in us or im not us citizen, just saying it make most sense that you have big problem with something, its reasonable to react to that problem..regardless of race. If you had border with for example china, would that be racists to round up all chinese on border? no. its just practical.

  12. Yes turks just keep bitching like you always do. lol. Its getting old turkies, but never ceases to amuse.

  13. Are Cenk and Ben really that slow? I got the Miranda warning joke the first time I heard it, even with that shitty sound quality.

  14. First of all, I found the jokes quite funny, second, maybe I'm naive, but, Idk, it came across to me like he was criticising the Sheriff between the lines, no?

  15. Right wingers GET PLEASUE in hurting people and treating them bad THATS what they are laughing at. Brutalising and degrading people is funny to these scum…

  16. It's a roast. The people in the audience are kinda encouraged to drink and laugh… plus there's the suck-up part where they think they need to laugh. People laugh at lots of unfunny things. Just think about all of those bullshit pre-packaged comedians that make bank and all of the idiot who buy their albums. 

  17. I'm kinda glad the Republican party can't get past this whole inbred racist redneck fucktard nonsense, because it pretty much guarantees they'll never sit in the white house again

  18. If you haven't noticed yet, it doesn't matter what you do or say. You'll get laughs or claps for it if you have a Republican audience. You can be as racist or vile as possible. They'll laugh.

  19. You guys really come across as self-righteous, like you have the moral high ground on human behavior. You actually sound like a bunch of self-righteous religious folks sitting on a panel judging everyone's moral behavior. I guarantee you Jimmy's made a few "racist" wisecracks here and there in his life.

  20. Sherrif Joe = Less Crime = Lower Murder Rates = Less Property Crime. If you're a non-criminal, Joe is the way to go!

  21. Sounds like "America's toughest sheriff" can't take a joke. He's a typical thin-skinned bully who acts all tough on the outside but is a snivelling wimp on the inside who cowers at any kind of criticism.

  22. Ana, you were especially charming on this video for some reason. And of course witty and informative as always. I want to publicly admit I have a crush on you.

  23. Arpaio is a fucking racists piece of shit.  Case closed, I don't care about him being roasted, I just know he's not welcome in San Diego ,California….And who the fuck would want to go to Arizona? Especially his county A bunch of Mormon backward wannabe Neo-Nazis. Nazi Low Riders over everything. 

  24. Fuck you Cenk, you fucking douche bag. You don't know what's offensive for Asians or Latinos, you're Turkish, don't speak for any other ethnicity. BOO TYT on this one, and I'm a Wolf-Pac donor. 

  25. WTF? Its a roast and it has jokes that mention race. How the fuck do you conclude that Arpaio and company hates other races. lol

  26. Never make racist jokes about the Mexican wait staff while at dinner unless you like the special "sauce". Conservatives are so dumb

  27. This is a clear sign that we WILL become the Palination! This roast is a roast blessed by GOD HERSELF!

  28. So aren't roasts all about cracking jokes at the person you're roasting? Each one that I've ever seen has been. Some politicians have been involved, besides Hollywood figures, but never law enforcement.

    Perhaps it is that Sheriff Joe isn't used to being in the spotlight, let alone having someone tell jokes about him, and laughing? In normal circumstances Sheriff Joe would be shooting, or at least threatening to! Now there's too many white witnesses! 😀

  29. Why are people offended at roasts? Fucking everything is on the table there. Unless you've prepared yourself for every kind of personal attack, don't go to your own goddamn roast.
    It's so stupid. A roast is specifically designed to shit all over you, from start to finish. "Oh, this thing that was meant to offend me is offensive? I am shocked!". I hate thinly skinned assholes.

  30. i think he knows what he's talking about, if you were a policeman then you would probably become racist. i'd hate to put up with the shit that cops deal with, better all the blacks get deported. you CAN ask them to leave, surely? in australia thery won't let you bring in organic materials because they can damage the ecosystem, but you can let in people because you can order them to leave after their visa expires. thats not racial abuse. your going home (oh, no)!  

  31. i dont know whats worse. the fact that he actually does these things, or that everyone recognizes his open racism and laughs about it.

  32. Yes, how dare a Sheriff "round up" people that are breaking the law and arrest them. What a horrible White Racist.

  33. What  the hell is in the water in Arizona?  First there was Goldwater … the first of the far right wingnuts.  Then McCain . The sheriff in this YouTube, the hag of a governor …  douchebags, one and all

  34. I like how the comedians are not quite on the same page as Cenk and Ana. Probably because they understand that one of comedy's best assets is making laughter out of dark truths; this world would be shit if we couldn't occasionally laugh at serious issues.

    I totally see where they are coming from, but you have to remember: the audience is at a festive roast, probably buzzed, and in a light-hearted mood. Catch any if us in that state and I guarantee we would be willing to laugh at a lot darker shit than we normally do.

  35. Arpaio is not a conservative. He is a constitutional rights violator wannabe in at least one instance I am aware of, and may be violating the constitution in others. Therefore, he is an extreme left-winger, seeking to impose greater government control than the constitution allows.  

  36. But isnt this just Satire? You know, LIke Cobert did with his "Oriental" Joke that started the cancelCobert campaign ??  

  37. I generally give a pass to 'roasters'. I've heard some pretty funny stuff in my day from the other blue aprons, but that was done at the level in a place where we are all equals no matter our social status outside… and the Shriners also happen to donate 10s' of thousands of dollars to the local hospitals to treat anyone no matter where they are from or what race they are or what language they speak.
    So it's pretty good pass imho.

    Joe Arpaio on the other hand is more likely to drag those cancer victims out of the hospital and put them on a bus to Tijuana. I guarantee you he's never been 'levelled' with a Latino in his life.
    I give him no pass even if I know some people at this roast might not have known any better. 

  38. TYT sound like they are the owner of the world so arrogant, sarcastic liberals.
    I guess that is the way to get rates, if you sound conservative you're doomed.


  40. I love Sheriff Joe. I wish we had a Sheriff like him in Los Angeles Commiefornia. He hammers down the scum and puts them into tents.

  41. I WAS offended because the jokes werent funny at all. if your going to do jokes, and be racist, atleast be funny!!!

  42. Joe Arpaio is a really fucking racist guy just like people that live in arizona against latinos!! fuck all haters wanna be better than latinos, yeah right enemies in your dreams!!!!!!

  43. arpaio is a fake!! he played the role of Philadelphia mayor frank rizzo he faked his death in that city and he's now Arizona's tough law and order guy!!

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