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48 thoughts on “Rainbow Six Siege – FAILS & WINS: #3 (Best R6S Funny Moments Compilation)

  1. I liked an subed because you got the her gun right in the. Sorry I don't mean to call it click bait but I don't I know what it's called. But good job and sorry for calling it click bait

  2. I remember the first match i played in R6S.He was an montanage(as attacker) and Caviera(as defender).He helped me plant and defuse the defuser.I regret his other teammates.They were toxic

  3. 5:03 reflex aims from the tip of the triangle and the triangle was above the head which caused him to miss.

  4. Can anyone imagine being distracted by an Ash then turning around to see a Monty right behind you then you kill them both? I have

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