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RB Battles Championship Semifinals Highlights & Funny Moments (Roblox)

– [Announcer] The semi-finals
of the RB Battles championship made for some epic and amazing battles. – [Speaker] Spoiler alert! If you missed any episodes we recommend you go ahead and click the playlist link in the card or description
to get caught up because this video is about to spoil the results of the semi-finals. – [Sabrina] The videos are
more epic than you can imagine! Go, go, go, get caught up! Stay tuned to the end of the video to see the trailer for the finale. – Semi-finals best moments and highlights. Leah Ashe versus Briana Playz. Who knew that dancing could be so intense. Their moves were fire, literally. And they blew the judges away. – One million Robux. – [Woman Participant] I can’t move! – On the line. – [Woman Participant] I can’t! – Here’s the line, million Robux right on top of it.
– This is not okay! Ah! – I mean Leah I’m confident I feel like I need number one here. – Oh. I’m first. – [Male Speaker] (mumbles) by the way. – Oh, oh I’m going, I’m going. Where are my props? – [Male Speaker] I
don’t know I’m not gonna anime from the bald haircut. – [Sabrina] (mumbles) appears to have no hair. – Oh no! Okay. This is, oh oh! My moves. – Oh yeah I like the
bunny ears on this one – [Male Announcer] Ooh. – I feel like anime would have some ears – [Male Announcer] Not
a whole lot of movement coming from the competitor one yet. – Wait, oh you have to click the buttons. I didn’t know! – [Male Announcer] Oh
she about to play piano. She’s in the bench. Wow. Oh, on the piano now. Okay. – [Sabrina] This challenge is
making me want to hit the– – [Male Speaker] No, no, please don’t hit the whoa, we don’t want to end up on any cringe compilations. – No, I was going to say
hit the ‘Like’ button – Oh, yes. Do that. – Psst, Sabrina do it. – I want off of this show. – [Competitor 1] My hair, I just lost my hair! Does someone know where the phases are? – Does someone know where the phases are? – Still can’t hear you but don’t forget to design your sets with props and make yourself real rocker. – I need a face. – I need a face. This is not a drill. Hello? Somebody? – Hello? – Help? (crickets chirping) – [Competitor 1] Whoa! – [Male Announcer] She’s on fire! Literally. Like she’s on fire. Somebody help. (drumming) (exclaims) – [ Male Announcer] You
know this is screaming bad for me right now. – Yes! – Don’t react right here. No reactions from competitors. Competitor 1 (cheering) takes that one away. – [Sabrina] Both Leah and Bri fought hard to be the only girl in the Epic RB battles Championship finale. But Bri is the one that will be moving on to the final match! (suspenseful music) – [Announcer] You win! – [Sabrina] Congrats Bri! – {Male Speaker] Denis verse Seedeng. Volcanoes. Tornados. Lightening. In order to survive
these natural disasters Seedeng and Denis had their wits tested and their hiding skills
had to be top notch. – [Seedeng] Stay in school. Gimme that– – What? – Oh my gosh. – Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh I might die, I might die, I might die Oh. This doesn’t seem like a very happy home. – I’m in the chimney. What kind of sandstorm
takes a house down dude? – This is a powerful sandstorm its by Darude actually. – Oh, I’ve heard of that one. – [Sabrina] You are so funny Russo – [Russo] Haha! RB
Battles subscribe today! – Aye yo Russo wanna play some basketball over here while we wait for this natural disaster to come
and kill us, I mean– – [Russo] I’m not allowed to associate with competitors but okay, one game – All right, you’re really tall (shriek) – [Sabrina] Watch out! – I got an umbrella right here – Thunderstorm! Watch out! – I probably shouldn’t be in a high place right now. – [Rooster] You’re not in a good place bro – [Sabrina] That doesn’t
seem like a good place to be. – Oh my gosh Russo what have you done. – Three! I don’t even know
how to count to three. I didn’t see that. – So if we survive three of
these we get three points? – Oh hey, – Oh hey – I think this is a terrible idea. This is an awful idea. – All right so here’s the class – Hello – [Sabrina] Yours don’t even work. – You are late. – No my legs are missing that’s the reason why – I don’t care you’re expelled – Okya, I’m gonna go home – Bye – That seems fair – Oh, and there’s a Qstorm this is a terrible time
for me to go outside. – I don’t care if there’s a storm you stay in school – [Sabrina] Oh god! Take cover. – Ah, I should have subscribed man, oh man dang it. – I’m thriving right now this is how you do it. – Push the button are you kidding me? (laughs) – I shouldn’t get in this I might die. (exclaims in unison)
No! – Where’s the tsunami – No! Wait I’m still alive – [Russo] Denis is still alive – [Denis] I lost my hair the tornado took my hair. – Look at where the tornado is coming watch out – [Denis] I got an unwanted hair cut – It’s time for pictures and right here – Oh (laughs) – What? Oh man, I’m in a cell now. – Whoa – [Denis] But what was weird though my mugshot had hair in it I just need aggressive zooms in and out of a– – [Sabrina] Only one of them made it out of the tsunami and that player was Seedeng. Lets see if he can take these skills all the way to one million Robux. (theaterical music) – [Announcer] Kreek Craft versus Bandi – I’m honestly terrified of sharks. But both Kreek and Bandi made these sharks look like tiny puppies. – Oh snap! – Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Oh, I’m dying! Come on. Argh! – Some like in the Titanic right now – Oh my god! What are you doing? – [Sabrina] Oh my god! – Not again! – This is all just so disorientating – Die cretin! Die! – I see you – No, no – I see you again. – No – Oh No! Cretin don’t do it. – Die die cretin. – No! (laughs) – No! – Wasted – [Russo] Wait why do I see competitor– – This is weird. – We see competitor 2
in the lobby right now – Wait, what? I’m mind controlling. – [Sabrina] I’m stuck, no! – We literally see Kreek
the lobby right now – Maybe I’m jut like swimming controlled – wherever you move and
the shark is where he goes. (laughs) – Stay away from my Titanic – He just floated through the ceiling. Oh my god! Wait don’t do it. – [Competitor] Not his time! – I think you just found a hole in the map I’m going after him. Yes! – [Russo] Why does this feel like Jeopardy or something. Competitor one – I’m actually driving the Titanic for the first time. – Oh my Gosh, you’re
never going to find me – Argh, get back here – I thought you would never find me – [Russo] Oh gosh – Yes! – Oh my god, it’s not working. – Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. – The winner of this
challenge goes on to the RB Battles tournament finals no pressure. – One million Robux. – Dollars Robux. – One million dollars, wait what? – Oh was that Robux, oh
sorry, our editors got– – [Sabrina] Kreek chopped down more boats than Bandi giving Kreek
the edge in bringing him into the insanely epic finale. – [Russo] Tofuu versus Hyper in this good old fashioned build a boat face-off Tofuu and Hyper were our last semi-finalist in the competition. Both of them crafted some sick boats I’m not gonna lie. Any game plans for your boats right now? Any type of formation? – No clue, no clue at all. – I mean I’m getting all
the supplies right now and I’m starting to think I want to build a duck. – Are ducks allowed judges? Yes. – [Sabrina] Seven, six,
five, four, three, two, one (horn sounds off) Look at the sailing. (scattered exclaims) – I’m so scared. – [Sabrina] Tornados! – Dude, there are freaking tornados – And the rocks just increased so much – Oh my god! – Holy waterfall. – [Sabrina] Oh my gosh! Your boat just flew in the air. Don’t touch the water (laughing) – I didn’t know this was part of this, Dylan you’re literally upside down. – Argh, my chair is gone. Argh, I’m dead! What? – Okay, now that I know about the weapons is all I’m saying Dylan
you’re not making it to any of the– – What do you mean?- I
think I’m about to have the craziest round of build-a-boat ever. – Oh my god, I disagree. – [Sabrina] Oh my gosh
they’re firing at eachother. – Does this work well? – Never before seen in
build-a-boat history – [Sabrina] They’re actually battling. – Oh my god, did I hit you? – Yeah these are rolling bro, you can’t blow these up at all. – Argh, why do I get so many of these? (laughs) – [Sabrina] Oh, geysers! Explosive spikes – This is how you know its going to start to get dramatic. Oh god. – They’re about to hit a waterfall. – [Sabrina] Uh-oh. Oh god. You’re about to, oh gosh. – I’m dead – See ya later Dylan – Gimme this treasure – [Sabrina] Tofuu apparently
made the sickest boat but he got the treasure before Hyper making Tofuu our last finalist. – [Robot] You win. Next time on RB Battles (dramatic music) (outro music)

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  2. Im pretty sure toffu is gonna win cuz
    1his my fan
    2 he alwyas win in rb battle
    3last year he win again
    4 he always playing roblox
    5 he so many know in roblox
    Anyone vote for me?

  3. Natural disaster is kinda easy but the hardest for me is snow storm and sand storm. But the game is not 100% easy for but i have secret hiding spots for me >:3

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