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*frank noise* hey everyone and welcome back to the CrankThatFrank channel the only channel on YouTube where you can get family *clap* friendly *clap* alternative *clap* content and welcome back to yet another episode of Reacting to emo bands on c-c-c-crack, which is slowly turning into a series to see how much i can do with Brendon Urie’s forehead in my thumbnails…episode 54! so this episode is gonna be a huge throwback for the OG emos the hardcore yeemos, the ones who have been here since episode 25 of emo crack *throwback to when Tom Cruise owned Frank* the channel Ryden Trash Productions uploaded (0-0)/ And if that excited you just for me saying the channel name you’ve been here for a long time They made a c-c-c-crack video, that was so good, eight months ago. It set a new standard for emo c-c-crack Let me jog your memory *What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye* So imagine my excitement when I saw they uploaded a brand-new episode of emo crack I’ve been holding off on watching this, I know it’s gonna be amazing And that’s it. No intro, buy my merchandise at Let’s just dive right into it *Without Me by Eminem* Already. Do you see why this channel is everything I want and more? It’s just Ryan Ross over and over…I am a rat for Ryan Ross. Give me more!! Eight months *My Heart Will Go On from Titanic-Kazoo cover* I cry every time *LOUDBOI* alright…fine Patrick/Brendon: “Yo, I got a soul voice Pete/Brendon: “How do you have a soul voice?” Patrick/Brendon: “Yo, watch this” *Beautiful Intro to Heaven’s Gate by Fall Out Boy* *frank’s “non-sexual” moaning sound* Nothing sexual. family-friendly 100% There’s nothing, nothing sexual about that at all. Though I do feel like I’ve seen that edit before we got to keep it ultra fresh. come on ryden trash I need ryden in my life. I need comments from people saying “I can’t believe you’re shipping a dead ship” I need *laughs* I need everyone to comment I’m a rat; Follow or Block 3 got over 6,000 comments, most of them calling me a rat Can we break 6,000 comments? Do you know that scientists have always believed that humans only had a lung. one lung. two lungs…. How many lungs do we have? Two lungs until Patrick Stump started singing, then we found that someone could have nine. Nine lungs *violin music* Golden days Golden Gays: Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross Ryan: Who is he Brendon?//Brendon: I don’t know what you mean.//Ryan: Don’t you give me that you, know exactly who I am talking about *laughs* I’m sorry This is like the next level production quality I’m talking about. like this was made in like Photoshop…like this was This was there was effort put into this ryden crack, and I *smooch* I love it, my Italian blessings to you Brendon: but wait what were you doing at the karaoke grill? To be continued? If you make me wait another eight months to find out what’s happening? Nothing Bad’s gonna happen. I’ll just be very upset *Bishops Knife Trick by Fall Out Boy starts* Thank you, I think Bishops Knife Trick is the most underrated song on Mania and when that musical masterpiece hits f****** space I’m floating I’ve lost control of my body in the best way. Again, nothing sexual. I know I get s*** for repeating stuff But this is so accurate to how I feel and I’m so happy Mania edits are still being made to be honest There’s so much meme potential. I hope Ryden Trash Productions causes an emo crack Renaissance AHHH Nothing sexual. How???? What an iconic music video Poor Patrick *Say Amen by Panic! At the Disco starts* Ryden Trash Productions was like *yO*, how can I take the music video from Say Amen and simplify it a spoiler warning? That’s the entire Say Amen video. Oh is this Ryan I can explain No, I’ve had enough of your explanations. URIE. I’m leaving. you were always like this Ryan you were always accusing me of things [Frank: I’m uncomfortable.] He’s right there. Um. Can I say anything? No look Ryan? It was just one night of harmonizing at the karaoke grill nothing more. What do you mean, nothing more? I thought what we had was special I’m so excited to see how Golden Days plays out. This Is my favorite Broadway musical. Golden gays, nothing sexual. Come on that couldn’t came right out of his d-Yee what a missed opportunity Y’all some Jon Walker appreciation? I’m here for- Can we- Can we have emo crack intermissions for under appreciated… Band members…ex band members we’re all in this together guys were all in this together Don’t make I’m not making the High School Musical reference. No Okay. *sees bad spelling* Threw? oh Boy I can’t wait to watch this Frank iero music video Oh this is super cute Yeah, I know the plot. We all know this one Aw, he changed for her. How sweet right so sweet. This is the most wholesome thing ever. Oh no, he’s changing back. But They’re both bears We’ve been new Cute, right? Until I realized who they stole the plot from. No, oh my god, I have in tears in my eyes. No- [Laughter] No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no I Know exactly where this is going. Let me leave a disclaimer for Frank Iero I fear you I don’t think you stole the plot from Shrek I didn’t make this. I’m just…I’m…I’m reacting to this [Quiet voice] Okay, let’s just It’s literally… Exactly what happened in Shrek [Dying noises] I ca- [laughter] I’m gonna [breathy talking] cut. Oh my god. Oh my god. I can’t stop laughing. Okay, so that was very funny Ryden Trash Productions, but you’re gonna get me in hot water here. Okay, so if we could just not. My god. I’m actually crying from laughter. You know what I think that just makes the music video that much better. Why did Shrek of all things pop in your minds after watching that. This crack is going by way too fast. And you guys have been complaining that these crack videos are getting shorter, and I don’t know what it is, and I’m very sorry How is this gonna play out Come on… And Dallon I’m sorry for what I said earlier Brendon. Please forgive me. It’s all right Dallon. I’ll always forgive you I’ll never forgive you drink. Ryan, what are you still doing here? I thought you left. [RYAN] I came back to grab a few things. I still see you’re hanging out with Dad remember him some bass. Oh Thanks. He’s nicer to me Ryan. You don’t even call me by my first name Whatever Urie I’m leaving and I’m taking John with me. [BRENDON] Not John. He’s so pure. We can’t loose another bass player I can play bass. [BRENDON] Oh sweet never mind then you won’t leave me will you, Dallon? *snort* *show cancelled as realisation hits* *send help* That’s how golden gays played out what an amazing soap opera Broadway musical remember they said it not me Why Why’s it over? So soon what a piece of art. That wasn’t enough emo crack, I’m sad now I need more. I guess that wraps it up for this episode of emo crack I really feel like that flew by. Welcome back Ryden trash productions You’re not gonna post regularly, but thank you for coming back to the emo crack community If not just for one more upload to give us a taste of very high quality emo crack We have so much content coming out with panic! at the disco And If I decide to let Tyler and Josh out of my closet will also have twenty one pilots content And I feel like emo crack is only gonna get better. Leave your thoughts and opinions down in the comments section and let me know how this emo crack made you feel inside. If you enjoyed today’s video leave a like and a comment down below I’m not even gonna do a long outro you guys know the deal just hit the notification bell Follow me on Twitter and also for family-friendly alternative content streams. All right guys I love you very very much, and I will see you in Friday’s video [High pitched] You’ve just been spanked, by CrankThatFrank. Whoo!

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    PRE-ORDER – > pray for the wicked btw

  2. i got Panic! concert tickets for Christmas and if beebo actually hits that high note in Saturday Night perfectly i will be shook and my wig snatched

  3. Those golden days edits with the "to be continued" at the end should be a tv show. Its like real housewives but 1000000000000000000000000 times better. I'd watch it. It'd probably be called Panic!ed Housewives Of Cheese Whiz vill: Golden Gays


  5. Why we all acting like Ryan's dead tho? He has another band where he's the lead singer, if ya'll miss him that much go listen to him, he's right there!

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