Laughter is the Best Medicine


  1. Great rigs at an aweful great scenery ! Thanks Aaron for running up and down that climb to capture that… 👍 Greetings from Germany, Dirk

  2. Dam i wish i had money , to be able to travel to Canada, for one of these TTC when you have them going on , Because id love to take my axial to a different kind of ttc challenge sometime , besides the boring places here in the usa , in the state of kansas.

  3. The blue Chevy at 6:35, is that a blazer? Looks great. Lotta nice rigs there, both looks and build etc. great viewing.

  4. 12:47 – Flags too close together, they arn't Wraith friendly here….. LOL… So I guess my Summit would be DQ'd immediately. No way it would fit thru any gates.

  5. This Event is the very BEST Event ever. Such a awesomenes 👍🏻 i Love it. Well Done Krazy Joe! I'm so happy to be a part of it and i wish i can be with you. Please more from this addict stuff.

  6. "It's Everets first hill climb……That's a point… that's a point…"  GOLD.That Gaz truck looked awesome too.Sitting here looking over Sydney Harbour, Australia watching TTC….wishing I was in Canada competing.Looks like a great event so far.

  7. The sound kit really brings it up at least a level. Do you give points in any of the events for having a sound kit. Love all these trucks and appreciate the time and effort you put in to setting these TTC's.😎👍👍👍

  8. Most people wouldn't think so, but I find this stuff SO ENTERTAINING to watch! Nice job to everyone who was in this event.

  9. I can't wait to build me a rock crawler/ trail rider truck, going to be a dodge ram charger body with little weathering done to the paint, and some super swamper bogger tires, going to be my first

  10. Hey man, i have been watching your videos for a couple days now. Just wondering what you would recommend for a first Hobby grade RC. I am new to this and not sure what would make a good rig

  11. That moment when your watching the video, you think your truck can slaughter that hill climb challenge, but then you go and try an easier one yourself and fail.

    Lol nah my truck is the bomb at hill climbing. Cant judge though unless you've done these challenges!

  12. Some seriously wicked ass trucks, incredibly pretty piece of countryside & a bad ass trail, what more could a guy ask for? Maybe a wobbly pop at the end lol, looks like it was blast for everyone & sweet job of the video work as always. Thanks for sharing an incredible day with us! Hope y'all don't mind my sharing it on my channel? Please let me know if y'all would rather I didn't.

  13. Another Epic adventure, thanks just what I needed on a cold winter's night. Something to look forward to, Springtime and the TTC!

  14. got a question for u I have a 12428 and every time I pull on trigger it jerks first then it go what can I do to get it out of it?

  15. Wow I remember back in the 90s when we ran out real trucks up this cut!We called it the killer cut line and it claimed lots of damage and minor roll overs.
    Wheeling in Alberta was awesome back then and still looks awesome on another scale. Today.Great stuff !

  16. In my experience whether it's for fun or at an event the 3 main factors are – 15% Torque – 15% Driver and 75% Tires. Take special note that most who breezed through the course have Mudslingers. The tread height needs to be at different heights to give it more bite. Great videos, thanks for sharing.

  17. Just found this site, I’m from uk I’m into rc flying but love all rc stuff , love your scale trucks and weathering , absolutely brill, good crawling and camera work 👍been watching yer vids for hrs 😜👍 looks like I’m hooked lol

  18. That k&n truck with the audio was really cool. I also really liked the unimog. Awesome event and video. Where are you located?

  19. That blue Chevy was an epic rig!! Wow!! Great vid Medic! Been a while since ive been on the channel! Re subbed my friend!! Can't wait to see that new Jeep fully built and out in some trails like this gettin it!!!
    Cheers M8!

  20. Great looking hill climb,and it does look very brutal, Aaron, you must have had something to do with the trail, Mr RCSparks,a brutal man when he wants to be. Ha Ha

  21. I believe I said to myself that's a good looking truck every time a new truck came along. Great video

  22. I would love to come run my little truck looks super fun good video those truck looks a little more tuffer thin mine

  23. Just curious if someone in a wheelchair would be able to make it along the trail to compete? Doesn't look like it.

  24. Show one truck at a time start to finish this show one then cut out then show it again after 3 other trucks making me a crazy person .😀

  25. do you know of any Comps that have been done with recovery of a truck I would like to do a recovery comp. Just looking for a video for some ideas. thanks

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