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Rap Monster ‘농담’ (Joke) – ENGLISH COVER BY N.I.A

N.I.A with a lit new rhythm
bass and drum world shakes when I hit ’em If I take time to perfect every minute
of my rap game it’s a fact imma fuckin get ’em I’m in the fast lane when I roadkill em Joker’s the nickname, but I’m no villain Fame, no money no honey to the hunnit to the hunnit
I’m a broke bitch but a go-getter Already got some haters
all them sensitive, fence-sittin net citizens, don’t listen to the
diss-infection I’m administerin’ Call you mothersuckers
motherfuckas, better look up Can you believe that I could blow up
pen on paper, I just glow’d up Back in the game, glad that I came
3-letter name, doin time like a high-speed underground train, underground king
take my crown to the grave take it down, I’m an underground queen
They say I look like the queen bee Head to the booty and feet. Freeze Not just a cutie, I pirate yo booty
so give it all up if you please, PLEASE Imma get ya vote in the rap campaign
I’m madam president, resident rap name Resting bitchface, yeah I blow the place
bitch, brace for impact there’s a fact to face Smooth with liquor don’t pass the chase y’all here to take shots, that’s fascinatin’
Take it on ice, that’s a faster way for burns to heal, and I’ll let you master–WAIT– BAIT you with my flow
girl rap ain’t no joke Six shots fired, got no glock but
inspired by Rapmon Translation: dictionary-free
No constipated rhyme-scheme this shit free
I’m original, bitch don’t mess with me Bighit in my DMs, “are y’all free?” No joke how the time flies
when I got a mufuckin beat and a mufuckin rhyme
got a mufuckin flow got a mufuckin style
got a mufuckin wine gonna mufuckin shine gonna have mufuckin good time, bro
play it on repeat, when i book that show Can I go with flow, get it growin’? but yo when it’s four in the mornin, my phone is glowin’ blowin up, message in the hunnit count, only got the one account
I could get it goin’ now 50k for cover song? Everybody like “do you know another song” Be patient now, Imma mess around
Little realer than the rap on the radio clap for me, spectators! I just gained a hater
Wonder why the web is a meme generator? ‘Cause it’s all games and fun
I’ll be the one to tell you I’m just doin’ this for fun this song is a hit and run!

100 thoughts on “Rap Monster ‘농담’ (Joke) – ENGLISH COVER BY N.I.A

  1. Ayo this is actually remarkable, cool work. I'd appreciate if you Could Stop by my channel if you appreciate industry ready productions and recommendations coming soon! 👋🏼🛠✔️‼️

  2. You're amazing of course, but why did you change some of the lyrics? Korean to English translations are tough anyways so I understand, but I don't see a point to alter the song.

  3. Very good I love it but it’s just for some reason it feels like it’s not as fast as rm is actually going idk I mean this is just my opinion and I love how u rapped but it feels I mean sounds not as fast as it’s actually supposed to go I guess… u changed the speed of the rapping a little bit slower idk anywho PLZ DONT HATe On this comment 😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😫😥I was just sharing an opinion I’m really sorry if this hurts anyone’s feelings I love rap monster and ur rapping but yea IM SORRy!

  4. If someone asked me whoz my favorite female Rapper, Nicki? Cardi b?
    I will be like Naaahhh, my fave is N. I. A

  5. Please tell me at one point you'll be doing Rapmon's do you
    like bruh, i wouldn't be surprised if you really did have Bighit in your DM's

  6. I'm not into cover things especially for bts but youuuuu nailed it girl more people should see this 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  7. Ok Ok Ok!!! I am a year late…. but still! This is sooo good! Only the first video I have watched and I have subbed! How do we show this Namjoon?? Nicki Minaj who? Cardi B? Never heard of her!

  8. Wow I love this song but now I listen to this I am like WOW rm what are you doing you have issues

  9. I am so glad that I found this omg. You’re so damn talented. My jaw literally dropped 4 seconds into the song ❤️

  10. Did you write this over the beat? This is amazing and very inspiring, the way that the lyrics flow. You could go really far with this stuff. Heh, 🖤

  11. this is the most impossible to cover rap and you fucking nailed it! i'm speechless, RM needs to see this… i mean HE HAS TO!!!

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