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You guys have seen emo bands on crack before, but have you seen emo bands on ANIME crack Have you seen TRENCH on anime crack?! I don’t think so. We’re taking emo crack to the next level We’re taking emo crack to levels never even heard of before. I don’t even know how to handle it I have to get my JoJo Siwa microphone Come on JoJo, come on, JoJo swa swa Always be *YOUR selfie!

100 thoughts on “REACTING TO EMO BANDS ON CRACK 62!



  2. "Ahhh! I cut myself with my thumb!"
    Well at least you didn't cut your lip

    "Nothing in Trench can trigger me"
    Me: Um boi, have you heard Leave the City??

    "Dance FASTER!!!"
    also #justicefortbsaga

  3. The only reason I can tolerate Frank is because he's literally me as a male adult: annoying as f***, sad, depressed, memester, bisexual, and

    I kid you not literally everything about this man is me.

  4. my younger sister and i (ten year age gap) totally just bopped our bussies to this
    she gave me the crisp-est high yeet ever like
    oh my way

  5. Im a fairly new rat just bingeing these, and THIS VIDEO just happens to be the first one i say the intro with you on…. and you just HAD to call me out like that…. Frank can see my soul through the screen this is proof

  6. my friend & i have an inside joke where we replace one word in and twenty one pilots song with "wheat thins" and we call them twenty one wheat thins, and where we call panic! panic! at the cheezits, and do the same.

  7. Who knew that one song could make thousands weep bittersweet tears
    For context, I just got Northern Downpoured

  8. So Brendon Urie can walk on walls, has 007 lvs of combat prowls and has tentacles.

     also Frank " doesn't know how much thicness he can handle ?"
    we'll have to let Colby, Phil, danisnotonfire and the tentacles test his yeemo limits.

  9. Frank says new perspective. Me: Stop there let me correct i wanna live a life from a new perspective. (New Perspective bye Panic! At The Disco)

  10. Has anyone in the comments section watched The Umbrella Academy? It's based off of a comic book Gerard Way wrote, SO YOU KNOW ITS GOOD! I highly recommend watching it.

    Ok bye

  11. Frank: luckily nothing off trench can trigger me

    Neon gravestones and leave the city: thats where your wrong buster

  12. Video: plays Northern Downpour
    Me: " NoOoOoOo!"
    My sister: "Did they g-note you?"
    Me: "It was Nothern Downpour! :'( "
    My sister: " Who is that?"

    We must take over her mini emo person inside her!!

  13. The one time I don’t scream family friendly alternative content he says I just heard you all scream that at home and it was beautiful and I was like oh…

  14. so i’m sitting here watching a bunch of emo crack and i didn’t realize i cloaked the next video and i have headphones in so the scream in the beginning took me off guard

  15. U know how FRANK has/had T0P in his closet, he has BRENDON URIE hidden in his house, somewhere nobody cant find him, not even Eva , to extract Brendon's forehead sweat to officially become BRENDON Urie . Honestly, I would too.. Lol

  16. I wrote on my mom’s Mother’s Day card Happyee Mother’s Day and she wasn’t even mad at me XD. I have succyeeded

  17. alert me if you're going to scream already at the start because my mom thinks I'm watching porn or smth xd

  18. Okay but the levitate edit round 6:20 is pink and she actually just does that because she enjoys aerial shows and as I’m writing this I’m realizing I sound about as tolerable as the lead seener kid so I’m sorry y’all

  19. Every time I click on a video I always have to turn my headphones down before so you don’t blow my ear drums out with your SCREAMING BUT I STAN

  20. at lest there was not a g note or is there i'm only at 14:18 btw i through my ear buds across the room when they played northern downpour and dying in la i'm seresos auto correct

  21. A stupid add interrupted your "im not a furry, but i love furries" speech and i Reeeeeeeeeeeee'd and threw my phone.
    it survived

  22. Whenever I feel sad or something like that, I always watch ur videos and I just burst out laughing 😂😂♥️♥️

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