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RB Battles Championship First Round Highlights & Funny Moments (Roblox)

– The first round of the RB Battles Championship made for some epic and amazing battles. – Spoiler alert! If you missed any episodes, we recommend you go ahead……. and click the playlist link in the card or description to get caught up, because this video is about to spoil the results of all eight videos. – Seriously, the videos are more epic than you can imagine. Go, go, go, get caught up. Stayed tuned to the end
to see the trailer for the semifinals. – [Russo] Round one, best moments and highlights. Preston Playz versus Brianna Playz. – [Sabrina] In the first match, it was husband and wife battling it out to see who was the best at Flee the Facility. – Who’s ready to have
their souls harvested? – One of you needs to buy beast chance. – [Brunette boy] I’m buying,
I’m buying, I’m buying – [Purple Haired Woman]
I’m ready to sabotage. – Oh no. I did not expect this
but its happening right now. – Russo, you are going to die
and it’s going to be okay. (everyone yells) -[Brianna] Oh, yes! – I’m stuck, what the
heck? What’s happening? – [PrestonPlayz] What the heck? – They’re going to go towards
one of the yellow, babe. The yellow. – I know! – Look at him helping. – Once a husband always a husband, okay? – He’s harvesting my organs
somebody save me please. – Yeah, yeah. But the thing is your organs have a great energy. – [RussoPlays] Just
because my energy organs are great energy doesn’t mean you have to harvest them. – That’s actually why
I’m harvesting your body, because I’m selling your
energy to Southeast Asia. – What the…? – [RussoPlays] Wow, that’s very specific. (Everybody laughs) – Guys, link in the
description for my organs. – Help! – Are you sure, oh my gosh I’m dead. (Everyone yells) – [All] No! – Oh, there we go. Bri, you better get ready to save them. I’ll give you five seconds. – [SabrinaBrite] Oh my god. – Five. Four. Three. You know what? I’m so
confident, I’m going to have time for a bathroom break. I’ll be right back guys. – What? – Alright bathroom break.
Thanks for watching. – [BriannaPlays] It was
the most disturbing thing. – [PrestonPlayz] Yeah, I can’t
actually go to the bathroom. – Where’s the beast? – Don’t yell too loud,
Preston might hear you. – Ah, perfect. See, this
is exactly what I wanted. One computer left. – [Russo] Guys
– [Brianna] Oh god, freeze! – It’s hard for him to get coal now. – He’s got heartburn or something. – [Russo] You can’t freeze me! – [Russo] Steal his armor – Russo, I need you to… – [Russo] Wait, where did Brie go? – Bri? – [SabrinaBrite] No, Brie! – [Russo] You were distracted
by my invincibility. – [Russo] Oh my God, he’s
dying. Now he is dying. – Bri! (screams) – [Russo] Oh my gosh – No way! – [Brianna] Yeah! – [Russo] The match was back and forth, and down to the wire. But only one can move
on in this competition. And Bri is taking that spot
with a final score of 4 to 3. – [Alpha Male Announcer] You win! – [Anouncer] Cybernova vs. Leah Ashe. These two princesses have
the battle of century in Royal High. But in the end, only one princess was royally
smarter than a 5th grader. – Not me, it’s not me! – Well, you both failed your
first class. Congratulations! (Cries) (laughs) – Oh no! I don’t memorize where the keys are. – Just accept the defeat. – Are you so tired after eating, Leah? Don’t you want to just take a nap and not go to your next class? – [Russo] Oh, sabotage! – Now that sounds nice. Wait. No, I see what you are doing. – [Cybernova] I just think
that if I stay like this for a minute, all the blood
will go to my brain and make me smarter than Leah. – Don’t fall in the water. What! – It looks like she is concentrating. – [Russo] What happens if you fall in? – Oh, no! I didn’t make it. – You didn’t make it? – I didn’t make it, I have
to reset my character. – I need tacos. – [Russo]
Cyber, I’ll get you tacos. – No! They’re poop tacos. – Oh my God, look at
Leah Ashe. She looks… – [Russo] Whoa! – Well now I feel like I
have to change my outfit after hearing that reaction. – Oh, snap! – Oh, oh – Bro, Little Bo Peep. What’s going on? Folks, she’s got cucumbers on her face. – [Leah] Maybe they’ll help me win. The ball’s starting soon. – [Russo] The ball is starting. – Let’s go! Oh, yeah. – Oh my gosh, pizza. – That’s going to turn a lot of heads. – [Leah] Oh my gosh! – Oh, my hair fell off! (screams) – Watch out, Cyber farted! – Oh! – Ha! – [Russo] That’s a good tactic. – [Everyone] The results are in! – Oh my gosh, thank you! Thank you everybody, you shouldn’t have. – [Russo] And that means
Cybernova is the winner! – What? I just wanna say one thing. Leah… – What? – You should’ve won. It
should have been you. – [Russo] Cybernova almost
won, but in the end, Leah couldn’t remove her
book in a game glitch, which made her late to class. – [Sabrina] She successfully
brought her book to cooking class, but arrived
after book check because she had to reset her character. – [Russo] For that, she received the grade she would’ve gotten with book check. Which gave her the crown and secured her spot in the semifinals. – We had fun, so we are both winners. – [Leah] We’re so cute. – This is the best part… – [Leah] I love us. Friendship hug! – Group hug! – [Sabrina] Congrats, Leah! – [Alpha Male Announcer] You win! – [Russo] Seedeng vs. Iifnatik Iifnatik took on Seedeng
in a 1v1 arsenal showdown for the ages! – I never played this map! – You think I know this map? – What? – I don’t know this map. – Oh my gosh, I’m nervous. (Iifnatik screams) – Whoa! – Yes! – What? Wait, what? – [Sabrina] Oh my God! – I got launched into the air! – Michael, you went in
the air from my rocket. How many times this guy is
going to survive my rocket? – [Russo] No one knows! – Michael, our score is 7-11 backwards. Do you like that place? If you let me win, I’ll give you a Slurpee. (Everyone laughing) – I don’t need a Slurpee today! – The competitors are
trying to bribe each other. – I can smell you. – Dude, stop whispering into my ear. This is so creepy! – Behind you. – I don’t like this. – I’m in front of you. Behind you. I’m front behind you. – [Seedeng] Don’t know what’s happening, it’s like ping pong. It’s like ping pong. – Wow, that’s a good analogy, brother. Just goes for the kill. – Let’s go! – [Seedeng] How did I land on your head? Where did you come from?
– [Iifnatik] I went backward. – Where did you do? – [Iifnatik] I went
frontward and then backwards. Then I strafed you. – Where did you come
from, Cotton-Eyed Joe? – I just quick scoped you! I just quick scoped you! – He’s feeling it. (dynamic music playing) (fires gun) – Oh my God! – Everyone stop where you are. Stop where you are right now. – Stop? – What?
– [Russo] Stop where you are. Hosts, we are going in the game to make this harder for them. – [Everyone] What? (everyone yells) – [Russo] We summoned
into 1v1 knife battle. Oh my gosh! – Are you serious?
– [Seedeng] Oh my gosh. – [Sabrina] Oh my gosh! – This is awkward, why is
my face in your chest, bro? This is a weird hug. – [Russo] Charlie, he
moves on to the next round and wins 30,000 robux. – [Sabrina] In the end, Seedeng got the golden knife elimination, bringing him into the semifinals. – [Alpha Male Announcer] You win! – [Sabrina] Congrats, Seedeng! – [Russo] Denis vs. Sub The tower of hack is the
toughest parkour around. But both Denis and Sub made it look easy. – Both of them. Oh my gosh. – [Denis] If you win this,
you get the set of marbles we just got at Target. So this
is literally for our marbles. – [Denis] I love marbles. – Sub, are you ready? – [Denis] Oh the king, king of Obbys. – [Russo] Are you really?
– [Denis] That’s right. And actually I have a fun
fact. Sub, he sucks at Obbys. Actually, he sucks at everything. – My reputation! -[Sabrina]
Three, two, one, oh my gosh! – [Denis] Sub, it’s okay.
I’ll give you a shoulder rub. – [Russo] Not like this. –
[Russo] Oh no, Sub, not again. – [Sub] I had that one, come on. – [Denis] Sub, not only can he not talk, he can’t hear either. He also can’t see. – Oh wow, so just no senses.
– [Sabrina] Oh wow. That’s a.. – [Denis] All he can do is touch. – [Russo] Oh! And Sub is down. – [Russo] Five. Four. Three. Oh my gosh! – [Everyone] No! – Who’s ahead? Who’s ahead? Sub! – [Denis] A little 360 jump. – Bro, the legacy continues. – [Denis] Check this out.
A little backwards action. – [Sabrina] Oh my gosh. – [Denis] I’ll take a
break, have a sip of water. – Dang, dude. Look at this guy. – [Denis] That’s right. Sub, you’ve always been a disappointment. – Oh my gosh, he’s dancing! – [Russo] If you win this,
Denis, you take it home the win. – [Denis] Take it home the win. (laughter) – Worst host ever. – [Denis] Hey, win it. Take home a win. – Somebody mixed up the script. – [Sabrina] Oh no! – [Russo] It’s a race! Just 10 seconds. – [Sabrina and Russo] Oh my gosh. – [Russo] Yeah. Oh no, all caps. (everybody screams) – [Sabrina] Whoa! – [Russo] Yeah! – [Sabrina] Sub left. – [Russo] Aw, Sub. It’s okay. – [Sabrina] We have to console Sub. – [Russo] And Sub is just
standing inside the door. – Sub is our door. – [Sabrina] Denis pulled of Sub in the final round, making him our next semifinalist. – [Russo] MyUsernamesThis vs. KreekCraft. – [Sabrina] Kreek and MyUsernamesThis had a jailbreak battle that was down the wire. – Alright? No, I didn’t. – [Russo] Yeah, you did. That’s a lie. I can say when you lie.
– [Russo] Maybe I did. – Russo’s animation isn’t working and he’s penguining around. – [Sabrina] We got a “Hotmamakreek” on the board for top criminals. – Oh, we got a “Hotmamakreek” right here. (laughter) – [Russo] Very hot mama
just got in the board there. – [Sabrina] I’m literally just
a penguin sitting in a chair at the police station
watching the Top Criminals. – Time. That sounds like a
show on E-Network or something. – [MyUsernamesThis] There’s a camping cop! There’s literally a
camping cop right here. Arrest him! Let’s fist fight. Come here! What? (laughs) And… two. Hold. That guy reset. Wait, that guy reset right
as soon as I arrested him. So did that count or…? – [KreekCraft] Did you get money? – No. He was in the process of. – [KreekCraft] And I
don’t think that counts. – [Sabrina And Russo] Aww! – [KreekCraft] Why my
handcuff’s not working? (Clicking) – Listen to the clicking, you
can tell how intense this is. – I know, right? This kids are probably flipping out like “We keep getting arrested. Mom!” – [Russo] That’s what
happens on RB Battles! The best game show ever, subscribe today. I’m escaping, let’s go! [Russo] Who’s going to arrest
me? Maybe one of you, cops? Oh, I got teased. This is not good. – Got them. – [Russo] No! Oh, they were both here! – [MyUserNameIsThis] That was so close. My feet are shaking, I’m quaking. – [Russo] We’re all quaking. – [MyUserNameIsThis] That was crazy. – [Russo] All quaking in RB
Battles headquarters right now. – I’m like a teenager at Starbucks. To have you know, I got a
three-kill streak in Call of Duty. I’m prestige ten. – Uh-oh.
– Oh my gosh. – [MyUsernameIsThis] I’m unique bacon! – [Russo] It’s not looking
good for the competition. – I played Lego Batman on hard mode. – [Russo] They’re both
running immediately! Oh my gosh, they both make contact. – [Sabrina] Oh my gosh! They’re like just going
in all in this round. – Oh, man. (shouts) – [Sabrina] Oh my gosh! – [Russo] What a twist and turn of events! – Toasty! – [Sabrina] Oh my gosh! – [Russo] Kreek eliminated the bacon, taking him to those good old semifinals. – [Russo] Sketch vs. Bandit. – [Sabrina] The Mad
City Face off, Race off between two brothers was quite the site. – Loser? You afraid you’re
probably going to die? Oh! Why you changed your
license play to “Die”? – Cause I want you to die
in this race, so I can win. – [Sketch] Oh no! I’m on the ceiling. – [Russo] Tony is on the
third! I’m calling him Tony. – Tony Zamboni. Boloni. – [Russo] Bandi is getting
pretty close to the top! – [Bandi] Not now! Oh! – [Russo] Wait. Sketch. – No. No. – [Russo] We can’t tell the difference! – [Bandi] I’m almost there. – Put me on a graveyard. (sad violin music) – [Sketch] Now I’m looking! – Look harder, dude. – [Russo] This is your
point to get a chance. You better do it. – I don’t know how much, like dude, I sit in front of the bank. I’m looking at the front
of the bank right now. – [Sketch] Yeah you,
Russo is on my team now. – …in front of the
bank. I guess it’s not. – [Russo] Wait a second. Do we have a hint change
going on here? What’s this? – [Sketch] There’s not hint, what? You can’t change . – It was like on one side of the bank. I saw glass windows. I thought
it was in front of the bank. – What? – It’s kinda like off to
the side a little bit, maybe like… …I’m going to find
you without any hints. – [Russo] He’s doing a hint-less run? – Hint-less run. – [Russo] Oh, we’ve never seen it! – All right. So, you’re on the boat right? – Are you asking me for a
hint? I’m sorry, what was that? – I’m just trying to have
a casual conversation. I don’t need you hints. It has to be this one. Wait, are you in the house? – [Russo] 1:42 left. – Oh! Oh my God! I got him. – Dang it. (shouting) – Oh! – GG! – [Russo] GG to your brother. – I’m gonna stop at the gun-store and then we’re getting a
round or two on the move. What do you say? – Can you stop at a seven-eleven
on the way? I’m thirsty. – Yeah, what do you want? You want some sour patch? You want some slurpee? – Oh, I love sour patch. – He said he’s thirsty dude, what? – I don’t know, maybe they
do sour patch slur pees, bro. You don’t know. – Oh, judges? [Russo] Sounds pretty good.
– Judges? – [Sabrina] I agree. (everybody laughing) – Can we get a pass on that? – Let me in. – What do you mean let you in? I’m a hero, what do you want? – I want you to get a key card, let me in! – [Russo] “I’m a hero, what do you want?” That’s the most justifying hero ever. – Yes!
– [Sketch] No! – I choked! (screams) – Do you wonder why I lost? Because this whole show is rigged. (laughter) – [Alpha Male Announcer] You win! – [Russo] The winner is
Bandi, who defeated Sketch in a frog-like fashion. Hyper vs. Ant. They took on the most
challenging maze house ever in Blocksburg, probably. – Such different approaches.
That is so interesting. – What? [Hyper] What do you mean? – No, no Justin Bieber. All right? [Russo] We’re at 1:30. I will say I did a stopwatch instead of a timer. – Oh my God! – [Hyper] So I gotta keep my eye on it. – Ladies and gentleman, we
have a dumb host in the wings. (laughter) Russo Monopoly, give it up. – I think it might be
looking pretty good here. I’m going to be honest,
guys. I’m going to be honest. – Be honest with us,
bro. Go on. Let it out. – All right. Here we go. I’m being honest. – Let your heart out guys,
this is the honesty challenge. – Wow. Lets… – [All] 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3… (Laughing) – This is the slowest count in the world. – [Both players] I’m ready. – [Russo] On your mark, get set, go! – Oh, why didn’t the door open? – [Sabrina] 48 seconds! – Let’s go! – [Russo] Welcome to the
million dollar mansion. We’re, bascially, about to throw a party in the porch of this mansion. – [Sabrina] Find the porch! – [Hyper] Oh my gosh! – [Ant] What are we doing? – [Sabrina] Players must navigate through a million dollar mansion
and make it to the porch in the shortest time possible. – [Russo] It won’t be very easy tho, because this isn’t any normal
million dollar mansion. It’s an epic multi-story
mansion with twist, turns, hidden tools, and secrets
around very corner. This party on the porch is real fun, guys! – [Hyper] Yeah, where
is Dylan and Ant, man? – [Russo] Ant, are you glitching, bro? – No, I fell like I’m
about to find something. – [Hyper] We are at ten minutes
and forty-seven seconds. – [Russo] That’s the elapse time… – Let’s go! (screams) – [Russo] That means
that Hyper is the winner. – [Sabrina] While they
both struggled to escape, Hyper made it out on time
to take home the victory, and he is on to the
semis. Congrats, Hyper! – [Russo] Poke vs. Tofuu And in our last first
round match, best friends, BBFs, Poke and Tofuu, battle
in a 1v1 MM2 challenge. – [Tofuu] I hate to use
this ability on you, Zach, but I know exactly where you are. – Oh no! I’m so scared. – [Poke] A-ha! (gun fires) – [Poke] Oh, my goodness. – [Tofuu] I thought I had you. (screams) – Oh my God! – [Tofuu] All I got to say,
Zach is that I have something that’s going to represent America. How scared are you right now? – [Poke] You know what’s
going, but I don’t. – What’s happening right now? – [Russo] Ah, we do and we
can tell your component… …Your opponent. – [Tofuu] Please tell
tell me, I want to know. – We can tell your component. – [Tofuu] We can tell you’re component? – He’s using a component. – Oh, no. – [Poke] Once you see this
component that I have for you, opponent, you are going to be wrecked! – Bro! What, he wears and M&M
out here, what’s going on? – [Tofuu] You need
something to help you out? – [Poke] Yeah. What? – [Tofuu] Here, here. Take this. – [Russo] Whoa! Okay. – [Tofuu] All I’m saying is
when the law’s on my side, so are the points. – The law’s on my side, so are
the points? Oh, really now? – He’s trying to decipher
the code of what you said. – [Tofuu] Oh my gosh! – [Russo] Come here! – [Tofuu] Oh my gosh! – [Poke] What will happen…
– [Sabrina] Oh Gosh. (screams) (laughing) – [Sabrina] …and he got the victory. Oh my gosh dude. – [Russo] He’s so scared.
That was so scary bro. – [Tofuu] When I saw you
coming down the hallway, my heart stopped is all I’m saying. – [Russo] Well how about that? – How about what? – [Poke] There was a 50%
probability I was going to get this and you’re not going
to expect what it 100% does. – [Russo] Watch to the end to find out. – SpotterMan, where you at? – [Poke] Right here. Come on. Just come around the corner. Come on. – [Tofuu] Okay. – [Poke] Come around the corner. Come on. – Come on SpotterMan. – [All] Whoa! – [Sabrina] What? That
was really impressive! Holy Cow! – Can we get a slow-mo
with that knife throw? – [Tofuu] …the way.
Look at that. That’s real. – [Russo With Deep Voice] Oh! – That’s insanity. – Wow. – [Tofuu] Spaghetti-Man,
I see you were over there. (laughs) – [Poke] See, the thing is you’re like Walmart… – [Tufuu] But I’m like
Amazon. What’s that? – [All] Whoa! – [Sabrina] Oh my gosh! – [Sabrina] This one was close, but Tofuu reigned supreme making him
our last semi-finalist. – [Male Announcer] You Win!
– [Sabrina] Congrats Tofuu! [Russo] Next time on RB battles. (dynamic music playing)

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  2. I actually never realized how competitive Royale high actually was till I saw Leah and Cyber’s battle wow the entire day is literally just competing to be the best princess and win the sash at the end of the day… on the low we also all compete to have the highest level as well 😂

  3. Seedeng is going to win to Denis coz the videos are pre recorded and in one of Denis videos he has 30,000 ROBUX from when he won against sub but he won’t win against seedeng

  4. I want denis or tofu to win. Tofu might deserve to win because his account got hacked and he lost over a million Robux so if tofu wins, he gets his robux back from before.

  5. hey why the hell was flamingo was not in this he has more subs than almost all of those youtubers and ppl like him the most

  6. I come from the future and
    Leahashe lost to bri (im happy)
    Denis lost to Charle (im happy)
    I hope the final 2 left are joe and kreek

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