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Reacting To Emo Bands On Crack 60!

(screaming) (screaming) – Hey everyone and welcome back to the CrankThatFrank channel. The only channel on
YouTube where you can get family friendly alternative content (“Say Amen” by Panic, at The Disco) (computer chimes) Before I start this video,
yes I’m promoting stuff. – Oh my god! Wow! – I want to apologize for my
inconsistent upload schedule with tour coming in like
less than two weeks, me and Eva are really preparing and really trying to focus on it. I also don’t think my upload
schedule is going to be that great during tour,
but I’ll try to get as many videos out as possible but counting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I’m not sure in the meantime guys so I do apologize if I miss an upload. Just know, I’m always thinking about you. How cute. Welcome back to the trashiest
emo channel on YouTube. We are here for another episode of Reacting to Emo Bands on Crack. And this is episode number, this has been going on for too long But also not long enough,
that’s what episode this is I found a video on YouTube by SkyLaaa A yeemo master in the fandom I mean yeemo meme master. And they’re video is titled:
Some of the freshest, hottest, and spiciest emo crack for CrankThatFran. God help us. If there’s one G-note in here I’m blocking you on every
form of social media. So before we begin guys two things. One I am going on tour,
the Kinda Emo tour. It’s gonna be me and Eva and it’s gonna be a really great time. I know I’ve been promoting that a lot guys but we are very very excited and we put a lot of work into the show so we hope you come see us on tour and come watch us yell
memes and stuff at you. Everything is emo. The tour’s actually extremely emo but kinda emo sounds better. You can grab tickets ar Or click the first link in the description There also may be a hidden code somewhere that you should use at
the end of the week. Who knows, it could be anywhere. And if you wanna support the channel guys you can buy a backpack! Look at that, can you not see it? Cool, I’ll add an image
right here on the screen. It’s a really nice backpack! It’s my favorite design
by the wonderful Greywick. If you wanna grab a backpack
and help support the channel you can get it at No pressure, but I am
expecting some of the freshest, most spiciest, succul… Succ… Succ. Mark Succerberg. Succ.
– Succ. (bleep) – We have so much emo content I will not settle for
less than the most amazing emo crack video I have ever seen. I’m joking, I just. There’s a lot of material that
I need to see be memed on. Okay without further ado guys let’s just dive right into it. (“Hey Look Ma, I Made it”
by Panic, at The Disco) Fantastic start. I don’t think you could
have started better (high-pitched shrieking) Never mind. Everything was a mistake. This entire video was a mistake. I didn’t mean to film
today this was an accident. I don’t know why you put that in there. I’m not embarrassed in my
Brendon Urie transformation. Just reaffirm that I truly am
the Walmart version of him. Not any of that, it came out fantastic! It was a fun video to film. It actually was, I don’t
know why I’m memeing on it. I also broke Eva’s high heels. It was a fun video. (laughs) That was how I celebrated Pray
For The Wicked coming out. So in my head I’m like, what the hell do I do for Trench? Especially because I’m gonna be on tour. I’m thinking, spray paint my hair yellow, cover myself in yellow, and also feathers, so I become the bird. I rent out a helicopter, I ask
where the other 19 pilots are (laughs) and then I fly out of it. Can someone animate that? I’m not getting a helicopter. I would turn into Big Bird in that case. (goofy music) Hey Everyone! Finally featuring M A N I A,
Pray For the Wicked and Trench No! – [Man] You’re asleep, time to wake up – I’m up, I’m up! – That was me the morning
that they came back. That was exactly me, my
phone was blowing up, my Twitter was blowing up
and I was several hours late. I’m sorry about that. ♪ Be something greater ♪ ♪ Go make a legacy ♪ ♪ Manifest destiny ♪ – [Man] Better stay on that
side of the street mother– (lighthearted music) – Oh that’s where the bath was. No, just kidding, the (laughs)
the bath was in my closet. Obviously. ♪ Meet me, meet me at the ♪ – Underrated bop
♪ Ooh ♪ ♪ At the ooh pass ♪ – I love this video so
much, because Fall Out Boy made their own crack video– – [Man In Video] To film school for this! (laughs) – You must acquire a
taste for freeform jazz (“Roaring 20s” by Panic at The Disco) – Okay any Spongebob meme, you
have the key to my meme soul. – Good for your soul. – I have no soul.
(laughing) – Is that even jazz, what is that? Does anyone know what instrument that is? It reminds me of like,
Aladdin or something. It sounds like a flute harp. That doesn’t even make sense,
it sounds like a flarp. So if anyone wants to let me
know what instrument goes like (imitates instrument) Maybe that’s Brendon’s
voice, I wouldn’t doubt it. I’m going to become that bird. Oh no, no no no. (upbeat music) Was that an Eric Andre transition? I can do that too, watch. (shouting)
(upbeat music) ♪ Some days I lie wide
awake till the sun ♪ ♪ Hits my face and I fade
elevate from the Earth ♪ ♪ Far away to a place where ♪ ♪ Hey moon, please forget to fall down ♪ – Why? (upbeat music) Why did it work? And also, why did you do that to me? – You know how I feel,
why would you say that? Like you put me in such
an uncomfortable situation – I said the tour was
G-note free, but maybe I will Northern Downpour you guys. That really caught me off guard, thanks. Thanks for Northern Downpouring me. It’s never happened to me before. This is probably the first time I’ve ever been Northern Downpoured. Can you guys believe it? Let’s continue.
(bleep) ♪ I’m so high, my jumpsuit takes me ♪ – Wait how is he flipping backwards? – How it feel to chew 5 Gum
– Oh it’s reversed. ♪ Had to have high, high
hopes for a living ♪ ♪ Shooting for the stars when
I couldn’t make a killing ♪ – It’s Spider Urie!
– 5 Gum, stimulate your senses (“Jumpsuit” by Twenty One Pilots) (laughs) – Mood! Is that not me and my videos though? Is that not me? Is that not me! ♪ Feels like when you
become one of the drunks ♪ ♪ You only get what you grieve ♪ – Under-rated bop, wait. ♪ Are you smelling that ♪
(kid groans) ♪ are you smelling that ♪
(kid groans) – Omelette du fromage ♪ Only thing that’s ever stopping ♪ – Did you just omelette du–
(upbeat music) – Excuse me, could you please leave? – Now I’m picturing
Tyler’s final escape route. It’s just him being
encountered by Blurryface. And all he does is. – [Both] Excuse me,
could you please leave? – See, this is why we
need more interviews. The Tyler interview was amazing. We need you together, doing an interview with a kinda decent interviewer, that also brings out
the memes in you boys. That’s what we need. ♪ And every morning when I wake up ♪ ♪ I wanna be who I couldn’t
say I’d ever been ♪ – What’s coming out of the speakers? ♪ But it’s so much more than I ever ♪ ♪ The moment you arrived,
the built you up ♪ – Why would you do that, stop. Dying in LA is Northern Downpour 2. Change my mind, you can’t. Please don’t Dying in LA
me, I’m literally in LA. It hurts more, don’t sing that song to me. I removed it from my playlists as to not accidentally trigger myself. Can you believe Brendon actually
wrote Northern Downpour 2? It’s incredible. Even this 100% real article
that I’ve never used in my videos before and
definitely is not satire, Markiplier E-news (laughs)
reported that Brendon Urie made Northern Downpour 2
that it was in the works. But no one believed Markiplier
E-news, no one believed it! And then the moment the album
arrived, you believed it. ♪ Baptize, don’t worry bout tomorrow ♪ ♪ Shake it up, shake it
up, now it’s time to ♪ – This doesn’t get enough. Dive right into it! Recognition. Oh my Discord! ♪ Give me, give me, give me ♪ ♪ Give me a oof, a oof over ♪ – Give me an oof over heaven’s gate? ♪ Give me an oof ♪ (laughs) Yes, that’s a crossover! Top 10 anime crossovers! That’s the crossover we’ve needed. We need Brendon Urie, going into Trench, and then climbing up the wall. Maybe all Tyler needs
is Brendon on his side since he’s now Spiderman. ♪ Stay with me, no, you
don’t need to run, ♪ ♪ Stay with me, my ♪ ♪ My chalupa ♪ ♪ My chalupa ♪ ♪ I can’t believe how much I ♪ ♪ Love you, Chicago ♪ – Chicago’s a state! (laughs) Why was that? – Hmm?
– Oh that’s not so much – Hmm? – So? – Hmm, hmm, hmm?
(laughs) (shivers)
(laughs) – Thank you so much for that. That was an amazing edit. Guys keep the Spongebob memes coming. They’re a very versatile format. You can insert anything and
make it a Spongebob meme Okay now we got a bonus clip. It’s already almost over, it’s too short! (upbeat music) Thanks to Ali and CrankThatUrie Claire! You are a weeb. I shall leave you all with this. ♪ It’s Saturday, Saturday, Saturday ♪ (computer chimes) (laughs) – Okay, thank you so much. I was honestly bracing
myself for a G-note. Just because I really did think you would do me dirty like that. But that was amazing,
that was great emo crack. I’m sad that it was so short,
I really wish it was longer. But I know emo crack takes a while to make and I’m not gonna ask you guys
to make 20 minute episodes of emo crack, though I
would love that so much, if anyone wants to make a
mega episode of emo crack so I can react to it for an hour. That was awesome, thank
you so much Skylaaa! If you guys are not subscribed to Skylaaa, why don’t you go do it? It’s good for your meme soul. Thank you so much guys for
watching this week’s episode of reacting to emo bands on crack. I do want to keep this series consistent, I’m sorry I haven’t been
posting it every week. I’m working on the emo content, I’m trying to get you as much
emo content as possible guys. Alright, please? And I can’t wait to see you guys who are coming out on the tour. Remember, there may be
something going on, like maybe some kind of cryptic puzzle
almost where you need to collect different clues
which will lead you to some kind of thing going
on with the Kinda Emo tour. But who knows, maybe watch this video and the next two I put
out and you’ll find out. That could be something that happens. Okay, but thank you guys
so much for watching! If you enjoyed today’s video please give it a very big thumbs up, like the video, favorite, share it too. All that fun stuff, make
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please make more emo crack I need more emo crack in my veins I need to inject it, I need
to snort this emo crack. I probably shouldn’t, I’ll
get demonetized, okay. Anyway, thanks so much for watching guys And I will see you in the next video. You’ve just been spanked by CrankThatFrank Whoo! Stay wickedly frosty, swat! (rock music) ♪ Swat swat swat swat swat swat swat swat swat ♪ (gentle music)

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