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28 thoughts on “RBF#52- TechLinked Jokes? Huawei Bad Dog? French go Sci-Fi? Apple cheats in App Store?

  1. Hi salut you're from Canada I thought everyone speaks both English and French, j aime les blagues dans ces videos

  2. Personally I’ve not found the bull terrier calibration method to be that accurate. It only gives a woof estimate.

  3. Hmmm, you can only have one cell service in the Worker's Paradise(aka the DPRK) and Apple will only give you Apple products as a search result? Is Tim Cook actually Kim Jong Un? Have you ever seen them in the same room. The plot thickens.

  4. enjoyed your video now join my channel to get the worst in youtubery videos of the Bear Claw Regime and where the animals give tool reviews!

  5. North Korea set up a cell phone service that spies on their citizens the US claims. What the hell do you think the US did? Set up cell services to spy on everyone.

  6. Oh no, oh God, the agony! Not Three's Company dubbed in K-Pop! Those poor North Koreans! (All kidding aside though, I really feel bad for the North Koreans, every person deserves better than how they're treated is what I say) Great RBF!

  7. No ! You get hard on Froggies ! As a result I’ll be ‘watching you’. Non mais quoi ! (BTW for fruit, think fruits)

  8. If you will go to meet Linus I want to come, Anthony is a noob about proper hackintoshing and I saw they can't even finish a 486 pc build which is just easy for a retro collector like me

  9. Awesome video but that's one creepy smile my friend. Like a cross of Bill Gates and the joker (comic book version).

  10. Well in their defence, their jokes are still based on the NCIX Techtips Netlinked Daily concept: Should always be cringeworthy.

  11. Paul, can you make a phone call to Robert Mueller 🙂 I hear he is beta testing the new iPhone for Seniors with alzheimer's.

  12. Love the "Bull-Terrier White Balancing System". It also doubles as a security system, leftover food disposal and bad mood elevator. A multi-functional system that would be a wonderful addition to any video production company!

  13. Peter, that is one placid dog you have with Ivy (?) and has a great ‘Yawn, not another re-take…’ look on her face!

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