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REACTING TO EMO BANDS ON CRACK 17! (twenty one pilots)

Use your glutes. Hey what’s up you guys? It’s Crank That Dead Inside Welcome back to you another reacting to emo bands on crack video. This is going to be just a reacting to Twenty One Pilots on Crack video you guys have been requesting it for a while to do like a solo crack video And I found this channel They’ve been commenting on my videos to react to the channel for a while now, and I’m finally getting around to it Sorry for the wait, so the video is called Emo bands Twenty One Pilots on crack for CrankThatFrank and the channel’s called My name’s Blurryface, and I care what you think which begs the question what’s a Blurryface. Such a fucking dead meme So i have high hopes for this video. They have like 20,000 subscribers, so that’s usually a good sign although I have about 350,000 on my channel fucking sucks regardless about why don’t we just get right into it But before I get right into it I respond to [a] lot of comics Within the first 30 minutes of every upload so you’re going to want to make [sure] you’re subscribed and have the bell clicked Okay, now let’s get into the crack video because you guys love emo crack. I’m the Emo Crack Daddy. And you need your weekly fix of emo crack. Is Twenty One Pilots even an emo band? [I] don’t know But I feel like we try to fill the void MCR left with them, and, let’s not have that argument Let’s just let’s just enjoy the video emo Emoooo Trash Oh my God shane oh Josh isn’t real or something like that forrest fic. I don’t know I tried [reenacting] it I haven’t read the whole thing yet But I reenact some of it apparently Josh isn’t real and they fucked in the tree house or something like that That’s what I’ve heard. I should probably get around to reading the entire thing yet. Josh, isn’t is not real yeah, [I’m] [Gonna] James That’s where I play just good in the reenactment [my] mom gone Keep it short yeah So that explains that [I] can’t wait for the fake fan comments because I haven’t read everything about them beautiful [you] know if I ever have like oh my god I’m supposed to be protecting avery and I hear come on something downstairs And I come on like maybe someone broke in I’m going to [mind] sometimes of steps. I’m [soaked] say it excuse me [hahaha] Best Twenty one pilots mean best [Honeypots] me I swear to God I don’t [know] if I’m just typing up this meme to be honest, but I I don’t know it’s something about how I joseph say Excuse me. Could you please leave and then like you know the intruder in the house? Just being like all shucks look at this cute little fucking beans I Can’t do anything. I’m just going to leave a my opinion. This is maybe the best tour non-Pilots me I don’t know why I like it so much if there’s someone I don’t like in my presence they my head I’m like excuse me Could you please leave and I love giving it like in an angry way, too So like maybe like a metal very head being excuse me your devoted that’s going to be the title of my new band Single my new metal maps is going to be excuse me Could you please leave we’re not even going with us just for the hell of it What one word what one more time? But this time I’m going to shut up we can embrace the mean you know if I ever have like a house some day Supposed to be protecting a family and I hear something downstairs and I Like maybe someone broke in I’m going to from the top of the steps. [I’m] just going to be like excuse me [well], I love this channel already and you know what the good [thing] about the turnip Alex on crack video is Usually you’re not going to get hit with [a] g note I have faith in this channel that they’re not going to hit me Unexpectedly with the g note [I] wonder if I could edit my faith like like how color done it right now. Let’s try And either worked really well or was horrible either one excuse me Could you [please] leave just a sip a boy likes me [to] leave me alone. I would never harm. You like to describe it as song You know I never knew that I wanted to hear a song about Taco Bell before the Twenty one pilots Convinced me otherwise Ps. Could you bring back slushie guys and make us a part tune to happy wheels use your glue. I wonder if there’s anyone who? like found turn on Pilots through slushy guys and When when you meet them, you’re like, I’m the biggest fan of slushy guys beat the cheese moving on oh God [no] Kidz bop [ah] Thank you [ladies] [are] you amazing [room]? [hahahaha] ah Yep, goodbye eyes. Don’t need them anymore Rick [gotta] love Dad [yeah] that applies very very well, you know it feels really dumb to pick on kids that age you know Although that’s kind of their demographic on musically if you go to front of house of music It’s probably nine year old staff each of their songs my kids Bob could you please leave? That’s the nice way for me to tell someone to fuck off actually instead of saying these kids are just cancer Society I could just say excuse [me] could you please leave she’s fucking kids Bob? I feel like kids buck was was the start of what ended up creating musically. I want to put the blame somewhere I feel like Kidz bop was the start of the cancer which then spread I’m [deep] reeling as I always do oh Boy, give it to me. Yeah Dom itself is pride that I? that I think went to went to college there university and that [I] Am Smart and I had friends them that I I’m cool and popular Love it’s true Bullying he couldn’t hold it back I Wasn’t expecting that wow [I] was expecting something emotional. I love how everything here is just funny Yeah, yeah, Jesus Christ That’s it. I love this channel. [I] think I’m going to subscribe to this channel [to] be on it I should have checked them out a lot Sooner goddamn I can even add any commentary about what to be honest that is just perfect hello and welcome to They left up the g note I wasn’t expecting McR in [a] Toronto positive crack video But it’s okay. They knew to leave out the genome. Thank you. Why can’t everyone do that Why what do want to pick you up with a genome ah? Thank you. You are [a] blessing to society and you are a blessing to the crack community I did get unexpected [block] paraded. I feel like that should be afraid but you left out the g note Thank you Music Replay is Twenty one pilots Wow never back down Are you going to do that? the pirate best performance of work and winner Be a good animal has enough on all the style show Where you can sail, oh? [haha], that was great use of Johnny boy what I have to say about that clip is the way Josh is getting it and Tyler Cheering him on yes, [Daddy]. [I] have a lot of emo Daddies. [I] have too many daddies Who’s the one who gave birth to me? I like to think that the entire email quartet all of them combined there? Nope. Nope. It’s going to [turn] [into] a [fanfiction]. Not saying it not going to say what they [combine] I? was going to say they all [combined] their semen and vile and then put it in Jordan Boys boy pussy and I Am going to kill myself for saying that I’m not giving you guys any more fanfiction ideas. I’m so done. I’m so done I mentioned one thing and then there’s like 20 fan sections after upload a video, and I’m like I want to die What pad ruined my anything? Oh? No, [I] know what’s gonna happen. He grabbed, right? Ha ha ha ha [okay]. No, I Don’t feel be frank. Yeah honestly when he jabs in hurt on a personal level I felt personally attack I’m holding back tears a little bit [that] one [ain’t] that tell her why why are you yeah? Why I was so disappointed in Callie for that. I was I was this close to understanding I was I was this close Except I wasn’t he could dabble on my grave And I would stand in from from the dead sometimes [I] write the fucking what the [ghosts] pick now. Don’t all right We have a little bit left, and I really really love this crack video. I keep complimenting it. I’m sorry It’s just very well put together and I think these are all original Edits from this person so no means feeling is always a plus. I have a formal smile But that is not cool we Okay, I missed supposed to credit says okay. The credits say, thanks for watching [-] my subscribers This is just a compilation with some new clips sprinkled in you’ll get a new crack video next week I think [a] new crowd video probl by the time I upload this so I have nothing but good things to say about this crack video that was This great this amazing was best Tonopah crack videos I’ve ever seen this channels on par with oh my gosh, so dunk you another good Tornado [files] on Crack channel, I just love these crack videos to be honest guys and we’re on number 17 I love that the means are still fresh And I can’t wait until the emo quartet any of them including a [cra] drop a new album because the memes boy Those means are going to be so fuckin fresh [see] that I’m definitely subscribing to my name is [Lauren] face and I can where you think Anytime I hear boy your face now or read it. I’m like I think of that horrible interview That’s like that guy asking. What’s a Blurry face. I’m sorry about that [I] [man] excuse me could you please leave that myself for that? I’ll be a guys Thank you so much for watching. [I’m] not only the source video in the description as always I highly recommend you check out this channel. I’m sure their other videos are very amazing as well. If you enjoyed [today’s] video Make sure you give it a very big thumbs up let me with your favorite shirts of all those lets us make [sure] you subscribe to Houston a lot and also When you subscribe to me make sure it’s a notification Bell you will get notified every single time [I] [upload] which is Monday Wednesday Friday, and you don’t want to miss a video Because you don’t want to miss the me aim. Do you want to miss a meme and then have someone record sit? You’re like well what no you don’t want to be that person so click that Bill and also? If you were send the first 30 minutes of me uploading you have a high chance of emo, sub [hi], I mean not emo I’m not even oppressed repressed emo, Senpai noticing you and before I forget also follow me Twitter acting Tiebreak Mature on Twitter notifications You’ll get notified every time I [send] a new tweet. Which is every time I upload and confusions not working shitty means life updates and As recently I’ve been tweeting about shrek a lot. I should probably stop and training it to a shrek fan account It’s not healthy. It’s [not] healthy for me. So healthy [for] you shrek 5 by the way It’s coming out in 2019 just to remind you guys to give you nightmares Can’t wait for that quick announcement by the way guys starting june 1st [I’m] going to be streaming on you now, probably at least four times a week I want to hop back on the platform I used to stream a lot But I want to go back on there and like get that interaction back to you guys and have fun streaming again so making a commitment Stream for you guys so it’s you Slash prank that [franko] Give me a follow in there and the link to that is in the description [alright]. That’s enough of self promo [I] love you guys very very much. Thank you so much for watching I will see you in the next video

100 thoughts on “REACTING TO EMO BANDS ON CRACK 17! (twenty one pilots)

  1. 5:29 I am a kid that age. PLEASE PICK ON US MORE! The only kids my age that have ever been picked on are the good ones: the drama kids, the band kids, the chorus kids, the emos. Everybody else is just a jerk to those of us who aren't assholes like them.

  2. Hello Frank of the past.

    I come to you from Wednesday July 11, 2018, the day that Twenty Øne Pilots comes back from hiatus, the day after you let them out of your closet, which becomes a meme. I’ve been spending my free time watching EVERY SINGLE EMO CRACK VIDEO YOU HAVE EVER MADE. I am frickin exhausted. I kinda want death but I also don’t want to waste two years of counseling to help with my depression. I think I am literally addicted to this crack, except I am not getting a high anymore at this point. I need help.

    Sincerely, that really gay nonbinary person
    who hates their name
    so just goes by Caro

  3. I was watching crankthatfrank w/ my best friend and she said "fuck me daddy" and I was like "NO!!" in my mind I was all like (my daddy jkkkkk)

  4. I'm watching that now and Frank said he have high hopes and I'm just like jznsnannanabavsbsnsb BUy PrAy For THe wIcKEd On ITunEs


  6. I left my light up key board on while watching this video and it did that thing where if you don't use it for like 5 minutes it starts lighting up random keys to let you know it's on and so I started hitting the keys that were lighting up in the second one was the freaking g-note I can't believe my own keyboard G noted me😑 I accidentally hit the g note and I screamed

  7. I always watch the adds so that Frank can buy nice stuff and the add I just got is just the Jumpsuit music video. I'm a happy bean.

  8. did u know that the clique including me got slushie guys to 100k yesterday so ty and josh can get a platinum subscribe button yay

  9. My family is actually worried for my sanity. I'm in my room, laughin, screaming "BEEF AND CHEESE, BEEF AND CHEESE, AND LE-e-E-tUcE"

  10. I'm from the future watching all the emo crack videos and had NO IDEA he made a Pray For The Wicked pun and I'm shaking in my boots.

  11. Frank– I have very high hopes for this video…


  12. me: yeah, I’ve moved on from the forest-
    frank- “…josh isn’t real”
    me: rolling on the floor; having an existential crisis, t-e-r-r-f-i-e-d

  13. I think frank predicted the song that the radio is trying to ruin for everybody "I have high hopes for this video"

  14. Can someone make the “scuse me, could you please leave” but instead of Tyler saying that can someone put “thanks pete” over it 😂

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    u had high hopes for the video


  16. Is anyone watching this after Pray for the Wicked came out and got triggered when he said he had high hopes?????

  17. me when Frank says he should get to reading the forest fic: bitch I read the forest fic and after they fucked in the treehouse I had to stop reading it and read the rest like a month later
    I cried both times

  18. Watching this in 2019 is so funny because right at the beginning he said “High Hopes” so it’s like he was predicting P!ATD 2 years early 🙌🏻🙌🏻❤️

  19. Frank: I have high hopes for this video
    Me: das a panic reference checks the day this was uploaded sees it was uploaded in 2017
    Me: this man can predict the future

  20. 0:37
    frank: so i have high hopes for this video, they have like 20,000 subscribers so that’s usually a good sign…..
    me: don’t say it. don’t say it.

  21. Ok who else says “ ‘Scuse me…could you please leave?” Whenever you have the chance to and then everyone looks at you like ur a wacko? Bc I know I do😂😂♥️

  22. The emo quartet poured milk over some jackets and some fedoras, in a treehouse.
    Then they all came on everything, and let it all burn in the treehouse.
    When they came back the next day there was emo, rat, crack daddy, frank.
    And that's how Frank Goia was born

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