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REACTING TO EMO BANDS ON CRACK 58! (twenty one pilots)

– Ah! (screams) Hey everyone, and welcome back to the CrankThatFrank channel. The only channel on YouTube where you can get (claps) family (claps)
friendly (claps) alternative– ♪ Despacito ♪ – That’s right. Family friendly alternative Despacito two. – [Tyler] Time to wake up. ♪ Wake me up ♪ ♪ Wake me up inside ♪ ♪ I can’t wake up ♪ – And in today’s video,
we’re continuing emo crack. Why, you may be asking? No, you’re not asking that. You’re ready to– (sniffs) You’re ready to sniff
this fresh emo crack. Twenty One Pilots has blessed us all. With memes. Not only did we get new music, but you know we got those new memes. And I was looking around exclusively for just Twenty One Pilots crack. Just straight up Twenty One Pilots crack. Same thing I did for Pray for the Wicked, same thing I did with Mania. One day I’ll be able to say MC– (low tone) But before I get into today’s video, why don’t you guys buy my merch? Hmm? Why? Why not! You can grab my merch at Help support me, help support the channel. Maybe I’ll launch new merch soon. Maybe backpacks. (elevator music) Quidd is an app where you can collect stickers, gifs and so many things from so many of your
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for sponsoring this video. Guys, please support the sponsor, it in turn helps support me and Quidd is just an awesome app. If you want to add me on there, my username is CrankThatFrank_. Let’s just have a good time on it. Alright, now on with the video. I found a video, it’s called Nico and the Jumpsuits –
Twenty One Pilots on Crack for CrankThatFrank by
the channel shookendjh, also known as Ashton, they’re
a meme king in the Yeedom. And I can’t wait to see it, let’s go. – Uh, how could I draw Ashton? – Oh, this is me on Twitch. I haven’t been very active.
– [Computer] I see gear. – On Twitch.
– [Computer] Or heart. Or butterfly. Or wheel. – Check DMs.
– [Computer] Or plier. – Check DMs, Frank. Ree! Ree, chest tube now!
– [Computer] Or chest tube. Or necklace. – This is Ashton. – [Computer] I see animal migration. – Also, it says.
– [Computer] Or shrimp. – What a great intro.
– [Computer] Sorry. I didn’t guess it. (static) – [Tyler] We’ve been here the whole time. You were asleep. Time to wake up ♪ Wake me up ♪ ♪ Wake me up inside ♪ ♪ I can’t wake up ♪ ♪ Wake me up inside ♪
(Frank laughing) ♪ Save me ♪
– What a mood. ♪ Call my name and save me from the dark ♪ The fattest mood of 2018. ♪ I can’t wake up ♪ ♪ Before I come undone ♪ ♪ Save me ♪ Alright. ♪ Save me from ♪ I’m getting uncomfortable. You can stop now, Goofy. Besides seeing a new Twenty
One Pilots music video, name something better than
Goofy covering Evanescence. – That’s okay, take your time. – I’ll leave a poll up. These are your only options. What a fat mood. How dare Tyler be like, we were here the whole time. You’ve just been asleep. (playful music bass boosted) We watched an eye close on
Twitter for like, an entire day. We’ve been awake this whole time. I’ve been looking up theories and stuff, and watching theory videos, and like, I’m still confused, honestly guys. I’m still confused. Just take my commentary
with a dose of memeage. (static) (“Jumpsuit” by Twenty One Pilots) That bass! Literally me, though. One man mosh pit, anyone? (static)
Aww! You cut it off right
when it was about to go (imitating guitar) You know? Can we all make a pledge to
mosh safely to ‘Jumpsuit’ when we all see Twenty One Pilots live? I’m saying all of us because, let’s hope the verified fan system
is working and in order. I hope we all get to
see Twenty One Pilots, and mosh to ‘Jumpsuit.’ ♪ I can’t believe how much I hate ♪ – Pomegranates! No, no, no, no, no! – Pomegranates! – No! – What do they have against pomegranates? (static) Tyler hates pomegranates as
much as Josh hates bananas. – I pranked Josh’s dressing room. Follow me. He hasn’t seen it yet. Come here, come here, come here. ‘Nana, ‘nana, ‘nana! ‘Nana, ‘nana, ‘nana. Two ‘nanas on the ground that
I broke with my own hands. – No no no no pomegranates! The screaming was almost
as good as Tyler’s. Can you imagine Tyler
screaming “no pomegranates?” I really want to know what
their deal with pomegranates is. They’re really not bad. But you know what’s bad? Bananas. Bananas are yellow. I’m getting too deep into this, guys. I’m just here for the memes. (high tone) ♪ I can’t believe how much I hate ♪ – This song. ♪ Oh, well imagine ♪ (static) – Wait. Wait, did I miss
something in the beginning or is that a joke about
how Brendon hates playing ‘I Write Sins’ live but actually doesn’t? ♪ I hate ♪ – This song. – Oh, this song. (Frank laughs) I love when Brendon’s like, “god damn it, I’m–
– [Roblox Voice] Oof! “tired of this song!” ♪ Oh, well imagine ♪ – He just goes right into it. (static) ♪ I can’t believe how much ♪ ♪ I really like Taco Bell ♪ (Frank laughing) ♪ Drop it on the floor ♪ ♪ I think it’s rude ♪ ♪ Man, I really like Taco Bell ♪ (static) – Add TB Saga to the set list. Do it, you won’t. You actually won’t. Isn’t the Taco Bell logo yellow? Guys, they’ve been planting
clues for years now. We just haven’t seen it. Now all of our eyes are open. TB Saga is a classic. ♪ I crumble underneath the weight ♪ – Fire!
– Oh, fire? Oh my goodness, what’s the procedure? What do we do, people?
– The phones are dead! – Aw, how did that happen? – It’s out in the hall. – No, we don’t know that, the smoke could be coming through an air duct. – Oh my god, okay, it’s happening! Everybody stay calm.
(Frank laughs) Stay (bleep) calm! Everybody (bleep) calm down! (static) – When ‘Jumpsuit’ and ‘Nico
and the Niners’ dropped, that’s how I felt that morning. That’s such a relatable
scene from The Office, it can be applied to so many things. That’s literally how I felt. (‘Jumpsuit’ by Twenty One Pilots) – [Mazda Narrator] Zoom zoom. (static)
(Frank snorts) – [Narrator] Bruh, look at this dude. (narrator laughs) Wait ’til you see the– – (laughs) No! No! (laughs) No! Why? (static) Oh my god, is that– that’s the little red
riding hood from Shrek? I saw a lot of people saying that’s like the visual representation of Blurryface, or Bill Murray. No, it’s actually little red riding hood. (‘Jumpsuit’ by Twenty One Pilots) Is this Markiplier crying? What a fat mood. (static) I really heavily– Also I’m sorry, but all I can think of when I see Markiplier now
is (reverberating) “E.” I dunno what that says about
me, but it says something. ♪ Jumpsuit, jumpsuit cover me ♪ ♪ Oh jumpsuit, jumpsuit, cover me ♪ (screaming high note) (static) (‘Nico and the Niners’
by Twenty One Pilots) I would kill if Brendon could be on a Twenty One Pilots song. East is up (laughs). We stan. We stan a king that knows directions. East is up. Whatever Tyler says is law. Turn your compasses in
the other direction, east is up now. Can you believe Twenty
One Pilots single-handedly changed navigation and
reinvented the compass? True legends. (claps)
(explosion) (‘Nico and the Niners’
by Twenty One Pilots) (men screaming like monkeys) (Frank mimics screaming) (static) I’m sorry. (‘Jumpsuit’ by Twenty One Pilots) (Frank laughs) Tyler dancing to anything is a classic. (static) (‘Nico and the Niners’
by Twenty One Pilots) (woman speaking gibberish) (Frank laughs) This clip will forever
apply to Tyler rapping. (static) Can someone tell me where
that clip originates from? I’ve seen it before. I feel like they were speaking in tongues or maybe trying to rap Heavydirtysoul. Do you think ‘Jumpsuit’ should
be called Heavierdirtiersoul? (playful music bass boosted) (reverberating) E. (hands rapidly slapping)
(Frank snorts) Can I do that? Nope, I can’t. I can clap too! (static) I can clap 700 times too! (group screaming)
(Frank mimics screaming) (static) That was amazing! That was amazing crack. That was (kiss) fresh, (kiss)
delicious, (bleep) crack. I can’t wait for more
Twenty One Pilots material. I have to say, I’m filming
this on the 13th, okay? If these, if these Pilot
boys drop anything else between now and when I
drop this crack video, I’ll be happy but it
won’t be in this video. I can’t wait for more Twenty
One Pilots material to come out and for more memes because,
they’re what keeps me alive. Emo crack is what keeps me alive. And I wanna keep giving you
your weekly dose of emo crack. Alright guys, thank you so much
for watching today’s video. If you enjoyed it, please give this video a very big thumbs up. Like the video, favorite,
share it, all that fun stuff. Make sure you’re subscribed
to me, helps me a lot, and also when you sub to me, make sure to hit the notification bell. Do the same for twitter, @crankthatfrank, all I do is tweet about emo
stuff and Twenty One Pilots. Has it like set in for you
guys that they’re back yet? I’m still like, I’m glowing over it. So many people were
like, you seemed so happy when you reacted to the new
Twenty One Pilots songs, and I was like, I actually was. I feel like I wasn’t dead inside. That’s a huge accomplishment.
(high tone) Okay, I love you guys very, very much, and I will see you in the next video. (high pitched) you’ve just
been spanked by CrankThatFrank. Woo! Stay wickedly frosty. Guys, just a reminder to
please go download Quidd, the link will be in the description. And participate in the Shelfie contest, I can’t wait to see what
you guys come up with. And yeah, thanks for watching. (downbeat music)

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