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Rainbow Days [ Nijiiro Deizu ] » HUMOR

I guess it can’t be helped. Even though I have a busy morning Hey Mari-chan wouldn’t it be better if you loosened up a little? Since we have became second years the wind has really been blowing… Hashiba-kun Natsuki? Hey Hashiba! You’re soaking wet… what happened? Like I said… she’s not here! but she’s right there… That is just a person who looks like her! I don’t have a sense of humor! The formula is just words. It’s not a calculation! X is going to be the end of me! Morning! Morning… it’s the whip of love! scary! A Chance! You got some jelly there You got some jelly there! That’s the first time I’ve witnessed someone taking a picture of a towel Is this guy Hara Tatsu?
* A baseball player * is that an abbreviation for Hara Tatsunori? I forgot something! You’re right! This is perfect timing! We can’t get all the way over there Men can’t be silent… Use your voice! Spying is a bad hobby Marippe I wonder why Tsui-san hates me? isn’t it just her natural instinct? Kobayakawa-san… Shut up! She’ll hear us! Go over there! Come on, come on, come on! Hey! Hold on! Please take care of us! I don’t want to The beginning You guys really know how to alienate me I think impulses are awful I wonder when my love will start What kind of idiot says that?
-You’re the idiot! you’re the one who first jumped in! Probably when you stop talking about S&M? And because of that you’re bold enough to sneak a smoke? I caught you! Don’t underestimate your little sister! Her personality used to be so cute, she was so attached to me That’s hard to imagine What the hell? Does Karaoke sound good? Bastards only! 90% of our conversations is her condemning me I like you Katakura-senpai! Actually, I have a girlfriend Shall we go?
-Let’s go Alright! He’s pretty fired up huh? Right? Is he going to treat us ? What’s wrong? what do you mean? I’m the boyfriend And she’s my girlfriend Right? Aw, shit! what’s wrong? Yeah Do you like monsters, or more like I heard that you like monsters Kobayakawa-san told me She is a trustworthy person She’s like a cat showing it’s belly That’s even more difficult to imagine Treat her well man! I, umm… I’m no good with those kind of things! You called him the worst though
– I didn’t say that sorry! I wanted to get used to it, so I went and checked it out Are you stupid? You didn’t get used to it at all Get it. Get it Just leave it! You’re going to treat me to Yakiniku right? You’re so harsh Kei-chan It’s the whip of love.
– No! No! No! My sides hurt from trying to get away super fast! It hurts! what the hell? Go ahead and eat this it’s Matsun’s though

13 thoughts on “Rainbow Days [ Nijiiro Deizu ] » HUMOR

  1. I reallllllllly realy like this movie well first of all there is no love triangle (so i didnt get into syndrome thx god🙇)
    secondly, there are 3 couples and each one of them have their own stories(and i LOVE mari&tomoyo)
    Lastly, there are too many funny scenes I mean I never laughed that much before😂😂…
    All in all: IF U DON'T WATCH IT.GO WATCH IT (end of my essay.thank u for reading😅 and thank u for the video…it's lit 👌👌👌👌)

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