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When they promised tight security,
I didn’t think it would be so tight! Didn’t I say that we’ll get a
taxi from the railway station, Sir? That is bad. To make you pay so much money… But this would be only
around 40-50 Rupees. You have it, right? Don’t worry. You’re not used to
paying money, right? So, I have brought the money to pay
this rickshaw with me. The entire media is here.
Don’t stop in front of them. Stop here. Bro, stop here! Here. Stop! Stop! What are you doing? What’s your name? Sumesh Venghyaru. I’m really happy that
you stopped right here. It will be exciting only when
these TV people are around. I can be seen in TV. – Oh! I’m happy!
– We shall meet somewhere. Get down, sir. Move that side. Move, I say. Allow him to go. Make way. Did you stay silent till now because
the party’s allegations on you were true? Can we keep this later on? Give me time. Give me a break. I’ll tell you in detail. A traitor who
betrayed his own party! In this coming by-election the chances
of Ramanunni contesting as NSP’s candidate, against Communist
Democratic Party, are increasing. What do you say? Communists have a tradition
of fighting against traitors, even if they are related by blood. If Ramanunni is NSP’s candidate, I will be there in the front row to
fight against that political eunuch. Anyway, this Ayikkara by-election
is sure to startle Kerala politics. What would be Ramanunni’s
political future… Who is that old hag, Sir? That old hag is my mother
who gave birth to me. Oops. Sorry sir.
I didn’t know that. It is okay. – Did it hurt?
– No, sir. – No?
– It’s slightly hurting now, Sir. Good boy! What? For the time being, it’s fine. And send a trustworthy guy
to drive the car as well. – With that 50 money.
– TC! Don’t we need cash
to spend, Rawuther? It’s politics! Can we spend
our own money for this? When bars were open,
it wasn’t so difficult. Now it has become a problem. What? There’s nothing to be fixed.
In by-election it is only Ramanunni. Ramanunni Sir will
be NSP’s candidate. That will be informed at the right time
by the right person. Just close your eyes &
give the money, Rawuther. What? Long Live India. Namaste. I am TC. Thomas Chacko. The State General
Secretary of the youth wing. One in nine. – What?
– Not that. There are 9 general
secretaries. I’m one among them. Sagar sir deputed me. To explain NSP’s
procedures to you, Sir. I have a mahout’s role. Please don’t disobey, sir. – TC…
– Yes. Let us give up this
addressing as ‘Sir’. Okay. Addressing someone as ‘Sir’ is
subjective in this party, sir. If a person rises… Or if there is a chance to rise,
they start addressing as ‘Sir’. Otherwise, it’s just ‘son’,
‘dear’, ‘idiot’ and all that. So, that address
can change any time. Don’t worry. There won’t be
any swearing at your father. Non-violence! Good! This should be there. This smile should always
be there in face. That usual constipated expression; Today onwards
that is not needed. Sir, the fit is fine, right? – Shall I leave?
– Okay Where is that? Here, sir. Is this needed? Yes! Hey! You may go.
Ask Majid to call me. It looks auspicious. Lesson 1 . The thing that is not there in mind
should be there on your face. The thing that is there in mind
should never come on face. When is the core committee meeting? Meeting is at 10 AM; but you
should reach there only at 10.30. – Importance will increase.
– Okay. Lesson 2, right?
– Correct. Well, I should know everything about
you, right? Do you have any bad habits? I had, but I stopped now. – Drinks?
– No. Communism. One of Sagar Sir’s agendas
is to tame Udayabhanu. What is your name? Pushpan. How long have you been
working for Rawuther? It is some 6-7 years. Are you into politics? – Not till now.
– That’s good! That’s how you should be. Make a living by
working hard, okay? Okay sir. Hello! Where did you escape?
Aren’t you coming back? Come soon. People from your
home-town are here. Udayabhanu sir, Ambadi Mohanan,
Comrades and everyone else are here. Okay. Isn’t that our Ramanunni? Oh gosh! He is drunk! He is smoking as well! – Sir, should I wait or leave?
– You leave man! And come back in the morning. – He is drunk.
– He can’t stand steady. Do you have lights
for a beedi, Comrade? He was mocking us! Yes! I’ll do the needful! Hello, Comrade Rajendran! Ramanunni got stinking drunk
and landed in front of us. What is this? The step is not
staying at one place. CDP. NSP. Let it be there! Hey! Turn it off! – Turn it off.
– I’m taking my selfie. What’s your problem? If it is selfie, it is okay. Can’t I take a selfie or what? You rock and go. Like that! You & your bloody selfie! I’ll shoot. Delete it! – I’ll kill you.
– No. I asked you to delete it! – No, Ramanunni!
– Do it. What are you doing? Take his mobile & delete
all the videos from it. – Oh God!
– Not you. I’ll point this to your Ambadi
Mohanan’s forehead one day. But it’ll be to shoot. Do you hear me? TC! Don’t we have a room in this place? That is our room.
Come. Take it.
What is this? Don’t hold me. I am completely normal. We must inform. This party has a tradition. You have to respect the purity
of the Khadi while you wear it. Getting drunk and
making people talk! Scoundrels from both sides
are waiting for a reason. Luckily no one else saw it. Otherwise, there would have
been a media frenzy over here! Pointing a gun at someone
is a non-bailable offence. Hey! Till the election result is out if you touch even a drop of
alcohol, you’ll know my true colours. What is in your waist? Gun. That’s on the left
side. On the right? Right side there is nothing.
Leave it. It is nothing. Tradition!
Purity! The meaning of what I said is that, when you drink, you should drink
without any fuss. That’s all! Gosh! Are you not ashamed? So you were just
acting drunk, huh? Keep this in the bathroom
& go open the door. It is the media. Media? – What is it?
– Ramanunni? – I’ll call him.
– Sir! Media people have come. – I’m coming!
– He is coming. Tomorrow evening it is not possible. There’s a talk show
for a TV channel It is between me and Ambadi Mohanan. Volga is the co-ordinator. Don’t say… One minute.
I’ll call back. Well, why have you all
come here at this hour? There was an information. – There was
an information some time back. That Ramanunni got stinking drunk
and pointed a gun at a CDP worker. I got stinking
drunk some time back? – What is all this, dude?
– I don’t know. Do you have a breath analyser? The thing that the police
makes your blow into. It makes a sound like this.
– That’s it. No need. – Am I drunk?
– No sir. So that is over.
Next is my pointing gun. Whom do you say that
I pointed a gun at? While I was coming inside, Ya. Those CDP workers were the
ones who were standing there. Comrades! Did I point a gun or
anything like that at you? No! Not at all! You heard that? Well, who was your informer? It was an anonymous call. So you’ll have the number,
right? Just call him back. Here you go! Most TV channels are here.
No need of any tension. Yes. Just a second.
I’m getting another call. – Hello!
– Hello! – Is it Mr. Anonymous?
– Anonymous? Who is that? Shit! Who is he? Udayabanu sir’s helper. Do you think Udayabhanu
sir is involved in this? Udayabhanu Sir wouldn’t
make a false allegation. I don’t think so. Anyway, he is in the next
room. Ask him directly. Okay then. Good night!
We’ll meet. He is in the other room.
Go and ask. Okay. You were excellent. What did you understand? Bhanu sir is sure to have
a bad name among them. That is nothing. Ambadi Mohanan is
stab me from front. But Bhanu is a back-stabber. TC, you are the eyes
behind me, from now on. Master, I’m your disciple
from now on! You have much more tricks than
them in your pocket, right? It is there in pocket and some in bank. Hey! Shall we have a drink each? – Both of us?
– Yes! So it’s a complete transformation? I’ll celebrate this. 34 Delta 2 calling. At the CDP Ayikkara
area committee office, the workers have got gathered. Control calling. There’s information that, they
are going to Ramanunni’s house. There will be party workers
in front of my house, right? Of course!
There will be some. Without Bhanu Sir’s permission,
we won’t get many people. The police is behind us, right? We should have gone
there in the morning. No. There’s nothing to worry. The police are with us. In front & in back.
So there is nothing to worry. Hail Ramanunni! Hail Ramanunni! O’ brave & valiant Ramanunni! – Lead us with valour!
– Lead us with valour! O’ brave & valiant Ramanunni! – Lead us with valour!
– Enough! – Lead us with valour!
– Sir! – Wait!
– Hail Ramanunni! It’s a CDP area committee
member’s house, right? We’ll first enter and see.
Then you can go. Protection is needed only outside. Whether it is outside or inside,
protection is our duty, right? Sorry! To give protection under mother’s
shelter, none of you have to step inside. Come inside! Go. Bye. I’ll see you at the
guest house in the morning. No. We’ll go to the guest
house together tomorrow. Come! Are you going to stay here today? Not just tonight. Always. TC, come.
Let us have dinner. Let me have dinner. Is it only to have dinner? Namaste. Why is he here? I’m the secretary of youth wing. State General Secretary. Secretary & Youth Wing
can all stay outside. Thank you, madam! – Thank you very much.
– TC! You wait outside. You can leave when I tell you to. Is he an agricultural officer or what?
Why is he asking for Aadhar card? Our palm prints, blood groups, retina
scans & even our DNAs are in that, right? But I… – Are they…
– Yes, they suspect you too. You are my constant
companion, right? One thing.
Don’t be shocked. What? The policemen standing outside? Yes. They are not for our protection now. Then? We are now in police custody. Ofcourse not! Police custody! Don’t give me such bullshit! Then you go and try. Try, man! – Did you send the message to sir?
– Yes sir. Okay. Check one more time. Idly is fine, right? – Augustine, get idly for 2 people.
– Sir! What? You said that you wanted idly, right? No! It’s not that. I was talking about bringing breakfast
when I come back in the morning. Breakfast is in the morning, right? Now you go and sit inside, sir. Go and take rest, sir. I don’t want to take rest. You take rest. – Let me talk.
– Sit inside. That’s it! All of them will learn a lesson! Let all the media people come. Just because some scoundrel
killed some other scoundrel, Why the hell did you get this gun? To put us in trouble.. Service temporarily
suspended, it seems. Mine too.
Temporarily suspended. Hello! Bye! When they make something,
can’t they make it sweet? TC! Who is this?
Isn’t it the Chandrika from Manathu? Why are you not wearing blouse, dear? I have a blouse
tailor-made for you. Then stick a dry grape
on your face as well. Like Prem Nazir. Then no one would recognize you. Let’s try and get away from
here somehow, you devil! Take this and go. Do something weird to
your face and hair. Should I also look weird now? If you can take me like this,
you take me. Or else, I’ll go surrender. Don’t go. I’m not going.
Let me have my drink. A make up to remain in hiding. I have mailed your
note to the advocate. First let us file in sessions. Let’s move it tomorrow itself. It’s sure that sessions
would deny it. Second chance is
at the High Court. Next chance is Supreme Court. Are you going to hide thinking
that you’ll get anticipatory bail? – Best.
– I’ll hit you. I need some time to untie
this complicated knot. If I cannot escape from this, why
should I call myself a lawyer then? Then lawyer will also be there. Hey! Chandrika is here! – Have you started the programme?
– Being drunk I’ll rock a bit. Have you brought any munchies? There are no munchies. Ramanunni, this is for our
personal communications. Now we will contact each other
only through these mobiles. I have put sim in this. And I have saved my
new number as well. We must leave immediately. Sheesh! Jeans, T-shirts, shorts? Hey! I won’t wear any of this! If someone sees me wearing this, my
political future would end there! Hey! It’s better that
I surrender than doing this! Starting from here we have to
cross Mangalore. Until then, it’s dangerous
to travel in my car. I have found a way
to cross Mangalore. Why are you finding a new route? Kozhikode, Thalassery, Kannur,
Kasargode, Mangalore. That route is there, right?
You think you are Columbus? Exactly where is this place? Hey! Don’t you know this place? – This is Madhavan sir’s house, right?
– Oh God! You are really drunk, man! It’s at Goa – Maharashtra border. Are we leaving for Goa? – I haven’t taken my passport.
– Shut up! There’s buttermilk in the fridge.
Give some to him. Buttermilk is great with Vodka.
Bring it! A beach resort where my friend
is doing the interior work,… at Goa – Maharashtra border. Oh God! Won’t there be workers there then? Without workers will there be resort? Don’t worry. All of them there are
Maharashtrians and Goans. Goans drink very well! And ya, there are absolutely no
communication facilities there. No land phone, no signal for mobiles Whatsapp will be there, right? There’s a town 28 kms away. Is there Beverage shop there? I can’t survive without that. Well, how will we know the
proceedings here? What are you going to
do by knowing them? Shut up, man! I’ll be there for that, right? I can go out, find things
out and come back, right? Hey! I’ll tell a best place. We don’t have to cut our hair, wear
shorts, we need not travel for 10-16 hours. We just have to go out on the
road and they will take us there. Sub jail.
Let’s go there. I don’t think we
can go with him. No! Even if he goes out
on the road, it’s fine. But when they take us, they
will take us together. Isn’t it, Ramanunni? Right? I am not that type! – Hold his leg.
– Leave. Leave me! I beg to you. Don’t dishonour me
in front of this girl. Shut up! The shot was fired from either the first
or second row from the top of the gallery. This is a .32 bullet. Ever since the by-election
notification was out, all the licensed guns in the district
have been surrendered before the ADM. And not just that, this gun has palm-prints
of two people. Ramanunni’s & Thomas Chacko’s. Advocate is studying the case, right? Hey! Take this away.
Don’t do such vulgar stuff. This is something worn
to hide the vulgarity. I’m wearing this daily by
turning it inside out. “Youngsters…” Yesterday you said
that you want to confess. Is it? I don’t remember. I do remember. In that case you go and confess. I’ll reach immediately. All of you guys with this ‘red’
background have this thought. That all the people dressed in
‘Khadi’ are cowardly scumbags. Isn’t that why, you hit me like a dog for something
which you weren’t sure at all? For that you didn’t talk to me for
one full day, right? Is remaining silent a punishment? Am I your wife? Do you want to go back? Wherever we go, we
will go together. Whether to jail or outside. TC, – Inspite of my…
– It is not out of love. If I go alone, I have to get
beaten up for both of us, right? Why should I stop you
from getting your share? I see. If we are beaten up,
both of us should get it. That is what is friendship. Don’t laugh! – Did you know anything?
– There’s a bad news. Is there only one? We don’t have anything
else to expect. Anticipatory bail got rejected
in sessions court. It will be filed in the High
Court day after tomorrow. Hey, no! Ask him to wait. There are many missing links in the
police’s circumstantial evidence. Let us sort it out.
We’ll do it after that. Make it fast. That DYSP Paul
is running around. If they get any clue and
catch you from here; I’ll also go behind bars. For hiding the culprits. Don’t worry about that, Helena! With the exception from IPC 216, if the wife has hidden the
culprit, they can’t charge a case. The exemption is valid even for the
girl who’s going to be his wife. Supreme Court has said so. I don’t understand. What’s there to
understand in this? Helena! For the time being, only this
political issue is on my mind. Let that be over. We have a lot of time to
romance and get married. What? How? We will live. We’ll live together. I can promise you
only that much now. – Hello!
– Don’t say. Don’t say
anything. Love you too! – Inbetween this…
– What is this? Don’t say anything. – No use.
– Go man! TC, I suspect that there
is another game in this. It is just my feeling. Now the party and Paulson know
that I wasn’t the one who did it. But until the election is over, what if they want me
to be accused of it? Well, what if I win? After this election, they can
divert the investigation… and they can catch the
original culprit, right? What are you thinking? There’s an innocence on her face. But none at all in her behaviour. That girl. Hallelujah! Hallelujah? Helena! There is a slight
femininity in her walk. But that too is not there in
her talk. She is not a fraud But she’s not the type of
girl you can marry, Ramanunni. You can flirt around for
time pass if you want to. – That is enough.
– Oh! Are you done? She won’t leave you if you
finish flirting with her. You have to escape smoothly.
That’s best. Okay. I shall escape. Let me first escape from this case. You and your bloody Okay. Tell me.
So did you find a way to escape? Tell me. Are you sober enough to listen? Of course! One more
peg & I’ll be fresh piece! Keep it there. Go & have a bath. Bathe at 2 AM in the morning? I won’t do that. There’s a bath that
you can take at 2 AM. Come! Did you hear what that idiot said? I’m not the marriageable
type, it seems! – What did he mean?
– Cool down, baby! Cool down! It is nice. It’s a pleasure. Push me down once more. Once more! Ramanunni, now I am okay.
You can talk now. We have to mail a detailed note to
the lawyer first thing in the morning. We have to move to the
High Court today itself. Maximum it’ll be 4 days. 4 days is a lot of time. I’ll give an idea. We will get a video camera, and you should explain all this
in detail standing in front of it. In the back I’ll be there for a surety. Showing this. We will send copies of it
to Paulson and the media. Like LTTE Prabhakaran
and Bin Laden did. That kind of a line.
How is it? Don’t make me grow so much, TC! Let’s move legally. Okay my boy! Then I’ll go have a peg. Hey! Are these evidences enough to
send Udayabhanu to the jail? It’s not about
getting him punished The first criteria is
that we should escape. The accused needn’t prove his
innocence in a criminal case Even if we create a cloud
over the prosecution case; we will get the benefit of doubt. After that, to arrest Udayabhanu
and proceed with the trials, these are more than enough! So I can have 4 more drinks
peacefully, right? Okay! This is for Udayabhanu.
You bloody rascal fellow! I’ll go and have a peg. Ayikkara’s dearest son, and the
leader of people-friendly development; Namaste! Sumesh Venjara’s election campaign
vehicle is passing before you right now. Hey! Stop! Stop, I say! Why should we stop here? Shouldn’t you be
giving a speech at 7 PM? You go and give a
speech there, dad! I want to watch Ramanunni’s programme. That’s a reason to have
a drink in the morning. Unnimara… I mean, Ramanunni! What is all this? She did it. She secretly shot everything
that we did here & sent it on air. And what? Realizing that I’m innocent, the people made me
win the election. Did you win in election? Oh God! – Did my abuses get telecast?
– Yes. Thanks a lot! Keep it up! My political career is decided!

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