Laughter is the Best Medicine

Ramadan Jokes · #RamadanReady

This is exposing my corny humor guys, honestly. Ok, so they’ve got a list of the corniest jokes they could find, Ramadan related. So we’re going to read out the list to each other the jokes, and we have to try not to laugh. So, if you laugh you lose basically. Okay. Jokes please. What is the best kind of weed? Tajweed. Sorry, I’m supposed to not laugh right? Even I laughed, thats… Straight face. What do you call a Muslim who loves to shop? Abaya. I don’t get that one. Oh a buyer! abaya! Oh I got it, I got it That was a pity laugh, that doesn’t count. That was just a pity laugh. I’m not gonna laugh. Okay ready? How does a Muslim close the door? I don’t know. I-slams it. That doesn’t count, I didn’t laugh. He laugh, I didn’t laugh, I just smiled What if I do a silent laugh does that count? When does the و go to sleep? I don’t know. Afternoon. That was a good one. I don’t get it. و and then after ن Oh. okay, okay. Wow thats, sorry I failed. What is Ramadan for single guys? The only month they might ever have a date. He just rolled his eyes. I’ve actually heard that before a few times. Really I’ve never heard that one. There is like a lot of memes on that joke. Next. Well you’re not getting dates this month. Alright last one. This is a good one, sorry this is a good one. No laughing, i’m just gonna look into the distance. Ridaa, straight face. But I already laughed though Alright. Hold on, hold on. Your face is funny. Ok ok. Ready? Why do cows like the Middle east? cause everyone is moo-slim Get it? Get it cause it’s funny. You can see his, look at that, (laughter) (trying not to laugh) (laughter) I hope people find it as funny as we’re finding them right now. Otherwise we just made a fool out of ourselves.

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